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Super Helper-0.2
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    Marked by the blue question mark (or star if active) on the map. These are all the quests needed to complete (12 total) outside the main story line and the order they become available to be worked on. They do not need to be turned into the quest giver once complete - they will automatically complete after task is done.

    Here is the list of what needs to be completed, the number needed to complete, and where the quest will start at:

    1. Collect the sand bags (4) - Candy Kingdom
    2. Find and return the candy children (10) - Candy Kingdom (see below of details on locations)
    3. Knock out the Kraken (1) - the high seas leaving Candy Kingdom
    4. Destroy junk (10) - Mushroom Island
    5. Clear out all the stinky spores (10) - Evil Forest
    6. Fight the pirates (7) - the high seas leaving Evil Forest
    7. Collect the penguins (10) - Ice Kingdom (see below for details on locations)
    8. Collect apples for Tree Trunks (12) - Evil Forest
    9. Fix flood gate (BMO needed) - Candy Kingdom
    10. Catch herrings to be pickled by Prismo (30) - Badlands
    11. Help release captured candy people (1) - Gelato Island
    12. Clear out the varmints (4) - Firebreak Island

    Kid locations:
    Mushroom Island - 2
    Evil Forest - 2
    Badlands - 2
    Fire Kingdom - 3
    Matchbook Island - 1

    Penguin locations:
    Gelato Island - 1
    Candy Kingdom - 1
    Evil Forest - 1
    Badlands - 1
    Fire Kingdom - 2
    Matchbook Island - 3
    Firebreak Island - 1

    Apple collection:
    - First apple is free.
    - Strike various trees to drop.
    - Need to navigate 2 small passages - one passage, then apple, second passage, then apple.
    - There some on the island for Jake to grab.
    - Need Marceline to sneak pass to grab a couple.
    - NOTE: Everyone’s special ability is utilized here to gather apples.

    - Finish ALL side quests before end boss. Seems there are some bugs with finishing them, especially the pirate ship spawn. NOTE: I have not experienced first hand this issue.
    - The locations are the area kids/penguins are located at - generally, they are right near the port where the ship docks. The only difference is the 3 penguins on Matchbook Island - they are on the backside of the island.
    - There is only room on the ship for 6 kids/penguins total. Make sure to empty out the ship when progressing to a new area in the main story line. This allow for best traveling results in time and capacity.
    - Some places will respawn what is needed to complete the quest like pirate ships, fish, stinky spores, etc. The quest for clearing the stinky spores only have 9 active, total (I could not find a 10th one naturally). By jumping into the water or leaving the area and coming back in, the spores will reset.
    - If the quest is active, then you will see the details of the blue star with what is being asked to complete on the map. If there are no details when hovering over and the marker is a question mark, then the quest is not active yet. Go to that area and start it up.

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    SpinalSynopsisFor those missing 1 pirate ship like I was, try searching in the Southwestern most corner of the map, west of Matchbook Island.

    FYI, the pirate ship spawns are NOT random. There are set locations that they spawn.
    Posted by SpinalSynopsis on 06 Feb at 19:37
    J ROLLER 1979@ SpinalSynopsis - Thank you so much
    Posted by J ROLLER 1979 on 01 May at 22:59
    Tbonelazybone@SpinalSynopis - thanks so much for that advice! The quests I found most annoying here was the Kraken, pirate ships and the fishing one.
    Posted by Tbonelazybone on 17 May at 01:22
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    Find below a list of all of the side quests required to be completed for this achievement as well as a full Achievement Guide video with timestamps:

    Candy Kingdom
    Sugar Quest: Collect 4 bags of sugar.
    Cool, Calm: Find 10 Candy Kids:
    Gate Keeper: BMO is needed to fix the gate
    In the Open "Sea"
    This is Gunther take awhile: Find 10 Gunthers (penguins).
    There be Pirates: Defeat all 7 pirate ships in the open sea.
    Evil Forest
    Stink Bombs: Smash all 10 Stink Bombs for Peppermint.
    Apples for Tree Trunks: Collect all 12 apples in the Evil Forest.
    Mushroom Island
    Shoot, yeah!: Destroy 10 pieces of junk around Mushroom Island.
    Gelato Island
    The Pirate Gang: Kill the pirates on the island.
    Pickled Herring: Find 30 fish for the Prismo pickling business.
    Firebreak Island
    Pest Control: Defeat all four groups of Varmits on the island.

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    ChaosfedUhhh this Apple quest it glitched for me I cant get the last two apples on the ridge...
    Posted by Chaosfed on 12 Mar 19 at 05:53
    MMX139For the last 2 apple, you need to use BMO to enter that small xavr near the light and jump up to upper level
    Posted by MMX139 on 19 Mar 19 at 08:08
    ElSelchoDude! the last two apples were giving me a nightmare, thanks !!!
    Posted by ElSelcho on 22 Mar 19 at 08:01
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