Champion of Taal achievement in Warhammer: Vermintide 2

Champion of Taal

Reach level 30 with Kruber

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How to unlock the Champion of Taal achievement

  • OnrisOnris307,222
    17 Jul 2018 15 Jul 2018 07 Aug 2018
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    The Empire Soldier is one of the most versatile of the heroes available, with a wide and varied array of weaponry and abilities offering many different play-styles. This guide aims to present the play-style and setup that has worked best for me, and will hopefully for you.

    Recommended Loadout:

    Close Quarters Weapon - Halberd, Mace+Shield
    Ranged Weapon - Handgun (Single-shot rifle)

    In terms of gameplay, Kruber excels most on crowd-control with CQC weaponry, pulling attention away from his allies with the use of shield-blocking or heavy handed attacks.

    Of all the weapons on offer, the Halberd works best in this role due to it's speed over the Two Handed Warhammer, and punch over single handed weapons & Greatswords. It works across the spectrum, being able to crush large groups of unarmoured infantry as well as heavy troops such as Chaos Warriors and Stormvermin, not to mention bosses.

    The Handgun is a semi-skill reliant weapon, and requires precision shooting for one-shot kills. Despite this, it is far more reliable than weapons such as the repeater rifle and blunderbuss, due to its ability to deal devastating blows both accurately and at range (one-shot anywhere on most elites and specials across all difficulties) while still functioning reasonably in CQC situations. (It's also a god-send for enemy related achievements).

    Overall, the fastest method to level up is quickplay, and as soon as able (after at least beating the game or progressing to Foot Knight/Level 12), move up to Veteran difficulty which provides extra XP over Recruit difficulty, while not posing too much of a challenge.

    In terms of classes/careers, i'd recommend Foot Knight or Mercenary for Veteran-Champion. Foot Knight due to it's fast ability regeneration rate and extremely helpful side-effect of knocking down enemies in it's path, as well as the temporary health on enemy kills/critical hits perks after Level 20 which offers an effective combo for dealing with larger mobs of enemies. Mercenary is also an excellent choice due to its passive buffs including temporary health and increased attack speed which can spread to teammates with the sufficient talents, as well as the aforementioned temporary health on kills perk past level 20, making it an excellent support career choice.

    If you have anything to add or ask, hit the comments.

    For the Empire!
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  • FoogaFooga1,499,621
    30 Jul 2018 01 Aug 2018 06 Aug 2018
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    This achievement unlock when you reach level 30 with Kruber.

    A quick SOLO leveling method is speed running through levels at Legend difficulty to get as far as possible, even if you die. The specific level that I feel is fastest is Empire in Flames.

    Running and pushing through enemies, getting to the first two scripted Chaos Warriors at the entrance to the city will get you around 200 XP. If you get even further and reach Elba Durbein’s Cellar, you’ll earn around 450 XP. With loading times, your average run will be around 4 minutes, making this one of the fastest leveling methods in the game. Equipping movement speed items and utilizing characters movement abilities can speed it up.

    A specific strategy for Kruber is to use his third sub class, the Foot Knight. His ultimate move allows him to rush forward.

    Edit: Another great strategy with this map is this video here. If you have a Battle Wizard in your group, you can glitch outside of the map with her teleport ability. This can be done in roughly 5 minutes, and gets you 800 xp!

    In terms of getting loot boxes it’s impractical, but if you just want the character achievements, or don’t vibe with a specific character, this will be the fastest way to get them to 30. Good luck, and let me know in the comments if I’m not clear enough on this method. toast
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