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True Nightmare achievement in SMITE

True Nightmare

Unlock the Smite Award "True Nightmare."

True Nightmare-0.2
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How to unlock the True Nightmare achievement

  • ManicMetalheadManicMetalhead589,756
    31 Oct 2018 10 Jul 2018 02 Nov 2018
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    This achievement is now fixed

    "As Chernobog, kill 2 gods after landing and buffed by Living Nightmare."

    While the other guide is correct, I thought I'd throw some tactics into the mix. This achievement can be pretty tough.
    This is probably best attempted in Arena, it's where I got the award. I'd built specifically to get this achievement, so it isn't a particularly good normal build, but it wasn't too bad for a standard game either way.
    I recommend building a mix of attack speed, critical hit chance and physical power. You should be able to cut through most enemy gods, especially squishy gods who haven't built any defence. I had built Warrior Tabi, Odysseus Bow, Wind Demon, Executioner, Deathbringer and Jotunn's Wrath.

    Use you ult when low health gods, or squishy gods (most hunter, mages and assassins, depending on their build) are either grouped up away from any guardians or high health/ protection enemies. You'll have to pick your spot to land, and try to make sure you don't land into a trap, i.e. being surrounded by a group of enemy gods.

    Once you land, you then have 6 seconds to kill two enemy gods. In these 6 seconds, you gain 30% movement speed, increasing levels of extra damage mitigation (20% at level 1, increasing by 5% with each level). It also applies your passive with every hit for extra damage.

    They will have been slowed a little by the effect of your shades, you just need to land the hits and be as accurate as possible. Using a build similar to the one above, you'll be able to hit 500-600 or more crit damage per basic attack (assuming your target has little to no defence items), and you'll be firing pretty fast to top it all off. This will give you your best chance at landing all your basic attacks and getting the double kill.

    You can also try teaming up to get this achievement. Pairing with any god who has a hard CC move or ultimate which can pull everyone in together can make it easy for you to hit stunned targets. The best gods for this are Ares (his ult), Cereberus (his ult) and even Baron Samedi (his ult, just don't go for his main target unless they take the main damage the ult gives out and are still alive). You could also try pairing with a gold who has long root or slow, to hold the enemies in place and make it even easier for you. Gods such as Kumbhakarna or Ymir would work. There are many other combinations which could help, but these are probably some of the easier ones.

    As stated in the guide above, this seems to be glitched at the moment, as those who unlocked the in-game award already, myself included, haven't had anything pop.

    I hope this helps a little!

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    Ace AnnihilatesTyr's achievement isn't glitched per se. Once the award is unlocked in game, the achievement will always pop on Xbox. But getting the Tyr award, in the actual SMITE game, to unlock is glitched as the original intention of the award was not to get 15 kills in 1 game, but cumulative across all games. The problem is that most in game awards for SMITE that are cumulative, like Nu Wa's Fire Shard kills, will have a counter when you view the award under the awards section. So Nu Wa's Fire Shards award displays how many fire shard kills you have out of 100. But Tyr's ultimate award is 0/1, which means that it is looking for the 15 kills criteria to be met in 1 game, there is no cumulative counter. I got a response from Hi-rez Machinder again today about the Lawbringer achievement for Tyr and the Shattered Monolith achievement for Terra. He said.


    Thank you very much for your impressive attention to detail!

    I will forward this report to our devs, and hopefully they will be able to re-analyze these achievements.

    If you need any further assistance from customer support please let us know.

    Thank you for your patience.

    Best regards,
    Hi-Rez Studios Customer Support

    We might see these two awards fixed soon. Of course the Terra one is more important because it is discontinued unlike the Tyr achievement, but hopefully they fix both. I mentioned both in the same support ticket so that should be the case.
    Posted by Ace Annihilates on 02 Nov 18 at 16:32
    JohnnyInterfnkAce Annihilates -- wish I could give you a thumbs up or +1 somewhere for your effort. Big thanks!
    Posted by JohnnyInterfnk on 02 Nov 18 at 17:02
    Ace AnnihilatesWhat kinda sucks now is that I see that 2 new achievements have been added to the discontinued list. The one for hitting someone with a single explosion of 6 Ah Puch bodies and on for fully stacking Xbalanque's passive before 15 minutes. I have already asked this guy to relay so much, I wonder how far he's willing to help me before he gets fed up. I would like SMITE to be completable even for new players but he might not help me out after the Terra and Tyr achievement. He did say he passed the information on about the Terra and Tyr achievements as well.
    Posted by Ace Annihilates on 03 Nov 18 at 11:32
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  • VIToxic99VIToxic99614,756
    05 Nov 2018 05 Nov 2018
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    Best later in game and best game mode is Arena for this, it wasn't that hard I did this in my first game building attack speed and physical damage items plus some critical strike as well. Use your ult, choose were to land and as soon as you land you will have 6 seconds to kill 2 enemies, late in game it shouldn't be too hard as long as you land next to 2 squishy gods or in a middle of a team fight or when they running back to their base. I also made a video how i got this award/achievement.Hope this was helpful.
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