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Advanced Gungeons & Draguns

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Advanced Gungeons & Draguns

Advanced Slayer achievement in Enter the Gungeon

Advanced Slayer

Defeat an Advanced Boss

Advanced Slayer-1.6
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How to unlock the Advanced Slayer achievement

  • ParticleDualityParticleDuality513,819
    22 Jul 2018 22 Jul 2018
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    This guide is more about how to spawn an Advanced Boss and not tips on how to beat it.

    So there are only two ways I'm aware of, as of writing this, that you can get an advanced boss to spawn:

    1) You defeat the Resourceful Rat and find the serpent in his loot room after the fight.

    2) You have the item Weird Egg and you drop it onto fire to hatch the serpent from the egg.

    Method 1:

    Defeating the Resourceful Rat requires you to obtain the Gnawed Key from the second floor, finding the trap door to his area on the third floor, and beating the three phases of his fight.

    The first phase is quite easy and you shouldn't struggle much unless you have a bad setup. The second phase is also quite easy with some practice. However, the third phase is where it really matters. It's a Punch Out mini game and you need him to drop two keys from this fight.

    If you jab him immediately then he'll drop a key. If you counter his attack when he glows with a jab, then you'll build your super. You will lose your super attack if you get hit before you use it. You need to kill his first phase, or any phase, with your super attack for another guaranteed key.

    After the Punch Out mini game, you'll collect your loot and drop down to a floor with some pedestals and chests. You'll want to use a blank here to open up a secret room that will contain the serpent. You need use your two keys here to access the serpent. To awaken him, you'll need to drop four items/weapons in front of him. After this, he'll follow you for the rest of your run.

    Once all of this has been completed, you need to make it to the Dragun. It should be a fairly easy feat if you've beaten the rat. Fight the Dragun as normal until he goes into his second phase. The serpent will be firing at you the whole time. Once he goes into his second phase, the serpent will combine with the Dragun and the Advanced Dragun will form. This is a harder version of the fight with more bullets to dodge, new attacks, and he has also healed to full health. It's a little tough, but doable if you keep at it. Try to build up as much health as possible and use your blanks whenever needed.

    Once you defeat the Advanced Dragun, the achievement will pop.

    Method 2:

    If you find the Weird Egg on a run then you just need to drop it onto some fire by holding up on the d-pad. This will hatch the egg. After that, you just have to make it to the Dragun and beat the Advanced version.

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    PurdsNot sure if it was a patch that changed the way the egg works. But after hatching the egg I had to feed the ancient serpent 4 items/guns in order for it to follow me.
    Posted by Purds on 29 Jul 18 at 01:46
    Zic99Just did this, using the egg in the fire method and can confirm you need to feed it 4 items, since I was doing a rainbow run I feed the serpent 4 pieces of junk.
    Posted by Zic99 on 23 Jan 20 at 17:19
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  • SuperDuperLiamSuperDuperLiam624,374
    16 Jun 2020 17 Jun 2020 18 Jun 2020
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    Firstly this is an End Game achievement, one of the last you should get as you need a good understanding of the game in general and how to tackle bosses. Plus you need to have beaten the past and the high Dragun in order for certain NPCs to unlock to allow you to unlock certain items.

    This method seems longer but it will save you time retrying runs as you can easily get a bad pick up or just not the pick up you want and you are in trouble. I am being super specific here as I had a lot of runs/wasted time due to a lack of information or direction.

    The Advanced Dragun as a boss is no easy task to beat, if you beat Resourceful Rat, you could easily never recover the health you lost and without a strong arsenal you have no chance. This method makes the achievement really easy and ensures even average skilled players can get it. I tried the method of getting Gunther, then Weird Egg, RNG was a nightmare with many wasted runs and the Advanced Dragun has so much HP, it really is a battle of attrition or extremely high skill so let's take the route that will help most with the least stress.


    You must have beaten the High Dragun on a Sorceress Run in order to UNLOCK GUNTHER


    You must have Unlocked Rainbow Runs and turn them ON
    Rainbow mode or Rainbow Run is a game mode added in the A Farewell to Arms Update, activated by talking to the NPC Bowler, who must be rescued from a cell in the Gungeon after the High Dragun has been beaten at least once.


    Character: The Marine
    Mode: Rainbow Run

    RNG Warning: The only RNG in this game will be getting Clone in your first run through. Clone is really needed to make you OP enough to steam roll the second time around as when you die it respawns you on floor 1 with all your items and health.

    General strat:

    1. Get Gunther
    2. Get Clone
    3. Get Gnawed Key
    3. Perfect as many bosses and do as many floors as possible (Oubliette, Abbey and Rats Lair as you get 3 more chests (6 throughout with Clone)
    4. Beat Resourceful rat boss and get him to drop at least 1 key on the Punch Out mini game (PRO TIP: hit him instantly by pressing A and he will drop a key every time this mini game starts). I never got past Phase 2 of this. Do Not USE THE RAT KEY, SAVE IT
    5. Get to Bullet Hell (6th floor) as normal and get the Rainbow chest, then die and restart floor.
    6. Get back to Resourceful Rats lair and repeat step 4 Make sure you save 1 Blank for AFTER the boss fight. With your 2 keys and 1 blank, open the secret serpents room (to the bottom left or Right of the item pedestals after the Resourceful Rat Boss) and feed him 4 junk so he follows you (open map, use left or right dpad to scroll items and press Y button to drop Junk
    7. Get back to the Dragun and steam roll his ass

    Tips for the run:

    You can shoot from a door way into a room without aggroing/triggering the enemies inside. The gun you'll have has homing, is super powerful and most importantly has infinite ammo.

    Clear Floor 1 and the boss flawlessly (no hit) this gives you the Master round which gives you another health up, we want to get 3-6 of these skill dependent throughout the run

    Shoot all chests you encounter, you cannot pick them up but destroying them can give you Junk which you need to feed the Snake in the Rats Lair to follow you.

    Download a Gungeon Item App on your phone so you pick the best Items. Do NOT pick too many Curse items as it makes your run harder, DO prioritize damage ups.

    Detailed Method:

    Floor 1 - You need the Rainbow Chest to spawn Gunther


    Keep restarting until you get Gunther, after you have him, clear the floor as normal and ideally perfect the boss. Use your blanks if you need. Save your money and do not enter floor 2 immediately. Exit via the Oubliette.


    Clear the floor as normal and pick up the True Abbey Shield after the boss but before exiting. If you get hit you cannot enter the True Abbey but it is no big deal.

    Floor 2 - Try and perfect the boss, buy the Gnawed Key (115 gold generally, should be affordable). Exit via True Abbey

    True Abbey - As Normal

    Floor 3 - Find and enter Rats Lair


    Rats Lair - Beat as normal, DO NOT USE Key

    Floor 4 - As Normal

    Floor 5 - As Normal

    Floor 6 - Open chest and DIE, this is why you need Clone as you will respawn on floor 1 with all items and keys and now able to be OP for the Advanced Dragun

    Floor 1 Again - Save Money for Gnawed Key - Go to Oubliette again for extra chest

    Oubliette Again - As Normal, after you beat the boss pick up True Abbey Shield and then exit

    Floor 2 Again - As Normal

    True Abbey (Optional if you did not get hit) - As Normal

    Floor 3 Again - Go to Rats Lair again

    Rats Lair Again- Beat again and get a key, open secret with your 2 rat keys Serpent room and use 4 junk to get him to follow you.

    Floor 4 Again - As Normal

    Floor 5 Again - As Normal BUT the Advanced Dragun will spawn after you beat phase 1 of Normal Dragun. By Now you should be INSANELY OP with Gunther and a range of Bullet/Damage upgrades


    Cheevo UNLOCKED FAM!

    Enjoy and I hope this helped :)
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    WudYaLo0kAtThatDo you need to unlock Gunther before it will drop from a rainbow chest? If so, might be good to add as a note to the top of the solution.
    Posted by WudYaLo0kAtThat on 18 Jun 20 at 02:05
    SuperDuperLiamI will add the note asap, good shout. Ill also add a note that this is a late/end game achievement. Thanks mate
    Posted by SuperDuperLiam on 18 Jun 20 at 07:02
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