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The Wall

Finish The Skeptic scenario

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How to unlock the The Wall achievement

  • JissiJissi842,338
    17 Jan 2021 17 Jan 2021 17 Jan 2021
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    This scenario is completely fucked up, I spent close to 20 hours to finish it. The RNG is brutally biased, on the starting screen from 4 survivors scavenging its on average 2 blacks, 1 death and 1 resource.

    My solution avoids the recommended use of Shortcut, as it had way too much luck factor needed. No matter if i deployed it on turn 12 or 25, never removed The Wall. I know that with luck it would happen eventually, but to me it felt too random.

    Based on my observation The Wall appears between Turns remained 11 and 5. Try to get there using the usual methods (frost, black cards and HP management while keeping resources relatively slim, not to end up with a deck that is too random) and acquire as many cards with the blue eye +2 icon as you can. There are a few, the one that worked for me was Torch - for an investment of Wood it lets you choose your upcoming Place or Event from 2 choices. Once you get to Turn 11, keep playing the card, with a bit of luck you will see The Wall among the next 2 Places, choose the other one and you can avoid The Wall. All you need is to finish the last few turns and achievement unlocks.

    I know it is still a bit random, but having a 30 cards deck with 2 Torches, maybe a fire or some other card drawers lets you play them in at least every other locations between 11 and 5, essentially giving you a 50% chance to avoid The Wall. A lot better than the Shortcut.

    To get Torches, if you don see them until Turn 15, use the Sceptics Idea boost skill that adds 3 new ideas for one food.

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    Hero Of CourageFirst of all, I would just like to say this achievement is definitely BUGGED. I had to complete the scenario TWICE in order for it to pop. And for the hardest achievement in the game, it was a real sucker punch. It took me about two weeks, about an hour or two a day, to finally get this (so similar to Jissi's 20 hour estimate). Luckily, I managed to complete it a second time a few days after the first.

    This guide is without doubt the best way to complete this scenario. I discovered the "torch" trick to skip the wall a few days before this was posted and it is more fool proof than the shortcut method.

    Just so you know, in order for the "shortcut" card to work, "The Wall" would have to be the destination on the next turn after playing the "shortcut" for the "shortcut" to work. So if you played the "shortcut" on turn 22, it would remove the destination from turn 21. If you had a "torch" and a "shortcut" in your hand on one of the turns mentioned in Jissi's guide (11- 5, although I got the wall as low as turn 3), you could also remove the wall, but it would be far easier sacrificing one wood with the torch to see where you could travel on your next turn.

    Another card that is a must in this scenario is "Shelter" so you can get rid of "fatigue" and "terror" cards (use one wood on it and you can get rid of two!). A "debate leader" or "Speaker" are also incredibly useful to get through those annoying event cards that fill your deck with "fatigue" or "terror" cards ("Speaker" is by far the best because he doesn't give you fatigue cards). A spear is also handy to have for wolf cards.

    Two more destination cards you need to be wary of in this scenario are "The Volcano" 1,6,3 and the "The Tooth" 0,5,2. They can easily kill you off.

    All in all, like this game in general, you need luck to complete this scenario. The amount of times I got below ten turns and a destination or event card burned through my frost counter, because although I had the cards in my deck to complete the destination, the appalling RNG aspect of this game would kill me off, was truly frustrating (putting it lightly). Ultimately, the RNG aspect of this game is a real buzz kill and kind of spoils the experience. I mean, the amount of times I sent 3 survivors to scavenge and got two "fatigue" and a "terror" card was infuriating.

    There is little to nothing out there in terms of tips and guidance on this game. Anybody who plays this game will find a huge learning curve. It definitely isn't for the faint-hearted.
    Posted by Hero Of Courage on 22 Jan at 10:27
    exorrJust to reply to @Hero of Courage. All this games achievements are buggy. You need to force close the game and reopen between play sessions or you run the risk of not popping an achievement, or progress not being saved, etc. What Hero said is accurate, but force closing between sessions seemed to remove the risk for me when I played.
    Posted by exorr on 19 Feb at 19:34
    Hero Of Courage@ exorr Wish I knew this before I had completed the Skeptic scenario first time laugh
    Guess I got lucky with the other achievements. I remember for a few of the scenarios I got the achievement after loading up the game from the menu rather than force closing it. Whereas when I completed the Skeptic scenario first time, I restarted the scenario from the pause menu several times.
    Posted by Hero Of Courage on 25 Feb at 15:58
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  • exorrexorr566,970
    15 Jul 2020 16 Jul 2020 16 Jul 2020
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    This was the most difficult of all the scenario's for me to complete. The Wall normally appears around 10 days left. I could always get to the wall but wouldn't last to long into the 25 days after the wall. What ended up winning it for me was that I used a "shortcut" card on day 11 and it must have discarded The Wall as I never hit The Wall that run and won the scenario after getting past day 1. This was completely lucky but I would recommend trying to take as many shortcuts as possible and hoping to get lucky. Also, be sure you track your deck as it's so important to fully understand everything you have in your deck. If your not tracking it, it can very easily get out of control. I used the notes app on my phone to track it.

    I know this isn't a great "guide" but if a better one is posted I'll delete this :)
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