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Greenskin Warboss in Warhammer: Battle March

Greenskin Warboss150 (40)

Complete the Orc campaign

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Shadow 00 Fox
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Shadow 00 Fox
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This is written for a Hard playthrough of the Orc campaign.

As of the time of writing this, there is a series of great youtube videos for each mission--you can easily find those searching on youtube and they can be a great reference

Tips on all categories of the game follow the campaign mission walkthroughs at the end of the solution: (Ctrl+F to find the category you're interested in)
Control Tips:
General Unit Tips:
Upgrading Unit Tips:
Picked up and Bought Item Tips:
Hero Unit Tips:
Orc Unit Tips:
Dark Elf Unit Tips:

Campaign Missions:
You can Ctrl+F to easily find a specific mission, I've listed them all here.
Chapter 1: Green Tide Rising
Mission 1: Breakthrough
Mission 2: Iron Skinz
Mission 3: Anvil and Hammer
Mission 4: Clear the Path
Mission 5: Reinforcements, optional
Mission 6: The Siege of Castle Lietzig
Chapter 2: Fields of Blood
Mission 1: Encirclement
Mission 2: Slave Raid, optional
Mission 3: Dominion
Mission 4: The Hammer Falls
Mission 5: Duel!
Mission 6: Drawing the Enemy
Mission 7: Death and Darkness
Mission 8: Revelation
Chapter 3:The Reckoning
Mission 1: Descent into Darkness
Mission 2: The Crystal Shard, optional
Mission 3: The Final Push
Mission 4: The Web Closes
Mission 5: Consequences

For all missions, if you lose a regiment, I recommend restarting, and learning from your mistakes. It's definitely worth restarting in order to save money, unless it's a regiment you didn't want or need anyway. Also, figure on approximately 30 minutes per mission, you can make it go a lot faster as you get better, but that's a good amount of time to play it safe and strategical, without losing any regiments, and sometimes without losing any models either!
And remember, have FUN with it!! This is a great strategy game, I've outlined how I did it, take my ideas, and do it the way you like the most!

Chapter 1: Green Tide Rising

Mission 1: Breakthrough
You start with Arrow Boyz and Orc Boyz, and the two heroes Gorbash and Wazog.
Things to remember for this mission: continue through the mission attacking enemies with all units, when you start getting attacked by enemy ranged units on a cliff, run past, you can come back on top of the cliff and take them out with all your units. Be CAREFUL heading into the structure on top of the hill! Either send Gorbash or your Boar Boys after the two dwarf artillery pieces in both opposite corners of the square structure you enter(or they will cause massive damage when you stick your head inside), then mass your units for a wholesale wipeout of the units in that structure. Consider using a heal if necessary. Carefully mass your units for maximum impact, and go down the right side stairs in the structure. Use your units effectively, and collect the items after breaking the targets down there.
Back up top the big structure, head down the other side, and don't forget to go south.
your biggest challenge of the mission lies ahead on the next structure. You'll want to use your Boar Boyz ability on the Dwarf hero, otherwise he can decimate your heroes. Try to draw him forwards, using archers and Boar Boyz to weaken him, then whichever hero has more health, have that hero go close range while attacking him with everything you have. Use your Boar Boyz to run over the other units to keep them busy while you take out the dwarf hero. Once the hero is down(and maybe his units), mission ends, so pick up stuff as fast as you can.
Congratulations!!! You just completed the hardest level. Replay if necessary if you lost any units, or think you can do better. This level is VERY important to do as well as you can.

Mission 2: Ironskinz
For this mission, it's rather fun as you will have allies... AFTER you kill their leader. lol. Makes sense, right?
Try to avoid killing any of those enemy orcs if you think Gorbash is strong enough on his own, and just run him straight through to attack the enemy warboss who is on the left side of the Orc camp. A duel should start, and when you win you get some bonus units and the orcs turn into your uncontrolled allies. You may need to keep the Orcs attacking you distracted so they don't beat up Gorbash to badly on his way to the hero though.
As soon as you get your allies, your allies will be attacked by Empire units. Don't worry about saving your allies, as far as I can tell you don't get any more bonus units if you save them or not. I remember always getting the same bonus each time. However, DO level up your units! Use your allies as a buffer if you can, and above all else, take out the two empire artillery ASAP with either Gorbash or Boar Boyz. There's one straight ahead on a cliff, and one up to the right on a much closer cliff. (In a very stupid place for artillery....so close to the enemy with a path straight there! Beware of the handcannonneers, try to take them out fast, with lightning Boar Boyz strikes, and mass attacks. There will be repeated Empire reinforcements from the top right side of the map. Annihilate them all, heal units as necessary at the health fountain... and you will eventually have to deal with a hero. take him out, and finish the level! Make sure you grab the pickups lying around before you kill the hero and all the units as the mission ends suddenly after killing the hero.

Mission 3: Anvil and Hammer
This mission is refreshingly easy after the last couple! Also, you get a bonus hero and units during this mission, the Night Goblin Shaman and some goblin units...
Things to do; rush forwards as soon as you can, and help in the battles, to get some easy XP. No real challenges if you use your units and heroes well, until after you gain the bonus units and start crossing the first ford. You'll run into some Chaos forces, that should go down quickly to all your units, especially ranged. BEWARE, there are multiple Empire Knights units ahead!! They will decimate you if you can't break their charge. Use Gorbash, Boar Boyz, or Squigs to break their charge, and then move everyone in for the kill. After multiple units of knights, you'll come across a hero and his army just a bit further along. You can try to separate them a little bit, but it will be hard, just make sure to get rid of the cannonneers as soon as you can, and keep an eye on your heroes and units health. Mission ends after killing the hero and/or his units, so pick up sticks!

Mission 4: Clear the Path
You switch factions here to the Dark Elf Assassin Kaeleth. You can also do almost this entire mission using range spells! Also, as a rule, enemy units will not see you even if you are ridiculously close, as long as you aren't near one of the streetlamps.
You have only 4 units, Kaeleth being the important one as the other assassin units disappear after this mission. Also, if you don't go through a gate your allies won't move forwards, so don't go through each 'gatehouse' until you're absolutely ready and have done everything you want in each area, that way your allies will be attacked a minimum. Make sure to cross over the first gate FAST and take out the artillery. After that, take some time, let your skills recharge, and poison all the units walking around. If you ever get charged, you can chicken and cross right back over the gate you last crossed, you won't be followed, and can recharge and sneak attack from behind as soon as the enemy walks away in puzzlement. in the first area, don't forget to poison the well with the special items that Kaeleth is carrying, kill all units, and you can help with the battle from the lookout point where the cannonneers were.. before you wiped them out. Move on to the next side opening the next gate. This is the one where you will be the longest, there are lots of units to take out, and you need to take your time or you'll start losing your units. You can survive, but it's most economical to keep all your units alive as you can do everything faster. Make sure to attack the enemy wizard with Kaeleth right away. You just might laugh at what happens....!! After that, take your time, run away when necessary, and otherwise just annihilate everything on that right side. Pick up items, poison wells, advance up the side, take out the artillery, be a nuisance. Cross sides to the left again, use all your tricks as before, but don't forget to go up the hill and pick up the items! Join in the battle down below after clearing the area, mop up before crossing to the next area to the right. This final area is where you use the special key you got earlier if you picked up all the items--select it from Kaeleth's inventory and use it on the wall that is directly across from where you get out of the gatehouse. Then join in the battle... and the mission ends shortly after some Empire reinforcements arrive through all the gates you just opened! (LOL) Join in the fracas if you want...

Mission 5: Reinforcements, Optional!!
For this mission, you can gain levels for your units,... and, you also, could completely fail after 25 minutes. I don't recommend doing this one on a Hard playthrough, as you don't need to worry about leveling up Gorbash because of something later.
Basically, if you want to succeed at this mission, here's my strategy for my hard playthrough. Capture all towers immediately. There will be some enemies coming from the left side very soon, so get Gorbash over there with some backup as soon as you can. Take two archer units and your Night shaman and place them next to the towers to the NNE(the little hill with cliffs up from where you start), another archer unit which you just bought probably, place it next to the tower on the top left, another ranged unit(goblins for me) and place it above the tower that is on the middle left side hill. No units at the lowest left side tower, and the lowest right side tower. When you get reinforcement archers, I recommend putting them either where the goblins are/were, or putting them at the tower that is top left, watching the path coming from the North. Basically, you're going to run around with Gorbash and Boar Boyz and Squigs, trying to break charges, get the enemy stuck where your archers can attack them, use spells and special abilities of units, and take out everything! It's quite possible, but there are a few tough parts. You can also level up Gorbash a LOT during this mission. Beware the Spawn of Chaos, they are very tough, and will take out your melee units fast, so use ranged as much as possible against them. Other units to beware of are the enemy horse units, Warhounds of Chaos, and the axe throwers(for axe throwers try to get the boar boyz to run them over a few times if you can). Survive for the time limit, and the mission ends suddenly, depending on whether you killed the last Chaos spawn or not. Don't forget to pick up items before it ends!

Mission 6: The Siege of Castle Leitzig, final mission for Chapter 1!
A quick note, you will get a bonus rock thrower.. so don't buy more than one before this battle, I know I just didn't have enough money. :-(
This mission can be done two ways. Either, break through the walls, start the 4 minute countdown for the arrival of the Elves, and wait outside the walls to take them out piecemeal, or break down the walls, fight inside, and fortify against the Elves. Going inside the castle will be faster, and probably smarter, especially if you have two rock lobbers! My last time I waited outside and lost a unit of Boar Boyz.. I was somewhat stupid though, left them where the Elf archers got them.
Alright, so, go inside! Break the wall down, but before you do, I recommend choosing a wall on the left side, because the Elves come from the right, and you might as well have archers on the walls shooting at them the whole way. As soon as you make a hole in the wall, a 4 minute timer starts, so have your units ready to rush through the hole as soon as it's there. There is an enemy hero, be careful, try to engage him with your heroes. Engage in melee, use spells, use unit abilities, and kill them all as fast as you can, but DO NOT capture the siege flag! Also, send your rock lobbers up to the glowing circle on the hill, so they can start attacking the Elf reinforcements(put them on auto-attack!). Send a hero up the hill to gather a few pickups, both up behind the castle, and near the rock lobbers. Get ready for a fairly easy defense! Archers on the ways, be warned, elf archers WILL shoot at you so try to get them with your rock lobbers when they aren't walking.. melee units near the hole in the wall... engage enemy heroes, and use everything to your advantage! Only after you take out the elves and pick up items should you capture the siege flag as that will end the mission. Not capturing it gives you time to sort out your items, heal units if you want to, etc.
That's it for Chapter 1!!

On to Chapter 2: Fields of Blood.

Mission 1: Encirclement
(easy mission, but annoyingly long and watch out for failing it!)
You now control the Dark Elves, with some fun units and heroes! You also have some of the best units in the game, so enjoy. Cold Ones, and the Dark Elf crossbowmen(their special ability is AMAZING!, a freezing arrow, that they can repeatedly use!)
Basically for this mission, you have to take out the scouts surrounding the elf encampment, without attacking the camp itself until you're ready. I failed a few times before I realized that if the center camp is alerted, you fail.. also, if any of the patrol units get back to the middle, you fail the mission. Also, if any of the escaping scouts after the ambush escape, you fail!! So, I went counter-clockwise on this map, taking out the enemy units fast, using the freezing arrow ability of my crossbowmen. It works wonders on escaping units. Once you clear the patrols, station your units how you like, what I did was put a pair of archers and spearmen at each of the West and South West exits to the camp, near the watchers, and put all my heroes near the East side watcher, with my Dragon units just a bit above my heroes to respond where-ever needed. When the countdowns start after you initiate the ambush by getting your units to the watchers, there will be a single rider, with a single HP, following a unit of spearmen from each exit. In order, it goes Southwest exit, East exit, West exit, then North-East exits. You have 2 minutes each time, but make sure your archers don't get stuck with the enemy spearmen. I almost failed when they didn't want to shoot at one of the riders! Use your heroes abilities on the spearmen and horsemen on that side, and use your cold ones to run down the enemy melee infantry afterwards. Now, you have several choices, capture the towers, or shoot them with your range hero abilities. I've done it both ways, capturing was more fun, but be careful of units from inside the area attacking you at the same time. Use heroes to capture that way you don't have to replace Cold Ones... up to you. Once you've capture enough towers, draw the enemy towards you, have all your units engage while using the freezing arrow ability, take out the enemy hero, run your cold ones around stamping on anything that shrieks, and the level ends after a short cut scene. Grab items!

Mission 2: Slave Raid, Optional. (Fun, mostly easy mission)
You gain some new units, that you will need to walk into each building to take out some slaves. General idea for this mission; scout with your mounted Nalekith, use your units and heroes abilities and advantages, capture the towers with Malekith so you don't lose units, mass attack the enemy hero and his units that are just to the right after the first tower, grab those items... watch out for the knights and pistoleers just after the intersection that has 3 paths and a light in the middle. Also, there is a cannon on a hill/cliff to the north that will start firing on you as you start approaching the next tower. DO NOT approach with your regiments! Scout with Malekith until the cannon fires, take out the units near the building to the left before or after the cannon with your other units, then eventually run your hero all the way up to the cannon, first left follow the road, climb the hill, then right to the cannon. Take it out. Try not to engage the enemy units patrolling on the path up the hill you took as they can do some serious damage if your hero is alone. Capture the tower on the East side, take out the enemy units that might attack you, move up with your forces and once both buildings are clear, bring in the beast masters. Start heading West along the big road, don't go all the way west though. Pause, you can try to capture that tower right beside the road that heads north, or simply take it out with ranged spells. Either way, clear that are of the enemy units, and collect some more slaves. Now, the biggest battle, on the West side. If you use your archers freeze arrows, it shouldn't be a problem. There are enemy horse units, and a hero. Should be no trouble with good unit usage! Cold Ones to stomp on things, archers to slow them down, infantry to shield up and engage... fun battle. The mission ends when you finish bringing the slaves and beastmasters up through the circle to the North-west. So, take your time, trade items between heroes, heal up if needed, etc.

Mission 3: Dominion (fun, fairly easy, a few tricky parts)
This is a fun mission. You get to take control of giants with a special scroll spell Lilaeth has!
Things to remember. The giants are walking around chasing dwarves... lol... in the first main path that runs west-east. There are also a couple more giants up the hill to the east if you need them. Your scroll spell on the giants lasts quite a long time, usually longer than the giant survives. You will need to break through TWO walls with the giants. One to get past into the first open area where more enemy units are, and the second wall straight across that open area has goodies and pickups behind it. Not a lot, but worth breaking that wall down for as well. And, you can only do it with the giants! Try to use all your units to advantage, and I recommend taking out the towers with ranged spells if you don't want to try to capture them. You can try to capture them, but enemy units will be annoying, and there are some enemy knights to the West behind two towers that will charge you. Break their charge and take them out, then capture the towers if you like, but you run the risk of losing too many units to make it worthwhile, as those towers have zero purpose for the rest of the mission. Take out the other enemy units in the open area, take out or capture the tower up the hill to the north, and move up there. You should see another tower.. if you have a giant here still, he's a great distraction and can let you move all your units into place and let you capture this last tower easily. Continue on, take out the enemy waiting at the bend in the path, and then stack up for the final assault on the last enemy army. There is a hero, but not much else to worry about more than normal. Use freezing arrows, and the mission triggers to end when Lilaeth gets close enough to the 'obelisk', so sort out your items and healths before going close to that with Lilaeth.

Mission 4: The Hammer Falls (hard!)
For me, this was quite possibly one of the hardest missions, because you have a 30 minute countdown, and countless enemies plus enemy artillery to face! There are a few keys to this mission, but first, enemy artillery locations. There is one cannon on a hill to the east/north. There is also a cannon on the easternmost wall corner. And, another cannon on the southernmost walls, one of those two corners. There are at least 3 units of enemy horse patrolling in front of the castle gates, with some infantry as well. Keep an eye on your radar! I had to restart several times because the enemy horse would launch a sneak attack on my rock lobbers.
How I did it: take Gorbash, and run him back and forth just a bit north, you should see the enemy cannons firing. If you wait until just after they fire, then move Gorbash, you can keep him at full health while distracting the cannons so your rock lobbers can take them out. Do this to the cannons, then move up the east side, watching out for getting back-stabbed by the horsemen. Sometimes they attack, sometimes they don't, it appears random. Move up the east side, using heroes and units effectively.. and rock lobbers. Then, pickup the stuff, move your rock lobbers to the hill where the east cannon was, and start breaking down the wall. I recommend going for at least a two-wide break in the wall to make it easier for you. Watch out for the cannonneers in the wall towers, they can almost reach you on that hill! Once you've got a good hole, run for it with all your units. Engage in a very large messy battle, that should end shortly in your favor. Make sure to micromanage your units! You could also break down the wall and the units on it from the outside, but you're going to be pressed for time, so a giant battle is probably better. Once inside, bring the rock lobbers along, and you can target the enemy horse inside the main gates with ranged units without them attacking you. They must have a trigger for when you approach the front of the gate.. if you run up to them and melee attack they wake up though! Use your rock lobber to target the enemy units on the hill behind the really tall building, somehow they can hit those units easily. Move around up to the left side, taking out the enemy that comes. More enemy units will come around from where your rock lobbers should've by now decimated the enemy forces on that little hill area. BEWARE! There is an enemy cannon to the north/west, on a hill basically straight up through the town from the direction you broke through the walls. Try to distract it with Gorbash while you take it out with your rock lobbers. There are a few more units and pickups, there where Gorbash can be trying to distract, then start moving up the main pathway up the hill, using rock lobbers and ranged against the enemy ranged units. A hero waits at the top of the hill with other units, take them out, then if you have time, heal up your units if you want, rearrange items, and pick up things before capturing the siege flag. Capturing it takes about 30 seconds, so don't run out of time or you fail the mission!

Mission 5: easy optional duel! Against a Warrior Priest. Enjoy!
Don't forget to use items if you need, and grab the items the Priest drops before the mission ends!

Mission 6: Drawing the Enemy (fairly easy, but quick paced! UPDATE: This is only fairly easy if you find the right balance of using your units perfectly--I had to replay this a number of times which I forgot about while writing the solution; you MUST use your units very strategically and micro-manage all the way)
This mission involves moving into a central area surrounded by towers, a little like the optional mission Reinforcements, but fortunately without having to face any chaos units! So, slightly easier. You will want ranged units, and your usuals... I like trolls, Boar Boyz, squigs, and the usual ranged and a few melee.
There is also a limited 50 HP healing capture point in the middle, so use as needed. The mission also ends suddenly after about 10 minutes of reinforcements starting when you capture the healing tower in the middle. Try to station your ranged units overlooking pathways if you can, although they do just fine defending each entrance. Use trolls on the West side, I had some there and they take care of that entrance almost solo the entire time. I did have some backup archers on the top hill with that tower, and archers for each other entrance. Use heroes, break enemy charges, overuse trolls and ranged units, and this should be no problem. There will be multiple enemy heroes, watch for those, and basically try to keep units ready to respond at all times. Enemy horse units will come from each direction, so watch for those. It's a pretty fun 'tower defense' mission. don't forget to pick up items before the mission ends, and heal your models as well!

Mission 7: Death and Darkness, optional mission, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, easy, one tricky part--skeleton archers.
This mission is where you level up your heroes and all the units that aren't level 3 to max!!There are unlimited spawning enemies in this mission!!
I recommend taking at least 2 troll units, and any other units you want to level up, but you must have plenty of ranged, I took 4 ranged units.
After the mission starts, organize, and advance through the first doors ahead. Do your best to limit friendly casualties while clearing this room. Not hard. Move to the room on the right with the pickup and caskets in it. There will be multiple ambushes, you can just move your melee units to the middle, or your ranged.. put all your units an auto-attack, and the room should empty quickly. Pickup everything, and continue back to the west side room. This room has a lot of skeletons, not a problem at all, clear the room.
*****However, once you clear the room, giant spiders start coming down the passageway on the opposite side. This is the first place where you can camp out and level up! I recommend putting your ranged units around the opening, trolls in the opening, and heroes near the range units or with them. Level up all your units, and maybe your heroes up to 30 or so. If you go all the way here it will get really laggy from all the enemy dead models on the floor, and also you can level up later, but if you do all the leveling up later, you will get extremely laggy there to, so some here, and some later. :-)
Once you've leveled up enough, push through the tunnel, lead with your heavy units, bring your archers through, smash the spider nests on the left side while taking out the spiders, and then move to the right side to take out the giant spider queen. Fairly easy, especially with self-healing trolls! Pick up stuff, and move back down the tunnel into the dwarven halls. This next room you need to be VERY careful with. I almost failed the mission when Wazog ran into that room like an idiot... and the ridiculous numbers of skeleton archers nearly took him out right away. I got him out with 1 HP! So, trolls first to draw fire, run the boar Boyz in, and follow with melee and ranged, run Gorbash through and you should be able to do it. Whatever you do, don't let the skeleton's concentrate fire on one of your heroes for long! Finish this room off, and move on to the next room.
For this room, simply put a unit on each glowing thing, and then Gorbash can use his special key on the door at the end of the room. Go through, collect goodies, and reorganize in the room facing the final room. There is a vampire in there, only defeat-able with Gorbash Gork summon skill, however, don't do this at first.
*****Simply park your archers all looking at the doorway, trolls near the doorway, heroes near your archers, and then trigger the vampire to start summoning units. It's an endless stream of units to continue leveling up your units! You can use hero spells to make it go faster, but just heal units, shoot enemy units, get bored, watch how laggy it gets, and level your heroes all up to level 40 and your other units to 3 if they aren't! When you're ready, just send Gork in to hit the vampire, and the mission will finish. Bring a hero in there too to pick up the stuff the vampire drops. I took about 83 minutes on this mission, and leveled up my heroes all the way. Killed about 4,900 enemy models, and got it super laggy when looking at the doorway they all died in. As long as you don't look where the models died though, it won't be too laggy.
And, that concludes chapter 2! You now have a max team of heroes and units!!

Mission 8: Revelation, final mission for Chapter 2!
This mission is rather fun, good cut scenes. Just beware the cannons. It is really quite simple otherwise though. I took Heroes, Boar Boyz, trolls, and archers. Nothing else needed! There will be a few enemy horse units in the mission. From where you start the mission, you're going to want to go up a little bit, around the wall to the east, then climb the hill to the east. You can station your archers up here, with Boar Boyz ready to charge above the archers in the hill, trolls on the path down the hill, and Gorbash on the hill also. Very easy to defend this mission and keeps you from running around most of the time. Use the Boar's spear ability as often as possible. Wait it out here, running the Boars down hill to break up the party at the bottom now and then, keeping them away from spearmen.. use your archers and trolls and heroes, but always get them back up the hill where they're safe. Repeat until Wazog does something powerful, then mop up remaining empire units, but watch out for sneak attacks from behind as you move to Wazog. You have to protect him as he heads west, however he won't start moving until Gorbash gets there so go ahead and heal up units if you want before starting the westward march. You can even go ahead of Wazog without Gorbash and take out all the enemies before Wazog starts walking! Wazog gets to the west side, and the mission ends.

Chapter 3: The Reckoning

Mission 1: Descent into Darkness
This mission starting the third chapter is rather easy, with a few easy places to lose units. You start with some Skaven running your way to attack; they are easily annihilated if your troops are anything like mine. In fact, I lead the attacks in this mission with my heroes mainly just to get them some extra skill points and protect my units. Small model melee Skaven units are no problem throughout this mission; watch out for their ranged units, in particular, Warplock Jezzails and Poisoned Wind Globadiers. Try to take those out with Cold Ones, ranged, or your Heroes, especially Malekith. That will save you from unnecessary model losses.
After eliminating this first attack wave, notice the path up the hill ahead to the left. You will want to go up there, but beware, there is a warp light cannon up there, which I never remembered and always lost a bunch of crossbowmen too. You've been warned. Maybe take Cold Ones up there, or just Malekith and have him hack it to pieces. There are a number of Skaven regiments there though and a Hero, so it's really a sticky battle; I usually ended up bringing all my forces up there, losing a bunch to the cannon, and wiping out everything on that level.
About this time, you should have some Skaven attacking from your rear, and also from the path to the front. Take them out with panache. Now, a part you have to be slightly careful about comes up. There is a healing tower ahead, however, before you go there! There is also a Warp Light Cannon on a cliff to the right and a ways away. I recommend taking Malekith solo(he must be mounted for this), run him all the way around the cliff the Cannon is on, and have him hack it to bits. Then run him back to the rest of your army and it's now safe to move forwards and capture the healing tower. Heal up your units selectively, and get ready to move forwards.
Just ahead, across from the cliff the Cannon was on, there is a fun unit when you control it, not fun when you fight it--a Skaven Rat Ogre, level 3. Move up, use freezing arrows from your crossbowmen, and break the Rat Ogre charge with Cold Ones. Watch out for the sneak attack from the shortcut path to the way you came, a unit of Gutter Runner archers will wreck your army from the side if you don't see it in time.
Once you've cleared this area, you'll want to take the path to the North-east; there will be a hero, another unit of Rat Ogre's, and a few other. Use your units to their best, have fun, and clear them out. Once this party has died down, head back, and take the path to the North-west for another hero, some assorted regiments, and the end of the level.

Mission 2: The Crystal Shard, optional
This is the mission in which you can level up your Dark Elf Heroes against unlimited enemies if you want, it will just take a long time!
You will do very close to a clock-wise circle around this map, ending up in the middle/lower/center for a little while, and then continuing south to finish the mission.
When the mission starts, head North, take out the Skaven guarding your captured units under the green shield, and when Lilaeth moves close or all the Skaven are killed, they join your army. I don't recommend using them though because they do not have any armor or weapon upgrades. After this first group is freed, look just up to the North-east, and use a combination of your choice to take out the Skaven across the little water there. You can ford the water to pick up the items. Proceeding from this group, continue going north, and take out a few isolated Skaven regiments. But be careful up ahead, scout with Harpies, and when you see some Rat Ogres, that is also the same group of enemy that includes a Warp Lightning Cannon and a Hero. I simply sent in my Harpies to take out the cannon, since there's no dedicated anti-air/ranged Skaven units there, then backed my Harpies off for the main assault. Use freezing arrows to slow things down, Cold Ones or Heroes to break charges, and generally cause havoc in the Skaven forces! This was a fun little fight, it you play it right you don't even lose any models, and a total victory for the Dark Elves.
Go up the little hill, rescue your units, and line up for crossing to the island. There are several melee skaven units on the island, and possibly one ranged; freezing arrows and your heroes can usually take out everything quickly. Once you've cleared the island, bring all your units onto it, to begin the next phase. Three Skaven warlocks show up and poison the waters of the three exits. DO NOT ENTER THE WATER!! I failed this mission once while trying to level up my heroes, when I accidentally told me heroes to chase a fleeing Skaven unit, and they ran right into the water.. and died. What you need to do is wait for Skaven units to cross the fords, take them out with your choice of attacks, and eventually they will drop some scrolls for Lilaeth to pick up. These scrolls you use to take control of the Skaven regiments, which you can then tell to kill the warlocks. If you want to level up your heroes though, don't do that yet. Just get all your weak regiments to the opposite side of the island behind the giant crystal, opposite to the three fords, put your heroes in a triangle with archers around them(or whatever works best for you), and just wait it out. Your crossbowmen with their freezing arrows should take out almost anything that gets close, and with a few spells and maybe some Cold Ones help, you won't be bothered. It'll take a lot longer than leveling up the Orc forces, but it does work eventually. When you get bored, use Lilaeth's scrolls on the Skaven, kill all THREE warlocks before crossing the fords(the fords are no longer poisoned when all three are dead) and get ready to complete the mission. Don't forget to grab the stuff the mages dropped..
Crossing the ford to the south, and freeing those units will end the level, but before you do, if you didn't earlier, cross the ford to the east and take out the Skaven there if you want. Afterwards, head down south when you're ready, take out the few Skaven regiments, free your soldiers, and the mission ends! IMPORTANT!! Transfer everything Kaeleth has equipped or in his inventory before this mission ends, to another hero.

Mission 3: The Final Push
Make sure you bring Harpies!! AND!! Final warning, before this mission, either sell or transfer everything Kaeleth has in his inventory or equipped.
The mission starts with some empire units just down the path to your right, you can chase these down, which leads to more regiments, but you should be able to wipe them all out easily with good unit usage. Be warned though, there are 3 Empire Great Cannons on the cliffs on the other side of the map, that will start firing once you cross the ford or get close enough. So, once you take out the first main group of Empire units before the river, back off all your ground units. Now, the fun part; take your Harpies, go around the right side of the map, and you should be able to swoop up the cliff, take out the cannon on the right side, and even it's guarding melee soldiers, although not recommended. Then, move one cannon to the left and repeat. Leave your Harpies here.
Back to your main army; coax the horse regiment to come towards you with a ranged spell, meet them around the ford, and proceed to take out all the Empire units here quickly and easily with a mix of units. After this, I recommend bringing your heroes to the left through the ruins, and they can solo eliminate the few empire regiments in the ruins; call in Cold Ones backup if you need. Now, have Lilaeth peek around the ruins, target the cannon with her ranged blast spell, and take it out a spell at a time. Don't worry if she gets hit. Once the final cannon is down, move your heroes to the left, and it's up to you how to do this part. I played it super-strategically, using just my heroes, since my Malekith had a piece of regeneration equipment. I also used the health refill station there a few times. Using just your two heroes, you can take out all those empire units before the tower strategically, with ranged blast spells, and Malekith running in. If you'd rather go all out assault, that would work great also.
After you clear the area near the health regeneration point, capture or destroy the tower, and start knocking down the Empire tents for bonus items under a few of them. Gather your forces, take out the enemy hero with your choice, and then mop up the last empire units above the cliffs however you like. Pick up items, and head towards the right side of the cliffs, where you'll get a mission transition; Kaeleth returns with some Witch Elves, in a battle that was really easy for my units; just chomp, stomp, smash, and hack, it'll be over in no time. There might be a hero duel, which was laughable for me because I had invested heavily in Lilaeth's duel skills by now. And, that finishes the mission!

Mission 4: The Web Closes
The penultimate mission arrives; you get to take on the High Elf Mage Aurelion, and also three other Wizards before her. Note: you will definitely want to have Lilaeth upgraded with some duel spells for this mission; without too much of a spoiler, you will have to duel Aurelion at the end of the mission, and you don't want to lose that duel!! Unless you want to replay the entire mission again.
The first part of the mission involves travelling a big circle, left or right, around the High Elf castle in the center. You need to fight through a number of units, many of them quite dangerous to you, and quite capable of making you lose a lot of units. However, that's not a problem, at least if you want to play the final mission with the Orcs. laugh
Take your time, and I found it most effective to send Malekith in first, with Cold Ones, and use the Crossbowmen as a freezing backup while Lilaeth shoots spells behind everything. Harpies can come in to clean up the survivors. This works pretty well all the way around, just be careful, and try not to get the next group of enemies coming at you before you're ready. Use Lilaeth to get them to come when you're ready with a well placed spell blast, hit them with freezing arrows, then send in the heavies. You'll have to watch out for the Elf archers most of all, there are many of them, next most dangerous if they catch you wrong are the Elf horse regiments, there are several of those. If you break their charge, then they aren't a problem at all. For the Elf Archers, try to get them shooting at a hero, freeze them, and trample them with Cold Ones or Malekith. For enemy heroes, freeze them, and attack them with everything.
I played this mission several times and the final time I made it through with a minimum of losses, mainly because I was really careful with those Elf archers, and used Lilaeth and the freezing arrows to the max.
After you have worked your way around the map, taking out each group of Elf regiments, bring all your units back to in front of the castle. Give Lilaeth all the good items that Malekith has been using that she can use, and finally, enter the castle! Enjoy the duel, WIN.... and enjoy the cutscenes!
Quick notes on the Elf units around the map; in a clockwise direction, I believe you run into regiments in this order; first group--southwest-- includes: spearmen, archers, melee infantry; second group--South-west-west--wizard, archers, spearmen, and more archers?; third group--North-west-west--unit of patrolling horse; fourth group--North-west-- includes: spearmen, archers, wizard, white lions; fifth group--North-- patrolling horse; sixth group--North-north-east-- includes: wizard, spearmen, archers, archers, and?; seventh group--east-- includes: archers, spearmen.

Mission 5: Consequences
The final mission!! You have to choose your faction for this one, either the Orcs or the Dark Elves. I've done both, and they are both fun, the Dark Elves is easier, but you can always reload and replay the other one if you like.
I'll only give you a few pointers, because I want you to enjoy this one; there are multiple health regen points to capture on the map. They also refill, so you can keep on healing your units. There will be enemy artillery, so use your mounted units or heroes to take them out. And finally, the enemy regiments WILL seek and find you. So, if you just wait around, they'll be knocking on your door quite soon. Set up the battle how you like, it's pretty impossible to fail if you've made it this far with a decent army and heroes, and enjoy the fireworks! One of the most enjoyable missions overall! If you play as the Orcs, you will see some unique units the Dark elves have that you didn't get during the campaign very very unfortunately.
Use your units, use their special abilities, use your heroes and their special skills, and have yourself a very satisfying conclusion to the Orc Campaign!

Tips for the Orc campaign by category.

Control tips:
Use the advanced controls!
These are the controls I used the most and found most helpful.
Always group your units up into the 4 available groups(numbers 1,2,3, and 4), I usually went with a group for melee, mounted, ranged, and seige, or a hero group if I had the option. To group units, hold the R trigger, press A on any units you want to group, then press the LB button while they are selected. Release, and you can now cycle through your groups by pressing the RB button.
Learn the buttons and what they do; especially important are the LB and RB buttons, the L and R triggers, and the combinations of those.
If you hold the R trigger and then press down on the D-pad, you can view all current units in the mission! Pressing A while selecting one will target that unit.
To select all units in the mission, hold R, and click the left stick.
To select only units on screen, hold R, and click the right stick.
To access the unit movement commands, select unit(s), then hold the left D-pad.
To attack-move with a selection, hold down both L and R, and press A where you want to attack-move to.
To make selected units auto-attack/defensive, Hold left D-pad and press A.
To make selected units run/walk, hold left D-pad and press Y.
To make selected units stop moving, left D-pad and press B.
To make selected units retreat, left D-pad and X.
For selected unit formations, hold the right D-pad.
To enter a duel during a mission, press the Y button when the Heroes are pulsing orange.
To group/ungroup units with a hero, select them, and then hold right D-pad and press B.
To view and modify hero skills, inventory, and to view units skills/levels/stats, press the BACK button while they are selected.

General unit tips:
You can switch armies if you have two at any time on the campaign map screen by pressing Y. This is useful for healing, etc.
At certain points you will have an option to buy additional Heroes from the Barracks. Wait to buy the heroes until the last possible point you can, basically, do the battles afterwards until your next stop will be a camp. THEN before going to the camp, buy the heroes. This means you will get them leveled up for free according to your current heroes levels. Also, DON'T sell heroes if you actually want them. You can't rebuy them unless you reload your save!
Don't forget to heal your units! It's obvious, but you always want to have full regiments if possible. And DON'T waste a heal on your heroes unless they are still involved in combat as they heal automatically after each mission!
Don't bother with anything other than long ranged, powerful artillery like cannons, bolt throwers, rock lobbers, warp cannons, etc. Unless you want to experiment and have some fun trying other things out.
NEVER RUN ANY MOUNTED UNITS into spearmen, halberdiers, or squigs, unless the target unit is already engaged. And, get away fast.
Charging from the rear or when the enemy unit is fleeing is most effective!
Use unit special abilities as often as possible, they are very very useful most of the time!
Never EVER let your ranged units be engaged in melee or even worse, charged!! Break charges at all costs against your melee and ranged units.
There is a very useful trick you can use every mission. Units that have models with multiple hit points will heal up those missing hit points after the missions ends. So, whenever possible, avoid healing up units for those extra missing hit points during the missions, instead get them healed for free after the missions!
A great example are the trolls, especially because they self-heal. An example with the trolls. You start the mission with them at level 1. You get the troll into several battles, and then you suddenly notice the troll's health bar jump down. That means it's level 2, and can how have 2 trolls in the unit. What you can now do is drop a 25HP heal from one of your heroes, get all other units away from it, step your troll into the heal zone, and another troll will materialize out of nothing! Now, get away from the heal zone and let the trolls heal up themselves. Repeat this again, and you just got 2 full health trolls at the cost of only 2 HP from the 25HP item you used, meaning you can now heal 23 other models for free instead of paying for them after the mission.
Do this same trick with ranged multiple HP units, also all flying and mounted units, if you have time at the end of a level, are well worth this. For example, Chaos knights, cost 200 each. If you had a level 3 chaos knight unit, with only one horse left, that would be 19 heals. Pull away the moment the unit fills up it's 20 models before it starts healing the extra HP for each model. Now, you can heal 6 other models, and you also saved a lot of coin! If you healed those horses at a camp after the mission, it would cost 3,800 coin. By doing it during the mission, since each 25HP regeneration is either 2000 coin or a free item in a mission, you're healing your horsemen at 80 coin each, saving 120 coin per horse! Use this trick, it's WELL worth it.

Upgrading unit tips:
For upgrading units, I recommend always upgrading damage for ranged first, and armour for melee first. For mounted take your pick, and always upgrade Large and Huge units to the max immediately. For flying units, they MUST have armour as soon as possible.
Don't both with the two things you can by in the temples that will 'bless' etc your units.
Don't bother buying the standard bearer and morale upgrades unless you have extra coin. You're not planning on losing any units anyway, and don't need to if you play it right. :-)
DO buy the champion upgrades if you have the coin!
For artillery units, always buy the damage upgrades, and your choice on the armour upgrades. Again, optional, since if you lose some artillery, you're pretty much restarting the mission

Picked up and bought item tips:
There are very many different items you can find, buy, and use. For my playthroughs, I tried to sell anything that I would use, anything I had replaced with something better unless I needed it for a different hero, and I would always sell all power pool items. I never used those in my playthrough, and when turned into coin help a great deal with healing and buying other necessary items.
In general, enemy heroes will always drop one or two items, sometimes three rarely. Grab these as they are most often the mission end, and you have about 5-10 seconds before the mission actually ends.
The only way to trade items between heroes is during missions unless you want to take a significant loss by selling them to the store and buying them back at a 100% loss! So choose carefully which hero has what, and drop and pickup items with the correct hero during the missions to get things straight. Try to get at least one hero fully outfitted with all the good stuff if you can, so that he can rule the battlefield almost solo. Then, the rest of the army supports.
Things to buy include, the 25HP healing items(extremely useful!), all wearable hero accessories that are better than what you have currently, and magic items that are active by simple being in your hero's 'backpack'.
I never bought power pool items... until the last missions when suddenly you have a TON of coin after struggling through the entire campaign.
Always pick up items during missions!! And look for them too. Sometimes, you can find them in houses after you break the house down.
Match your heroes items to your various heroes.. ranged heroes won't need the same things melee heroes will!
And, have fun with items! For me this was one of the best parts...

Hero unit tips:
Always get your heroes mounted if you can, they get a large stat boost!
Your heroes are your best units by far. A single hero with the right skills can take out many enemy regiments by themselves. Be careful what skills you want, and above all, plan out the skills you want ahead of time!
If you have a mage/shaman, you will most likely want to focus on ranged spells, skills that boost spells, and most likely some skills/spells that help an attached unit.
Skills are broken down into three general categories; Combat, Duel, and Command. The Duel skills are the only skills that are unique, as the Combat and Command skills somewhat mix in actual missions.
Very rarely should you put any points into Dueling I never did except for Lilaeth, the Dark Elf leader, for a specific reason. Otherwise, it's mostly wasted points unless you want to try to always duel enemy heroes to death. That's not how I did it, but feel free to try it yourself!
You can upgrade either skills, or actual spells. Each hero, when they reach level 25, now have access to 4 spells during combat, two from the combat category, and two from the Command category. Level 25 unlocks the top level spells. Also, it's important to notice, for the spells you can use, you don't need any points in the spell to actually have them be effective. You can simply make them even more powerful by upgrading them.
For most skills and spells, you have to put skill points into potentially unwanted categories to unlock the ones you want. Choose very carefully, and then stick to your plan. You have a max of 40 skills points to spend if you reach level 40, so you can max out one branch, and that's about it.
Most useful spells are spells that regenerate health/heal units/heal hero health when activated.
The next most useful spells are ones that freeze enemy units. There are a few heroes that have this ability.

Other good spells involve area damage, slowing enemies, making the heroes attack stronger, and boosting friendly unit stats.
Skills such as cooldown time reductions, Magic resistance, etc, I never used unless I had to to get to another skill.
As to how you use your hero in combat, it's really quite simple; match the skills to your combat tactics!
If your hero is mostly melee, try to attach them to a melee unit so the hero can provide combat boosts. If you have a ranged/magic attack hero, attach them to a ranged unit if possible.
And, later in the campaigns when your heroes have leveled up to 25+, you can make a hero only group that can decimate enemy regiments by themselves.
An example was my Grey Seer, the Rats Hero, and the Night Goblin Great Shaman; I would use the Night Goblin's freeze spell, which being upgraded, and with various stat boosts, would freeze enemy units for 25-30 seconds! Then, Rat Hero would swoop in, call in a meteor shower, and drop a warp bomb, and all three would go to work beating the enemy regiment to pieces, while it's still frozen. Very entertaining!

Orc unit tips: (From my experience)
Goblin Night Shaman has an excellent ranged spell.
Gorbash has several great spells he can use.
Wazog... I was disappointed with his spells. Maybe you won't be!
Squigs, Boar Boyz, Trolls, and Heroes are good at breaking charges.
Some people say there are no best units for each faction, but they are only partially correct. While you need to use a mix of units, there are some units to avoid!
Hands down the BEST Orc unit is the Troll. Self-healing as long as the model is still present, a Huge model, excellent all round.
Second best Orc melee units are the Black Orcs(2 HP per model). These have double the armor of regular orcs, but also cost more to replace! (75 coin each)
Close second are the regular Orc Boyz(2 HP per model).
Best and only Orc mounted units are the Boar Boyz(3 HP per model). They have an excellent special ability, spear throwing.
Best ranged units would be the Arrow Boyz(2 HP per model).
My final army before the last battle consisted of 2 units of Trolls, 2 Boar Boyz, 1 Black Orc, 3 Orc Boyz, 4 Arrow Boyz, and two units I hardly used, 1 of Squigs, and 1 of Night Goblin Spear Throwers. I sold the rest for extra coin. Also, 2 Rock Lobbers, and 3 Heroes.

Dark Elf Unit Tips:
Lilaeth has a really good spell that I just learned about, and never used--she has a spell that gives every model in the attached regiment +1HP! I didn't realize what that spell did when I read the description.
Malekith has some really good spells, particularly his healing spell when attacking.
Lilaeth--make sure to level her up at least 15 skill points in duel.. you'll thank me later! :-)
Best unit I consider the Cold Ones. Large, great at charging and wiping out entire regiments later in the game, especially with a hero attached. Expensive to replace though, 150 coin each. Use the refill unit trick to save coin.
Best melee unit are the Black Guards, 3 HP each, up to 40 in a regiment. Expensive, so use the refill trick.
Best ranged, definitely the Dark Elf Crossbowmen. Excellent special ability, freezing arrow, but weak to melee and charge attacks!
Flying units, the Harpies, are quite good.. not as good as the Chaos Furies, but still good. 3 HP each, and easy to lose though to ranged, to be careful with them! Good at scouting and attacking fleeing units.
My final army consisted of 2 spearmen, 2 Cold Ones, 4 Crossbowmen, 2 Black Guards, and 1 Harpies. Not to mention, 2 Reaper Bolt Throwers, and the 2 Heroes.
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