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The Star Beast

Attain 'Archivist' status in Planet Zoology Scanned

The Star Beast-0.5
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How to unlock the The Star Beast achievement

  • MISahnovMISahnov315,954
    18 Aug 2018 18 Aug 2018 19 Aug 2018
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    This is the 7/10 Milestone for Planetary Zoology. You are required to discover and scan all Fauna species on 7 planets (animals, bugs, fish, and flying species). Once you finish scanning all Fauna species go to the Discoveries menu and you will see a Silver Fauna plaque. Press (a) button to complete the registration and to receive your Nanite reward. (You need to do this for all 7 planet in order for the Milestone to progress.)

    Here are some tips to keep in mind:

    1) Once you land on a planet you are able to check how many species of Fauna that planet has in your Discoveries menu.
    2) When you scan Fauna’s you will see a red dot or a green dot. Red dot indicates that you have not scanned that fauna yet, green dot mean you have.
    3) Some Fauna species have 2 variations, but will only count as 1 species. For example if you are on a planet that has 5 species, but if you look in your registered discoveries you might have already scanned 5 but only 4 species show up as discovered. Don’t panic and think it’s a glitch, it just means that 1 of these species have multiple variations.
    4) You might need to spend some time on that planet for some species to spawn. So be ready to explore the planet.
    5) Here are some places to look
    —Most planets will have flying Fauna’s so don’t forget to look up.
    —Also look underground, some Fauna’s like to hang around cobalt stones (at least that’s where I have seen some. You might find some hanging around entrances of caves or you might have to go deep inside.)
    —If there is water on the planet look for areas where you can dive in and stay submerged for a good time while in scan mode. (While in scam mode you will slowly rise to the top, this will ruin your scan if you reach air. Aquatic Fauna’s will not spawn if you are not completely submerged.) If you have unlocked land vehicles you can drive it into water and chill on the bottom waiting for aquatic Fauna to spawn. You can build a Geobay on any planet and a base is not required.
    6) Some planets will have small flying bugs, naked to the eye. With the canner you will only see the red dot. If you move really slow toward the dot you might see the bug as it flies away very quickly. These are very hard to get, I personally have not been able to scan one.
    7) There is no fast way of doing this so either scan as you play the game and explore other worlds or set aside couple of days flying planet to planet scanning everything.
    8) Scanning all of the Fauna’s on 10 planets will give you the last Milestone for Planetary Zoology and will unlock the Galapagos achievement.
    9) Good luck and happy hunting!!

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    Acurate BobIf you struggle to scan them whilst flying. Killl them, the body will fall to the ground, and should be able to scan after the kill.
    Posted by Acurate Bob on 08 Mar 20 at 07:48
    I TRU RELIG1ON@acurate bob nice tip 👍🏼
    Posted by I TRU RELIG1ON on 20 Jun 20 at 20:23
    GibGirlWith the latest updates, the easiest way to do this is to look for anomalous planets. Most types of anomalous planets will have only a single creature on it. Just spend a little time on the planet exploring, and scanning and watching for the red dot that indicates an un-scanned creature. When it shows up, scan it, upload it, and presto, you have a completed planet.
    Posted by GibGirl on 24 Aug 20 at 16:04
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  • SubtleEel4SubtleEel4136,151
    11 Sep 2018 11 Sep 2018 11 Sep 2018
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    In order to get this achievement, you'll need to get to the seventh milestone for Planetary Zoology. This basically means you need to scan all of the fauna on a planet.

    This is actually a lot easier than you'd expect - there's a trick (or "legit" exploit) to getting this achievement. One way to complete a planet's fauna without running around spending hours looking around is to find a planet that already has all of the fauna scanned and uploaded by someone else. The easiest and quickest way to do this is to do the weekly community event. Hundreds or thousands of players will flock to the system for the event, and all of the fauna will quickly be scanned. So all you have to do is talk to Specialist Polo at the Anomaly to start the community mission, which will lead you to a portal that you will automatically be able to use no matter how far along you are, and go through it.

    Once at the new planet, hit the pause button, go to the fauna section of that planet's discoveries, and you just need to hold cn_X to "upload" all discoveries (even though someone else completed them, you'll be able to do that), then go to the silver paw print in the upper right hand corner, and hold cn_A. This will finalize the upload, and you'll get credit for scanning all the fauna on the planet, even though technically someone else already discovered it all. If someone else has already discovered all of the fauna on the planet, that's literally all that you need to do. Then, jump in your ship and fly to the next planet, and repeat. Once you get credit for "discovering" all of the fauna on all those planets, another community event will come along in a week or so, and you can do it again. Once you hit the seventh milestone, you get this achievement.

    Another option is to join someone else's game, where you will be brought to their system, and if you're lucky, they will have already discovered all the fauna on some of the planets, so you can just do what you did above. Unfortunately, it's a matter of luck in this case, obviously there are no guarantees that they will have found all of the fauna - however they may have a good head start, and you have the option of trying to find the remaining fauna.
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    SubtleEel4This might have changed since I wrote this. Not sure if anyone can confirm.
    Posted by SubtleEel4 on 25 Nov 19 at 18:36
    Guds StormI don’t even get how you start the Community Event. The only two options I get from Specialist Polo are “Ask for Atlas Station coordinates” and “Ask for Black Hole coordinates”. Help, anyone?
    Posted by Guds Storm on 08 Dec 19 at 20:32
    SubtleEel4Now the community events are done from the square thing in front of the entryway to the anomaly by the landing pads.
    Posted by SubtleEel4 on 08 Dec 19 at 21:15
  • XuakXuak178,175
    31 Jul 2018 31 Jul 2018
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    The way I've been scanning fauna, on planets that do actually have animals (be sure that the planet you're currently looking for animals on, does indeed have fauna), is solely by running around with my scanner and looking for red blips (which indicate that it's an animal species/variation you've not yet scanned). The best planets that you can find to scan are ones that have ideally only 5 species to scan. It helps speed up the ability of hopping from planet to planet faster since you'll, more than likely, find at least 2-3 right off the bat as you land for the first time on said planet. But there's nothing wrong with 10+ animals, just may take a bit longer if you're not looking in the right places.

    Some red blips could actually be semi-modified versions of already scanned fauna, therefore not counting as its own species discovered. Be sure to remember this.

    Animals on all planets, on planets that do indeed have fauna, can be found in many locations. During the day, land species could be roaming around under the sun as well as in caves, some during the night alone. Flying species are always found during the day, with some from the day at night too. What I've noticed, and heard about, is that there are currently no flying species solely who come out at night just yet.

    If you're on a planet that has water, about half - if not almost half, of your species could be found underwater. You need to be completely submerged under the water for the animals to spawn in and be able to scan them, otherwise the game only spawns land and flying species. If you are scanning animals under the water, be sure to be a good ways down under. Otherwise you'll gradually float back up; and if you're too close to the top of the body of water, as you're beneath it, it'll sometimes de-spawn the aquatic species you're trying to scan right in front of you.

    When you finish scanning every animal on your planet, hit the cn_start button, and scroll over to the discoveries tab with cn_LB or cn_RB, if you're not already there. At the top right of the tab, you'll see a list of the Fauna you've already scanned and a silver paw print. Hold cn_A over the paw print. It'll turn golden, rather than silver, to indicate that you scanned all fauna on that planet.

    External image

    You're now a step closer to getting the achievement!
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    JappaCrappaYay! I have the rank of "Encyclopedia" and got the achievement for it but this achievement hasn't unlock! Love it (annoying) xD
    Posted by JappaCrappa on 10 Aug 18 at 06:12
    Pixie NinjaYou might want to add that Archivist is the 7th milestone of Planet Zoology.
    Posted by Pixie Ninja on 12 Aug 18 at 09:32
    LifeOfDaPartay3Thanks Pixie Ninja.
    Posted by LifeOfDaPartay3 on 14 Aug 18 at 16:08
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