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Northeast Corridor New York

NEC: New Yorker achievement in Train Sim World 2020

NEC: New Yorker

Complete all of the available services

NEC: New Yorker+0.8
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How to unlock the NEC: New Yorker achievement

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    08 May 2019 08 May 2019
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    This achievement requires you to complete all the services that are available for the GP38-2 YN3 and ACS-64 in the Northeast Corridor dlc, there is a around 164 services for the ACS-64 which can take up to an 50 minutes to an hour to complete. The GP38-2 YN3 Services differ in length. NOTE: This achievement is very buggy and can unlock early with services still to be run or require attempts on new in game profiles to unlock it.

    Timetable Note: it is 50% complete, but gives a very good guide on rough times:

    Whilst working towards this achievement you can make progress on the following achievement:

    Train Sim World 2020NEC: All AboardThe NEC: All Aboard achievement in Train Sim World 2020 worth 121 pointsComplete 64 passenger boarding tasks

    There is a method currently available which allows you to complete a service without actually running it, the steps to this method are as followed;

    1. Using the timetable above locate the service you require (Note: this times are a rough guide - use wisely), Observe the time that the service arrives at the last station, take 5/10 minutes away from it and remember it.
    2. Go into Services -> Free Walking mode, set the time to be what you had from the previous step and the station to be the last station your service arrives at.
    3. Walk to the platform that your service arrives at and wait for it to arrive.
    4. Once your service arrives, take over this service by jumping into the drivers cabin and sitting in the seat (a prompt will show) the passengers loading/unloading object will display in the top left corner, when its finished you will see the service complete notification (NOTE: If not, complete the objectives until it shows), dismiss the service complete notification once all bars have been filled.
    5. Save and quit the service - check in the services menu that the service you required now has a tick.

    Once all the services have been completed, the achievement will unlock, if the achievement does not unlock try creating a new ingame profile and complete the services again (This may require several attempts)

    If there is a train behind the service you have just completed, it is ok to wait for this service to arrive to complete it in addition to the one you have just done.

    If the objective says "Disembark the train" - to complete this, jump out the locomotive - it will show the service completed notification again and you will have no objectives.

    Unfortunately all cargo services must be ran as they do not follow a specific timetable.

    Credit: The good people of the Train Sim World Forums.
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    M4tty16Can people who have unlocked their achievement post their experience of unlocking the achievement. Did you unlock it sticking to the guide or unlocked it naturally playing through services? I’m halfway through new York services chipping away at it on my original i game profile hoping it will unlock.
    I don’t like the thought of doing this all again if the achievement is still glitchy. Hope to here from your comments in the future. Thanks.
    Posted by M4tty16 on 28 Apr 20 at 09:22
    WhoIsJohn117I am in the middle of doing them now too. Guess we'll find out together. I just tried to finish the last freight service (F10-6), and after I get to the first objective, it does not cycle to the next and final objective. I filed a ticket with Dovetail. Don't know if anyone else as experienced this.
    Posted by WhoIsJohn117 on 05 May 20 at 17:04
    WhoIsJohn117Just unlocked it. I ran all of the freight services and completed most of the passenger using a combination of legit running the services (to get the distance achievement for the ACS-64) and (largely) the method in the solution above.

    It unlocked when I returned to the Main Menu right when I got to 163/163 services on the NEC New York main menu (on the right side when you can select Last Played, Training, Scenarios, and Timetable). It said 163/163, but I still had six passenger services left to run.

    For the passenger services, the schedule is mostly the same every hour. Here is the approximate time en route for each train. This is 95% accurate. Sometimes, you'll spawn where/when you think you should be and it will be pulling out of the station and a handful were late by 5-10 minutes. I usually opened the map to see if there was a train on the way to the station:
    XX:00 - New Rochelle-Newark Liberty - 0:50 en route - arrives same hour XX:50
    XX:02 - New York-Newark Liberty - 0:24 en route - arrives same hour XX:26
    XX:15 - Newark Liberty-New Rochelle - 0:52 en route - arrives next hour XX:07
    XX:20 - New Rochelle-Newark Liberty - 0:52 en route - arrives next hour XX:12
    XX:35 - Newark Liberty-New Rochelle - 0:50 en route - arrives next hour XX:25
    XX:55 - Newark Penn-New Rochelle - 0:48 en route - arrives next hour XX:43

    For the last freight mission, I got a response from Dovetail that they could not replicate my issue and I should uninstall and reinstall. I did, and got the same result that the objective would not cycle past the first one. I got it completed by spawn walking in the yard and picking up the service when the train arrived, and the service operated as intended.

    Hope that helps everyone get that 20 GS!
    Posted by WhoIsJohn117 on 27 May 20 at 13:53
    Blissed AwayHaven't even touched freight services yet but I did it all with passenger services (around 50 remaining). All of them require you to exit the train if you return to free roam, which counts as a service. So you get 2 services done every time.
    Posted by Blissed Away on 25 Jul 20 at 22:45
    RaucousRichard+ 1 Free roam exit train method works great, 2 services every time. Make sure you have 163 / 163 Services done. I only did 2 freight services, rest all in ACS-64.
    Posted by RaucousRichard on 24 Nov 20 at 20:43
    JobbenarI have found the return to free roam method is very random. Not all services give me the option of exiting the train

    Edit: that happens if you run the full service. If you spawn walking and take over the end of the service, you get the option every time
    Posted by Jobbenar on 15 Feb at 06:52
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