Update 1.5.0: Update Aquatic - Phase Two

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Update 1.5.0: Update Aquatic - Phase Two

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Do a Barrel Roll!

Use Riptide to give yourself a boost

Do a Barrel Roll!-0.6
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How to unlock the Do a Barrel Roll! achievement

  • I MitchyP II MitchyP I223,029
    18 Jul 2018 19 Jul 2018 20 Feb 2020
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    Please note:
    Riptide does not appear as an enchantment at lower levels.
    - Thanks P00R GRENDEL for mentioning this.

    From some quick research here: https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Enchanting/Mechanics#Step_On...

    Looks like with 15 bookshelves around the enchantment table. There is a chance you can get riptide 1 with the middle (spend 2 exp levels) but you're greatest chance is of course spending the 3 exp levels. Of course, save before doing the enchantments in case you run out of levels.


    Okay so the other solutions posted here were 100% correct but it was taking me way too long to create the enchantment table, get the trident, level up, etc. Then I stumbled upon this solution and it took me about an hour total to get this achievement. I recorded it and made a video :)

    Basically load up a tutorial in minecraft xbox one edition, get lots of XP potions, and then flood the zombie spawner (make sure to leave an air pocket for them to spawn).

    Then switch to the Minecraft better together version, import the world and let the flooded zombies turn into the aquatic water zombies that have a chance to drop the trident.

    Grind it a bit, it shouldn't take too long and then go to the enchanting table. If riptide is not an option, enchant something else for 1 xp bar and retry.

    To use the trident with riptide just hold LT while you're in the water.

    Hope this helps :) Let me know if there is any changes I can add.

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    GrumpyYogi1968Alright, if you are like me and found a Trident already, start the video at 8:45 where he finally tells you that you need to enchant a trident with 'riptide' and hold left trigger to get the roll going while in water. Gonna save you more then 8 minutes of your precious time.
    Posted by GrumpyYogi1968 on 12 Aug 19 at 21:27
    P00R GRENDELRiptide does not appear as an enchantment at lower levels. You might want to add that.
    Posted by P00R GRENDEL on 16 Feb at 19:54
    I MitchyP IThanks P00R GRENDEL! I've updated the solution.
    Posted by I MitchyP I on 20 Feb at 21:50
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  • JTYdude99JTYdude99415,107
    03 Nov 2018 03 Nov 2018 18 Nov 2018
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    Quick and easy method using new Minecraft Xbox 360 version Aquatic tutorial and Xbox one version of the game.

    1st-- Load up Minecraft on Xbox 360 and start the new tutorial world and save it. Go back to the main menu and upload it to the xbox one by pressing the Y button when you are on the save you need (feel free to rename it to "Trident" or "Aquatic tutorial" just because it is easier to find later.

    2nd-- Load up Xbox one version of Minecraft (not better together version) and download the Xbox 360 save you uploaded. I believe you press Y again for this. If you try and play it, it will say its not supported due to the Xbox one version not being updated with the aquatic update. That is ok.

    3rd-- Load up Xbox one BETTER TOGETHER version, and click "sync old saves" and if it doesn't pop up immediately, wait awhile, it took a little bit for it to finally show up, but it will. Now load up that save. *I checked after downloading the save, and it wouldn't show up for hours, I checked the next day and it finally showed up, so be patient.

    Finale-- When in the new tutorial, go straight until you reach a huge open area with a bunch of water down below. Look right and you will see a giant trident. That is where you need to go. Once you get there, look in the chest for XP potions, Riptide book, and tridents. Now just use the anvil (costing only 6 xp to make) and boom, there is your riptide trident. Now hop in the little pool of water and hold LT and let go and the achievement will pop. DONE.

    You can also get most of the aquatic update achievements in this world too, especially the making a conduit achievement as there is one in the chest down below on the platform surrounded by water. Hope this helped!
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    Homunculus FurySo nothing is unlocking
    Posted by Homunculus Fury on 26 Dec 18 at 02:09
  • Itzz Sh0wt1m3Itzz Sh0wt1m31,104,103
    10 Jul 2018 06 Aug 2018
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    This solution is only applicable to those who can host an achievement world from a PC, tablet or phone!
    I've made an achievement world which has both phase 1 and 2 achievements in there pretty much set up. Download it from here:

    Aquatic Sh0wt1m3 is the file for MCPE versions (which is in version 1.5)
    .W10_Aquatic Sh0wt1m3 v1 for 1.5.0 (Thanks to Mathguy42) is for WP and Win10.

    For the achievements, open chest on left. Retrieve the Prismarine blocks, Trident, raw salmon and sea pickles from the top row.

    Jump in the water and go underwater. Have the trident in your hand and hold LT/right mouse and then release to give your self a boost for "Do a Barrel Roll!". Go to the portal near the shore and place the missing prismarine block on the center bottom (directly beneath the conduit) to unlock Moskstraumen. Now go to any random sand block on the floor in the ocean and place 4 sea pickles on the same block to unlock "One two sea four pickles". Last thing to do is to feed salmon to a dolphin. Just swim around for a bit and once you spot one head over to him and feed him the raw salmon to unlock "Echolocation".

    Note: If unsure how to extract world, have a look at the walkthrough's hints and tips page.
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