Eating the cup of drink achievement in Next Up Hero

Eating the cup of drink

Get killed by every unique enemy in the game

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How to unlock the Eating the cup of drink achievement

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    07 Feb 2019 31 Jan 2019 07 Feb 2019
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    Following a short discussion with the game developer, they have confirmed to me that the original requirements for unlocking this achievement have changed due to an existing known issue.

    New requirements and steps to unlock!

    1. Account level in game must be Level 14 or above.
    Developer will run a database script on their end every Sunday to check for this.
    If it detects that you have fulfilled the level 14+ requirement, it will trigger the achievement to pop for you.
    2. Load game and progress past the title screen to connect to the server. I would advise loading the game periodically throughout the day as it's not confirmed what time they run the script.
    3. Load any venture then get killed.
    4. Achievement will pop on the death screen

    The previous requirement of being killed by all enemy types is now NOT required.

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    Posted by geordiedeviant on 18 Nov 19 at 14:08
    JonoTheLadCan I have a link to the discord please they have expired
    Posted by JonoTheLad on 09 Dec 19 at 14:30
    geordiedeviantThere is a constant invite link on the official NUH website.
    Posted by geordiedeviant on 09 Dec 19 at 14:43
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    13 Jan 2019 13 Jan 2019 13 Jan 2019
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    Ok so this can be a very frustrating one but it's doable and no biggy if you're a patient player. I must warn you in advance that you'll NOT get this one right away as soon as you fulfill all the requirements because this achievement is bugged as the Digital Continue itself said so. But to amend this they have an internal update that runs every 10 days or so called "Cup of Drink". This makes the achievement pops for the players who did met the criteria but didn't get the achievement right away.

    If you follow the threads here about this achievement you'll see a lot of players reporting they've done everything 2 or 3 times but didn't get the achievement but they all got it eventually once the update rolled and all they had to do was to be killed by a random enemy and the achievement popped.

    In my case I'm positive I got killed by every enemy and died in all possible ways at least twice and still didn't get it. Then one day I accidentally got killed by a Topper and it popped even though I had been killed by it a hundred times before. So my advice to anyone attempting this one is to make sure you're killed by every common and rare enemy, ALL 4 bosses, ALL shadow enemies and the other factors on the list below. Once you're absolutely POSITIVE you've been killed by every possible enemy and died in all possible ways the achievement will most likely NOT pop immediately but since you know for a fact that you did everything right, my next advice to you is to start the game everyday and get killed once by any enemy. If the update was rolled recently you'll get your achievement then.

    You see it's not a hard task but it'll require you to be patient. I personally was very anxious with this one because I knew I'd earned it but I still had to wait for an update to make it pop. And to make me even more anxious this was the last achievement left for me so I was dying to complete this game asap and move on to the next one. But if you're not the type of player that has an urge to see an achievement pop and you're cool with cheevs that pops eventually and don't keep thinking about it then you're fine.

    Now one of the players here who was trying to get this one said on the threads that one of the moderators of the game told him that the requirements for this achievement are restricted to the main enemies only, both common and rare, no need to be killed by bosses, shadow enemies and other factors such as burning, poison, falling rocks, time and greed. Once again my advice is to cover all the possibilities just to be sure.

    To increase your odds of finding rare enemies faster create your own venture and use the rare enemy generator. You can spend up to 9999 prestige to generate more rare enemies if you have enough money. I got lucky to earn a lot of prestige upon completing the 920 levels long featured venture created by AspyrBash and when I killed the boss my reward was 450000+ prestige so I had no trouble with money. Also always play on hard since some enemies on the list you only encounter on this difficulty.

    Remember, the achievement can frustrate some players but it's obtainable, you just have to be patient. I hope you guys find all this info helpful, if you follow my recommendations here you'll absolutely get it eventually. Good luck!

    And now with no further ado I present to you the complete list with all enemies you can possibly get killed by, including ALL 4 bosses, ALL shadow enemies and ALL randomly generated factors such as time, greed, falling rocks...

    Just a quick heads up about shadow enemies: some of them can not be found on dark heroes levels so when you find an "Alter Echo" level die with your current character then go to the character selection screen and pick a new character and you'll face a dark version of this new character you just picked. Do this with ALL heroes before proceeding to the next level. Also for some shadow enemies the game will say "Killed by Mysterious Source" instead of the actual name of the character. They are: shadow Jett, shadow Morta and shadow Widget. I wanna thank My Name is BaRt for the list of enemies.

    Dangerline/Rare dangerline
    Stalk/Rare stalk
    Eyecbem/Rare Eyecbem
    Topper/Rare topper
    Baweka/Rare baweka
    Reaves/Rare reaves
    Friendzy/Rare friendzy
    Syblin/rare syblin
    Stray/rare Stray
    Illusyn/rare illusyn
    Spiker/rare spiker
    Doomcone/rare doomcone
    Dhar/rare dhar
    Erf/rare erf
    Buckle/rare buckle
    Maw/rare maw
    Shaed/rare shaed
    Throwback/rare throwback
    Divio/rare divio

    Shadow mixtape
    Shadow doubledown
    Shadow bloke
    Mysterious source
    Shadow kungli
    Shadow symposer
    Shadow paladrin
    Shadow vale
    Mysterious source
    Mysterious source
    Shadow rook

    Erf prime

    Spikes from the spiker
    Falling rock
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    CasteriskNTWhile it's still in my head, some helpful tips:

    Don't assume. Read the screen after your death to see exactly what killed you. Some enemies can kill you with effects like poison or spikes, so be sure you die the right way.

    Spiker - You need to take fatal damage from its rolling attack. Dying from its dropped spikes won't count, but you can use its spikes to reduce your health enough to take a fatal hit.

    Erf - Dodge the rupture. Try to get close, even behind it. Take fatal damage from its close-range swinging attack. NOTE: Sometimes death by a rare erf shows as plain erf. Don't know if it matters, but try again. It's definitely possible to get it as rare.

    Baweka - The flame with kill you by burning. Keep distance to get it to shoot mortars at you.

    Dangerline - Die from the projectile, and not the poison streak it leaves behind.

    Throwback - It can possess echoes, which will kill you with a mysterious force. It also has poison, which won't work either. You need to be killed by the impact damage from its poison shot, and not the lasting poison effect.

    Maw - Death from the bugs from its mouth will count as death to maw.

    Divio - Death from any of its mini clones will count as death to divio.

    Playing single hit or mayhem makes being killed the way you want easier, so if you're dying from an effect instead of an attack, try one of these.

    If you need help identifying enemies, check the website
    Posted by CasteriskNT on 13 Jan 19 at 11:41
    LERISBILLSALOVENice additional info to the solution. Thanks! dance
    Posted by LERISBILLSALOVE on 13 Jan 19 at 12:50
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