The Forever War achievement in No Man's Sky

The Forever War

Attain 'Legend' status in Ships Destroyed

The Forever War-0.8
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How to unlock the The Forever War achievement

  • MISahnovMISahnov285,842
    13 Aug 2018 12 Aug 2018 13 Aug 2018
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    This is the last part of “Ships Destroyed” Milestone. You are required to destroy 80 ships.

    1) I recommend you install S-Class shield and weapons upgrades to make it easier. Whatever weapon you prefer to use.
    2) Have some catalyst elements on hand to repaire you ship during battle. I suggest having Sodium and/or Sodium Nitrate on hand because they are easy to come by.
    3) Fly around in space and you will encounter pirates and if you want to be a renegade you can pick off other ships near the space stations. Destroying any ships will count. I would recommend to only attack pirate ships or Sentinels. Destroying these ships won’t lower your standing with any of the races.
    4) Don’t get yourself killed. Have a strategy.
    — A) Have a space battle near a planet. If you are low on material to repaire your shield just head to the planet and land, wait for the timer to run out, exit the ship.
    — B) Resuply with material, kill a sentinel, get back in your ship and head out to space before the timer runs out so that sentinel ships can pop back up for you to kill.
    — C) Know how many ships you can handle before you get overwhelmed.
    5) If you want to get rewarded for killing pirates then head to any space station and talk to the merchant that gives out missions. You can locate him on the same side as the teleporter. Most of the time he will have a mission to find and kill a pirate. This can be time consuming but at least you can work on your standing with that race and get a reward for each mission.
    6) You can keep track of your progress in the Journey Milestones section under Milestones tab.
    7) Kill 80 ships and the achievement will pop. Happy hunting!!
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  • robot ears 928robot ears 928614,332
    10 Aug 2018 10 Aug 2018
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    Land on any planet build a base or find a preexisting base there preferably with a landing pad so you dont waste fuel everytime you take off now find a sentinel and shoot it run to your ship fly in to space and wait for for the ships to attack you from here you can just kill them the safe way is 6 at a time but if you have a real good ship you can get 15 at time after your done killing or your about to die fly back to your base go inside until the sentinels are deactivated and then rinse and repeat you need to kill 80 ships

    Hope this helps
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    Calex dEUSThis how I killed the last 20 or so I needed, I didn't have such a great ship so I bailed pack to the planet after the second way as I couldn't handle 3 ships on me. Also worth having sodium so you can top up shields.
    Posted by Calex dEUS on 10 Aug 18 at 20:56
  • wetwork Mwetwork M544,128
    24 Aug 2018 24 Aug 2018
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    Wanted to share a method I used to grind this one out in the endgame, and also because I found myself SUCKING at space combat.

    I would agro a sentinel drone on a planet, fly into space and wait for a ship to warp in. Instead of engaging in space I would fly back to the planet and engage there instead.

    The sentinel ships would more often than not just sit there, and navigate around very slowly. I think the AI takes on a different set of rules while dogfighting on a planet, made it very very easy to chalk up the 80 kills needed. Once you have taken them out you can go back into space and more should appear. Rinse. Repeat. If they dont warp in, head planet side and agro a drone again and then head back to space.

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