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Final Words achievement in NieR: Automata BECOME AS GODS Edition

Final Words

Thank you for playing.

Final Words0
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How to unlock the Final Words achievement

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    This achievement is automatically unlocked when you unlock your 47th achievement. Although some of the achievements in the game have been glitched, as of this writing, this achievement has not been. There are zero tracked gamers with 47 achievements indicating the achievement is not glitched since unlocking 47 achievements unlocks this achievement as the 48th. I will monitor the stats and provide an update if this changes.

    Although it is very possible to earn all achievements through normal game play, there are two missable achievements:
    --Supreme Support Weapons for upgrading all pods if you neglect to pick up a Powerup Part S after you defeat a stumpy peculiar robot in the City Ruins. This is a one time event. The drop is a 100% certain drop but you must pick it up. If you do not do so, you will be short one item required to upgrade all pods.
    --Transcendent Being for seeing all endings is missable if you defeat a secret boss without first obtaining the Y ending. You must survive an encounter with the boss until a timer begins counting down. To get the Y ending you must allow the timer to expire. If you defeat the secret boss and continue with the game, you will have no other opportunity to fight the boss and get the Y ending.

    Note that both the above achievements can be bought at the special achievement shop. So, unless you have a personal goal of not using the achievement shop, there are no missable achievements.

    Following your third playthrough, a secret achievement shop is made available. You are alerted to this shop when you complete your third playthrough. At the Resistance Camp, interact with the Strange Resistance Woman--she has a spherical head and is sitting down. The second to last dialog choice is "Request unlocking you-know-what." When you select it you bring up the "Secret Shop."

    This is a shop that sells 28 numbered achievements numbered from 20 through 47. This achievement is not one of the 28. The achievements you have already earned are shown in red as being sold out. When you move over achievements, you will see the description on the right except for secret achievements. Secret achievements will have a question mark in place of the achievement icon in the description box. The text will read:
    *This description
    may contain spoilers
    The earliest opportunity to unlock this achievement is to use the achievement shop. It is a personal choice whether or not you use the shop. Using the shop is the fastest way to get this achievement. If you decide to use the shop, the following is a recommended approach: Play through three story playthroughs as quickly as possible. Then, load the save file made after your third playthrough. When you load it, you will see a new feature--chapter select.

    Under chapter select, choose Chapter 17-09: 9S and A2. Choose the character you did not select in your third playthrough. When you finish the chapter, you will get either the C or D ending to complement the C or D ending you got during your third playthrough. In other words, you will now have obtained both the C and the D endings. The credits will be interrupted and the pod will ask a question. Answer yes to continue playing and trigger the [E]nd of YorHa route. Answer no to any question that states or implies you should give up. Eventually, the game will power you up and you will be able achieve the E ending.

    Caution: After the The Minds That Emerged achievement pops for completing the E ending, you are asked if you would like to help other players. Make sure you answer NO. Answering yes will delete all your data--all your saves, weapons, quests, items, data, and so on.

    If you take the most direct route, therefore, you will unlock at least 19 achievements story related unmissable achievements. You may unlock more. For example, It is difficult to progress through the story without shooting down at least 255 enemies. So you will, most likely unlock Ruler of the Skies for doing so.

    Load up a save file made after the third playthrough. Use chapter select to select any chapter where you can go to the Resistance Camp. Chapter 03-04 MIA is a convenient one. In the Resistance Camp, make sure you have plenty of cash. If you don't have enough, you can sell chips and items to the Supply Trader. You may want to make a save if you have a slot that you don't really need. Then, interact with the Strange Resistance Woman--and choose "Request unlocking you-know-what." Use your cash to buy all remaining achievements.

    If you don't have enough cash, you can do this in increments. An achievement, once unlocked is permanent. So, you do not have to save your progress after unlocking the achievements and it is advisable not to. Instead, either go back to the title screen and repeat the process, this time buying the achievements you left on the table from before. Or, if you made a save after selling your items, load it up and use the cash to buy the remaining achievements.

    This achievement will unlock immediately following unlocking your 47th achievement. Again, you are free to use the shop as much or as little as you want or not at all.
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    redjarmanI did everything legit except for upgrading all pods. Grinding the pure water was just too much of an rng hassle, everything else was doable.
    Posted by redjarman on 24 Jul 18 at 05:52
    AllgorhythmI believe we think very much alike - especially since you're a veteran of the first Nier game. I liked your comments in So, out of curiosity, who deleted their saves to help the weak?.

    I did some grinding at the Flooded City to get the pure water. I'd harvest in the Flooded City, make a save and reload to respawn the harvest points. Like you said, it's a lot of work.

    Thanks for the thumbs up, BTW. Much appreciated.
    Posted by Allgorhythm on 24 Jul 18 at 18:40
    xNSHDsome achievement guides are saying that nothing is miss able in this game as you can simply just buy all non story related achievements from the shop after your third playthrough.
    Posted by xNSHD on 16 Nov 18 at 15:12
    AllgorhythmThat's correct and thank you for pointing this out. I should clarify. Through normal game play, there are two missable achievements. Using the achievement shop, there are no missable achievements.

    I have edited the solution and added clarification to ensure there is no confusion.

    I assume most people will want to use the achievement shop. That's why it's in the game. You can choose which achievements to unlock during game play and which you don't want to trouble yourself with and buy. Some people, as a game play style, choose not to use the achievement shop. For that reason, I've explained, in a all my solutions, how to unlock the achievement during normal game play and how to buy it from the achievement shop if available for purpose.
    Posted by Allgorhythm on 16 Nov 18 at 16:00
    AnonAusTirolif you want to delete your save file at the end: what makes the most sense is to finish route D (or C). go to the achievement shop and buy everything( make 2 save files, 1 and 2. save 1, buy achievements, load save 2, overwrite save 1, buy again, load save 1, overwrite save 2, buy again, reapeat. always check that you have your money before overwriting a save. or manually get all the achievements left. you will end up with 3 secret achievements left to unlock and 900GS. finish route C (or D) + E, get the last 3 achievements and delete your save file. not deleting it would have felt wrong to me.
    Posted by AnonAusTirol on 09 Apr 20 at 15:35
    FiveWizzThank you :)
    Posted by FiveWizz on 04 Dec 20 at 00:07
    AllgorhythmYou’re welcome.
    Posted by Allgorhythm on 04 Dec 20 at 00:20
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