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RT: Safety First achievement in Train Sim World 2020

RT: Safety First

Acknowledge 500 SIFA alarms

RT: Safety First-0.2
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How to unlock the RT: Safety First achievement

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    The SIFA alarm is a dead man's switch that the engineer must press periodically to ensure that the driver is awake. If the switch is not pressed the train applies the brakes.

    In the BR442 the SIFA alarm switch is located at the engineer's feet. To get this achievement look down at your feet while driving, locate the switch and mash the A button. You don't have to wait until you hear an alarm. I did this between stops and completed it in under one run. Although I wasn't counting, it seemed like the achievement popped long before I got to 500.

    Edit: Dynamite Andy pointed out that you can just mash the B button. There's no need to look at the switch as I suggested.
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    ComesBrothersOkay thanks man, I didnt understand it. I always turned the sifa alarm from isolated to unisolated, cause I thought it has to be on. I played now like 7 services and nothing happened, because I have turned it on I guess.
    Posted by ComesBrothers on 16 Oct 18 at 19:57
    ComesBrotherslol, now it was turned off and after a few smashes on the B button I got the achievement. But now I don't know if the other one counted??? Because, then I had like 40 to 60 sifa alarms in those 7 services i did (a service had 40 to 60) so 7x50=350, when I played with the sifa alarm on. And when it was turned on, I also smashed the B button, but I gues when you turn it on, and play it real life, it wont work? Or it does work?. So as you said dont turn it on, just smash B laugh
    Posted by ComesBrothers on 30 Oct 18 at 01:15
    Alf GanikillerI still can't get this laugh so annoying!
    Posted by Alf Ganikiller on 25 Nov 18 at 08:58
    Ross NCC1701I am pretty sure that this achievement is unobtainable for some people for some reason. I have tried all possible scenarios, with SIFA on and with SIFA off, pressing just before, at and just after the alarm, before and after the audible alarm, looking down and pressing A, and just mashing B. My estimate is that I have acknowledged well and truly over 2,000 alarms. I have reported this to Dovetail a few times, and their only answer is that they are unable to track the number of alarms acknowledged and that perhaps the action is not working as expected.

    I am simply giving up on this one and assuming it is yet another unobtainable achievement (at least for me) that will likely never get repaired.
    Posted by Ross NCC1701 on 21 Dec 18 at 02:58
    bvt2002I can’t get the achievement to unlock i done 3 service and still no achievement , any hint how to get it to pop
    Posted by bvt2002 on 20 Jan 19 at 04:44
    LlekNaiStill broken. I've done easily 2,000 or more mashing the B and even tried looking at the pedal and mashing A .. all to no avail.
    Posted by LlekNai on 01 Mar 19 at 18:15
    Resi Gamer 18Right so this one is very hit and miss.

    Its been posted before that creating a new ingame account sorts this, but even that didnt properly work.

    You need to start up the 0541 service, and set SIFA to EIN.

    You then need to drive at roughly 27mph and looking down at your feet spam the x (A on Xbox) button. This will NOT pop at 500 alarms, its more like 4000. So keep at it and it will eventually unlock. Ive been trying for 3 days to get this, and after making a new profile it unlocked after 4000 ish presses. Regional Rider is also glitched, that has not unlocked and ive rode roughly 60 miles as passenger now.
    Posted by Resi Gamer 18 on 11 Sep 19 at 22:26
    USS PrometheusI was concerned about this one looking at the comments, but got it first time. Combination of A+B mashing.
    Posted by USS Prometheus on 20 Oct 19 at 16:16
    Blissed AwayI got this naturally after doing a few services (playing with PZB and SIFA enabled). I had a USB keyboard connected to the Xbox and pressed Q to acknowledge SIFA (it shows a notification this way) every so often or when the alarm sounds. On controller, the B button combines PZB and SIFA, which I don't like.
    Posted by Blissed Away on 16 Jul 20 at 11:43
    Dan Solo 88I just fired up a random service in the BR1442-6 Talent 2. Didn’t even start the train going, just mashed b on the sifa pedal and it popped in a few minutes
    Posted by Dan Solo 88 on 24 Jul 20 at 12:58
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