The Diamond Age achievement in No Man's Sky

The Diamond Age

Attain 'Magnate' status in Units Accrued

The Diamond Age0
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How to unlock the The Diamond Age achievement

  • Epsilon ThetaEpsilon Theta801,489
    29 Jul 2018 30 Jul 2018 06 Aug 2018
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    For this achievement you need to hit a total amount (not cumulative) of 2 million credits.

    One essential way to make money fast and relatively easy while exploring is to buy yourself, once you have about 450 Nanite Clusters, an S Grade Scanner Upgrade. This will drastically increase the amount of money you receive when discovering Flora and Fauna. I personally get a good 20000 credits per Flora scan and between 2600 and 146000 per Fauna scan. If you find a planet with lots of rare wildlife, you could hit a few million credits rather easily.

    Update: You can install multiple Scanner Upgrades and they stack. You could, depending on your Multi-Tool, gain crazy amounts of Money from scans.

    Another three ways to make a good amount of money fast:
    • When you find an abandoned outpost that has Whispering Eggs near it, shoot an egg and collect the Larvae that it drops (it disappears rather quickly). Then simply use your jetpack to jump onto the structure before the swarm can get you. Wait a bit or shoot the swarm until is subsides. Rinse and repeat. Larvae Cores are worth (depending on the economy) about 95000 a piece and stack up to 5 in the regular inventory slots.
    • Find a derelict freighter and open the cargo pods. While this is resource intensive, it always depends on the planet you are on and resources should be easy to find. You need to dig up some cargo pods as many are buried. Still, there is always one that is above ground. These contain resources and sometimes valuable resources that range up to over a million credits. While rare, you might as well try when you are there.
    • Find alien ruins that holds keys. Where there are keys, there is a keyhole. On my first ruin, I found an artefact, some extinct plant sample, that I was paid nearly 700000 credits for. You will likely have to dig the keys and the container up.

    Edit: Updated reward amounts.
    Edit 06 August 18: Added note on stacking scanner upgrades.

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    XennialDanDid the scanner upgrade and got this one really quick.
    Posted by XennialDan on 12 Sep 20 at 21:43
    Epsilon ThetaA quick note, if you can get a few S-class upgrades, you can easily make about 70k per plant, 200k for uncommon fauna and 400k for rare fauna. With a bit of luck you can easily get 2 to 4M per planet you land on (depending on the prevalence of flora and fauna).
    Posted by Epsilon Theta on 13 Sep 20 at 19:10
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  • MISahnovMISahnov315,939
    08 Aug 2018 12 Aug 2018 15 Aug 2018
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    This is the final part of the “Units Accrued” Milestone. You are required to have 2 million credits at your possession.

    You will get this naturally while playing the game. If you just want to knock it out as soon as possible here are some tips.

    1) I suggest buying some S-Class Scanner upgrades. This will increase your reward every time you scan Floras and Faunas. Your can have multiple scanner upgrades if you wish, the rewards stack up. Basically the more scanner upgrades the higher credit reward is per scan. (Don’t worry about using all of your upgrade spots just for scanner upgrades. You will have multiple opportunities to buy a better tool gun with a lot more upgrade spots.)
    2) This is probably the easiest and the fastest way to get quick credits. Find an “Abandoned Building”. You will see that this building is surrounded by 4-8 Barrowing Monstrosity nests. Each nest will have 4-7 Whispering Eggs. Use your Mining Bean to open the eggs to find the Larval Core (I suggest you do this one at a time because you have a short time to pick up the Larval Core before it disappears and you will be attacked by a swarm of Barrowing Monstrosities.) First time I did this I got 975,000 credits for every 10 Larval Cores. Opening all of the eggs in that 1 location I got over 8 million credits. This will very by location and for future reference this is a good way to accumulate credits throughout the game, but the value of Larval Cores will drop the more you do this.
    3) (You will need Terrain Manipulator tool upgrade for this one, you should unlock it early.) Look for alien ruins that look destroyed or buried. They usually don’t have Knowledge Stones, instead there is a buried chest that requires 3 keys to open. Each location will have 6 keys. Use your scanner to locate the “alien artifact” and the chest. Each artifact will have 1 key, you may need to use Terrain Manipulator to get access to the artifact. Once you have 3 keys locate the chest, usually in the middle of the location. I once got a item from the chest that was worth 1.5 million credits.
    4) At the space station look for The Mission Board merchants. He is located on the same side as the teleporter. Do the missions that have credits as a reward.
    5) Search for Demaged Machinery or Cargo Drops. They will have some goodies that usually sell for 20k+ credits or will have credits themselves. This will take some time to accumulate 2 million but if you combine it with the next step you will accumulate credits faster..
    6) Mine everything. Trees, rocks, plants, deposits, or kill life forms and Sentinels and sell everything you get.
    7) or just play the game and you will eventually find yourself holding several million credits for no reason. By this time you would have already unlocked all of the achievements associated with this Milestone. Good luck and happy farming!
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