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Update 23: The Sacrifice

The Sacrifice achievement in Warframe

The Sacrifice

Complete "The Sacrifice" quest

The Sacrifice0
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How to unlock the The Sacrifice achievement

  • BaggaOneBaggaOne342,723
    07 Jul 2018 07 Jul 2018
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    I struggled at a few points during this quest so I figured I'd post a quick reference for anyone who is a warframe noob like me.

    Firstly, in order to even start The Sacrifice, the "Personal Quarters" must be built in your foundry. This opens a room in the rear of your ship. Approach the window and interact to play through the intro.

    At one point you will be tasked with cracking an Orokin Cipher. Simply find the markings on the walls around you and they will light up. Once you've found them all, return to the cipher and input those symbols. They should be hovering above the cipher at this point directing you which symbol should go into which slot.

    A few times throughout the quest you will have to fight/stun Umbra. To do this, transfer out of your frame to your tenno/operator. Use RT to remove his shields. This can take awhile, try running around, using LB, etc to escape and let your RT recharge. Once his shields are down, use the melee attack (B) to stun Umbra. This move is a bit tricky to land, I had more luck in close range. Immediately after stunning Umbra, press RB to use transference into the Umbra warframe.

    You will also need to defeat multiple Sentients/Mimics during the questline. The best strategy for me was to use my primary weapon until the enemy became resistant. Then use transference and shoot them with the operator's void beam (RT) to remove/reset their resistance. Then transfer back into the warframe and repeat the process. I tried to utilize cover whenever possible and lure the Sentients/Mimics into 1-on-1 combat whenever possible.

    Anyone who plays a decent amount of warframe probably won't have much trouble with this quest, but since there wasn't anything posted here I figured I'd add a few tips. Cheers.

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    a Fi1thy CasualFYI on the Sentients:

    Ash's Blade storm can two hit them with ease. And, if people tuned into the stream last Saturday, you should have a free Ash Prime coming your way.

    I have done almost every quest in this game with Ash simply because he makes things a bit easy to burn through laugh. Loki is good too, but only if you are looking to avoid most enemies.
    Posted by a Fi1thy Casual on 09 Jul 18 at 14:56
    Shadow 00 FoxWow, this quest was annoying.. fighting Umbra with the Operator was just stupid! A few notes--If you climb up high enough Umbra can't attack you while you're in Operator form(or Warframe), you have to be like 4-8 Warframes high for that to work. Then you can just transfer to Operator, and shoot Umbra as he runs around down below. Worked way better for me than getting constantly stunned/killed by Umbra.
    I used Valkyr as was mentioned in the comment. That worked great, especially getting the full energy recharge when they die! Best thing to do is combine Warcry with Hysteria I think, and then switch to Operator super fast, shoot the Sentient, then switch back and see if you can keep your melee streak going.

    The final battle, vs. the Sentients, I found that Radiant Howl? worked great for stunning the Sentients then I would blade them to death, using Radiant Howl as often as necessary. I discovered this after wasting quite a few minutes running around with the Operator...
    Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 09 Jul 18 at 20:36
    SuperRobZillaThis achievement may be buggy. I have beaten the quest 3 times now and no cheevo.
    Posted by SuperRobZilla on 18 Apr 21 at 05:00
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    11 Sep 2018 13 Sep 2018
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    A huge tip for people on this quest, make sure you join The Quills in Cetus. Get the Amp for your operator. Make sure you level the amp up a few times before taking on Umbra the 2nd or 3rd time. Made it a lot easier for me.
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