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  • Cold JusticeCold Justice377,511
    26 Dec 2018 26 Dec 2018 29 Dec 2018
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    This achievement requires you to find and successfully scan all of the fauna species on each of ten planets. But it also has a "hidden" requirement that you acknowledge you have found all the fauna on a planet -- more on this later.

    The easiest way to find all of the fauna on a planet is to look for planets that have only one species. There is actually a class of planets where this is always the case: exotic planets. These are the planets that will display the following in your starship's main monitor after you land:

    Anomaly Strength:
    ±##.## °C0
    Boundary Failing
    When scanning for exotic planets from space, look for planet types in the following categories:

    * Anomaly Planet
    * Bladed Planet (fauna spawns seem to be slower on these)
    * Broken Planet
    * Columned Planet
    * Contoured Planet
    * Finned Planet
    * Fractured Planet
    * Hexagonal Planet
    * Plated Planet
    * Rattling Planet
    * Spined Planet
    * …or any planet with an odd description that indicates it is damaged or that seems to describe the landscape rather than the weather, hazards or flora.

    These kinds of planets can usually be found in large star systems (five or more planetary bodies), uncharted star systems (no space station), star systems with a black hole and star systems with an Atlas Interface. They are relatively common and should not be hard to find. (I seem to find one or two of them in half of the star systems I visit lately.)

    After landing, scan around for a while using cn_LT to find the single species of fauna. It will be denoted by a red dot while scanning. Most fauna on these planets can be found within a minute or two as you walk around.

    After scanning all the fauna on a planet, regardless of whether or not you are on one of these anomalous planets, you will need to acknowledge that you have found all the species. To do this, hit the cn_start button on your controller and use cn_LB/cn_RB to go to the Discoveries tab. Use cn_LS to select the current planet from the list on the left side of the screen and press cn_A. Then look at the right side of the screen. In the upper-right corner of the screen, a white paw print will appear if you have found all of the fauna species for the selected planet. Use cn_LS to select the paw print with your cursor and press cn_A. It will turn gold to indicate you have acknowledged the discovery of all species for that planet. When you return to normal play, you should get a Milestone message.

    Acknowledge finding all the fauna on ten planets and this achievement should display immediately.

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    xRosierroxYou may add ‘Mechanical’ and ‘Petrified’ planets to the list.
    Posted by xRosierrox on 07 Jan 19 at 20:35
    thomaskoratNote the step "Acknowledge finding all the fauna on ten planets"
    I guess you gotta do the "found 'em all!" upload button.

    I seem to recall that "Anomalous Planet" has normal vegetation and normal animals.
    Posted by thomaskorat on 26 Apr 19 at 21:28
    McAwesomePTThis is a nice solution but needs some updates. Fungal, capped, petrified, webbed and fragmented also have one species only. You can also try your luck using the abnormality teleporter to a random players base, as it mentions the planet type.
    Posted by McAwesomePT on 26 Oct 19 at 03:34
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  • XuakXuak125,151
    31 Jul 2018 31 Jul 2018 31 Jul 2018
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    The way I've been scanning fauna, on planets that do actually have animals (be sure that the planet you're currently looking for animals on, does indeed have fauna), is solely by running around with my scanner and looking for red blips (which indicate that it's an animal species/variation you've not yet scanned). The best planets that you can find to scan are ones that have ideally only 5 species to scan. It helps speed up the ability of hopping from planet to planet faster since you'll, more than likely, find at least 2-3 right off the bat as you land for the first time on said planet. But there's nothing wrong with 10+ animals, just may take a bit longer if you're not looking in the right places.

    Some red blips could actually be semi-modified versions of already scanned fauna, therefore not counting as its own species discovered. Be sure to remember this.

    Animals on all planets, on planets that do indeed have fauna, can be found in many locations. During the day, land species could be roaming around under the sun as well as in caves, some during the night alone. Flying species are always found during the day, with some from the day at night too. What I've noticed, and heard about, is that there are currently no flying species solely who come out at night just yet.

    If you're on a planet that has water, about half - if not almost half, of your species could be found underwater. You need to be completely submerged under the water for the animals to spawn in and be able to scan them, otherwise the game only spawns land and flying species. If you are scanning animals under the water, be sure to be a good ways down under. Otherwise you'll gradually float back up; and if you're too close to the top of the body of water, as you're beneath it, it'll sometimes de-spawn the aquatic species you're trying to scan right in front of you.

    When you finish scanning every animal on your planet, hit the cn_start button, and scroll over to the discoveries tab with cn_LB or cn_RB, if you're not already there. At the top right of the tab, you'll see a list of the Fauna you've already scanned and a silver paw print. Hold cn_A over the paw print. It'll turn golden, rather than silver, to indicate that you scanned all fauna on that planet.

    External image

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    Sambachecked out Titansmonkeys advice and yes it totally works. If you go to the solar system where the community challenge is happening you can upload 5 planets in no time.
    Posted by Samba on 09 Sep 18 at 10:06
    MotorexGTR32Thank you, TitanMonkey! It worked like a charm!
    Posted by MotorexGTR32 on 14 Oct 18 at 08:10
    IronFistofSnuffUsing the signal booster with navigation data helped me out with my last two planets. As soon as I traveled to the marked area I found the last species both times.
    Posted by IronFistofSnuff on 04 Nov 18 at 17:06
  • deovandskideovandski152,017
    27 Nov 2018 26 Nov 2018
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    Search for barren like planets (e.g. spined.) Scan the single lifeform, then upload like the other solutions. It was faster for me than trying to get all 5/13 lifeforms scanned on other planets.
  • LostGamesLostGames139,566
    21 May 2020 21 May 2020 21 May 2020
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    !!!!!!Note: THIS IS AN UPDATE ON AN A 2018 POST!!!!!!

    No Man Sky years later are still receiving updates and adding new planets and new things.
    I have upgraded the potential planet names, since I am currently going through this achievement myself, and have discovered some weird planets.

    most of this is from another guide so upvote that one as it goes into more detail. This is only for those that want a quick "what should I look for?" type of thing.

    I have found a lot of these on my way to the galaxy core (normally systems with 2 - 5 planets controlled by the "Gek".


    * Anomaly Planet
    * Bladed Planet (fauna spawns seem to be slower on these)
    * Broken Planet
    * Capped Planet
    * Columned Planet
    * Contoured Planet
    * Finned Planet
    * Fractured Planet
    * fragmented Planet
    * Fungal Planet
    * Hexagonal Planet
    * Metallurgic Planet
    * petrified Planet
    * Plated Planet
    * Pillared Planet
    * Rattling Planet (You are looking for a creature that is literally shards that sprout from the ground)
    * Rypor Planet
    * Shattered Planet
    * Spined Planet
    * Webbed Planet
    * …or any planet with an odd description that indicates it is damaged or that seems to describe the landscape rather than the weather, hazards or flora.

    Planets to avoid:
    Lifeless.... cause it's lifeless and doesn't contain anything to scan....
    Most Moons: Some most contain lots, or no life.
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