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Harvest King

Materials gathered at a hidden harvest point 10 times.

Harvest King+3.6
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How to unlock the Harvest King achievement

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    Use the A170 scanner pod program that you get as a reward for the Redheads main story quest to reveal 10 objects that are not visible through normal means. The achievement unlocks upon collecting the tenth such hidden item.

    When you obtain the scanner, you also unlock a new shop from the person who gives you the scanner. One of the items available for purchase is an auto-collect item chip. The chip takes up 6 memory slots. It is not to be confused with the auto chips that are equipped on Easy mode. The auto-collect item chip is a support chip that can be used as a plug-in chip on any difficulty. The auto-collect item chip is not required to get this achievement but it makes unlocking it a little easier.

    Following the Missile Resupply Main Story mission, you will unlock the 9S MIA Main Story mission that, in turn, unlocks the Redheads main story mission. A reward of the main story Redheads mission is the A170 scanner. Recommended: Optionally, use the shop that becomes available at this time and buy and equip the auto-collect item support plug-in chip.

    To use the scanner, press the menu button cn_start and tab to Skills. Select Pod Programs. Assign the A170 program to one of your pods. You can assign it to more than one pod but, doing, so, will take the place of a program that is more valuable. Having done so, equip the pod to which you've assigned the A170: Scanner program. When you press cn_LB (default controls), you will activate the scanner. A scanning reticle will appear. It will blink more rapidly and change color when you approach a hidden item. When you get within range, a beam will appear directing you to the item. If you have auto-collect item equipped, the item will automatically be gathered. If not, gather the item manually. Doing so ten times unlocks the achievement. There is a hidden item in the Resistance Camp near the fence. It is a simple gadget. Since the simple gadget is not sold in shops and is required for pod upgrades, this is a useful item to get and this is a good place to test the new capability of scanning for hidden items.

    Hidden items are not uncommon and, if you make occasional use of the scanner, will find 10 before long. You can get the achievement immediately after getting the scanner by harvesting hidden items. This can be done in most areas. To unlock the achievement fairly quickly and do some other useful activities at the same time, the following is a suggested approach:

    There are several hidden items in the bunker including another simple gadget hidden in 9S's room. Since there are no enemies in the bunker, it's worthwhile to make a complete sweep of all rooms, hangar, and terminal. A quest will become available in the desert. Bring up the map and find the new quest giver who will have 3 question marks-???. The Heritage of the Past quest involves finding 4 hidden items so you might as well kill two birds with one stone. The Phoenix spear, one of the weapons, is another hidden item near to where you find the 4th item for the quest.

    Since you also get a weapon as a reward for the Heritage of the Past quest, this is a very fruitful undertaking. You will probably come across a couple of ordinary hidden items in the Desert bringing your total to at least 10 for the achievement. If not, go to Forest Castle: Front and head towards the castle. You'll get another hidden simple gadget as soon as you head towards the castle and another right at the beginning of the castle when you drop down to the lowest section and backtrack a little.

    Note: This achievement can be bought for 100,000 gold from the special achievement shop that becomes available after your third playthrough. Nevertheless, you would want to make this purchase only if you deliberately avoid using the scanner program because, as pointed out above, it has some valuable uses. However, for people that do just story oriented playthroughs and buy the remaining achievements, this achievement is one that is available for sale.
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