Two hundred Targets achievement in Bomber Crew

Two hundred Targets

Destroy 200 enemy targets

Two hundred Targets0
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How to unlock the Two hundred Targets achievement

  • JaxxiczekJaxxiczek600,669
    16 Jul 2018 16 Jul 2018 19 Jul 2018
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    No real guide here, since this simply takes time. I just have a few quick tips:

    - target = a building, that you have to hit with a bomb on the ground, enemy planes do not count as a target
    - submarines DO count as targets
    - intel photographs DO NOT count as targets
    - supply runs DO NOT count as targets
    - to my knowledge, there is no way you can destroy flak and machine gun nests
    - as you complete the campaign, you CAN continue with your crew and unlocked equipment for your plane
    - by the end of the campaign, you should have somewhere around 80-100 targets if you didn't grind too much
    - as you replay missions after the campaign, try to choose missions with multiple targets (i.e. Operation Overlord with 4 targets, destroying V1 launch sites with 5 targets) to make things go faster
    - if an objective of the mission is to "guard the ship that is about to blow something up", that destruction also counts as a target
    - if there are no multi-target missions available, try quitting out of the application and going back in, missions generate randomly
    - achievement tracker counts the targets as you destroy them, you do not have to complete the mission afterwards for it to count
    - targets count even if you "fail" the mission with emergency landing

    If you have any additional tips, post them in comments and I will add them to the solution.

    Tip from Epsilon Theta - Destroying recon targets does count as a destroyed target. To also get money for the shot, select a bomb and open the bay doors. Then position your cursor over the "Take a photo" button. Once the target in your reticule, press cn_A followed by cn_Y.

    Best missions according to KingTJ 1126

    1. Doodleburg blitz (5 targets, close to each other, short mission)
    2. Operation Chariot (5 targets, further apart, but not that bad, medium length)
    3. Operation Overlord (3-4 targets (I found that going to the airport was a waste of time so I'd quit out after the artillery, but that's just me))
    4. Sub hunt (3 targets, but with the sub's diving it can get a little annoying)

    If these weren't available I just quit out and reloaded, also depending on how upgraded your plane is, it's quicker just to quit out after bombing the targets.

    Happy hunting!

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    macmaniganTook less time than I thought to grind after completing the game. By cherry picking missions and quitting early you should be able to get 50 targets in an hour at least. Don't forget to fast forward after taking off and use fuel boost.
    Posted by macmanigan on 10 Nov 19 at 12:22
    wildwest08Thanks to everyone for the tips. This made a 5/5 game for me a 4.5/5 for this unnecessary grind. I think it should be 100 drops. That would be a little grindy but not terrible
    Posted by wildwest08 on 21 Apr 20 at 21:34
    JeroenRosI can confirm that allowing the boat to destroy the port in Operation Chariot counts as the sixth target!
    Posted by JeroenRos on 22 Apr 20 at 08:40
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  • waffles907waffles907293,393
    03 Oct 2018 03 Oct 2018 03 Oct 2018
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    This will get you 4 targets in 3 minutes, repeatable.

    1) Start a new game, skip tutorial.
    2) In the first 3 available missions, there's a mission to blow up 2 ammo dump targets. The mission name is "Todt Battery Ammo Dumps".
    3) Hit LB to speed up time and head out to bomb the 2 ammo dump targets.
    4) While bombing the ammo dumps, a recon target will pop, head there after bombing the ammo dumps.
    5) A 2nd recon target will soon pop right behind the previous one, bomb it.
    6) Quit to main menu, rinse and repeat.
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    TheReaperWaitsxGood guide. I didn't know you could bomb the recon targets and have them count.
    Posted by TheReaperWaitsx on 17 Mar 19 at 10:13
  • Broon43Broon43422,571
    27 Jul 2018 06 Apr 2020 06 Apr 2020
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    This achievement does take some time, but after playing through this game on multiple gamertags, I can confirm how to speed this achievement up a little bit.

    One of the other guides mentioned that bombing recon targets (where you take recon photos for bonus XP and cash) will net you another bombed target and track to the achievement. This is absolutely true! If you just want to grind out by flying the same mission over and over until you bank 200 targets, have at it.

    But, if you want to go through the entire main campaign while earning 100% completion, you might as well just bomb the recon targets while you go through all of the missions, while also taking the recon photo before you blow it to bits. It takes some practice & timing, but isn't too difficult to do, unless your plane is severely damaged and under heavy fire.

    Just make sure to save up one or two rounds of bombs when you are going for the recon photos after bombing the main targets of the mission. Keep the bomb doors open, select one round of bombs, and then make sure to have "TAKE PHOTO" highlighted. The reason being is that you have to click cn_A to snap the photo on the pink "TAKE PHOTO" button as you fly over the target, then immediately after tap cn_Y so you drop the payload of bombs. You get the bonus XP and cash, plus bank another target towards this achievement each time!

    If you download the DLC, the DLC missions count towards the 200 as well. There are some Algeria missions where you take 3 recon photos of enemy ships. They're usually an aircraft carrier, a battleship and patrol boat. This is a little trickier to snap a photo and bomb the ships at the same time since they're moving, but if you can do it, those will count as well towards the achievement, even though the mission only requires you to take the pictures. I have confirmed this over multiple plays on different accounts. I hope this helps speed up this achievement for you!

    EDIT: ***Just to note that while many of the recon targets can be bombed, some just WON'T blow up and count towards this achievement. But, if you have extra bombs when you're going for recon photos, it doesn't hurt to try. Just make sure you've already taken out the main target(s) for your missions first!***
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    RKlaahsenDoes the achievement counter stack over multiple saves on the same profile?
    Posted by RKlaahsen on 23 Jun 20 at 17:45
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