The Sentinel achievement in No Man's Sky

The Sentinel

Attain 'Everlasting' status in Extreme Survival

The Sentinel-0.6
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How to unlock the The Sentinel achievement

  • MISahnovMISahnov315,965
    13 Aug 2018 13 Aug 2018
    19 1 6
    This is the last part in Extreme Survive Milestone. You are required to complete 32 SOLS. This is basically 32 day cycles on a extreme planet. I did my on a Acidic planet. Make sure the planet you choose has extreme weather. Find a safe space like a Trading Post or any other building on the planet or claim a your own base, build a quick building and wait out 32 planet cycles. Depending on the planet 1 day can be 15 min or 30 min, so be ready to do something else while you wait. Remember to move your joystick on the controller once in a while to keep it from going idle. Once it goes idle the game pauses and no progress would be made until you unpause the game.

    This would be a perfect time to pickup a book to read or write one while you wait. Have fun and good luck!!

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    SBP CITRONELASurvival achievements can be done on permadeath?
    Posted by SBP CITRONELA on 06 Sep 20 at 06:37
    KungFuMonk3yYes, survival is about surviving on a hostile planet with extreme weather conditions, has nothing to do with difficulty.
    Posted by KungFuMonk3y on 09 Sep 20 at 14:09
    USS PrometheusYou can also dig a hole in the ground and hide out. That's how I'm grinding out my one at the moment.
    Posted by USS Prometheus on 03 Oct 20 at 14:44
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  • Crims0nScorpionCrims0nScorpion466,317
    06 Aug 2018 28 Jul 2018 03 Aug 2018
    12 1 21
    This is actually much much easier than it sounds as this method still works on Xbox One just as it did on PS4 at launch. The easiest way to get this achievement is to play on Permadeath or Survival as this will increase the chances of encountering an Extreme Survival planet (my 2nd planet in my starting system was an Extreme Survival planet). The best planet to use for this is the ones with Extreme Sentinels, on these planets Sentinels will attack you on sight. After landing and exiting your ship, in the analysis of the planet in the bottom left hand corner it should be bolded in red, this will indicate it's the correct planet. Now for Sentinels it will label them as HOSTILE and this is the best case. Simply enter a building or build a makeshift base and just wait. Make sure to move your character every so often so your Xbox's idle mode doesn't kick in because that will pause the game. Each planet's Sol is different, some are longer some are shorter but so long as you just wait it out eventually you'll reach rank 10 in Extreme Survival and you'll earn The Sentinel Achievement and Stranger In A Strange Land Achievement

    you need to reach 32 Sols on Extreme Planets, but as stated above each planet's Sol is different
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    IRL Games XScan planets and if it says active (material such as copper, gold, etc...) it has the weather you need to get this.
    Posted by IRL Games X on 19 Jun 20 at 03:24
    SashamorningYou can get in your ship to bank your time. I found a station on a planet, and ran to my ship a few times in case something happened to my game. Each time, the time ticked up when I got out of the ship.
    Posted by Sashamorning on 06 Jul 20 at 03:27
    XennialDanThis was how I got the achievement. Found an extreme sentinel planet, found an empty building and waited it out. Took a few hours of waiting but it eventually popped for me.
    Posted by XennialDan on 01 Oct 20 at 23:55
  • SquiSquiSquidioSquiSquiSquidio532,446
    24 Jun 2020 26 Jun 2020 06 Aug 2020
    7 0 11
    A lot of good information in both guides already, but they're missing some stuff that I had to figure out on my own. Specifically, how to spot an "Extreme" planet and what to do if your progress isn't counting up.

    The two easiest ways I found in spotting an "Extreme" planet were 1. From orbit if it says AGGRESSIVE SENTINELS in red text. or 2. On the planet it will say "EXTREME" above the hazard bar (the one that has either fire, toxic, freeze, poison) - red text for weather does not always mean it is an Extreme planet, please double check with the hazard bar to make sure or just choose a Red Aggressive Sentinel planet to be sure so you don’t waste your time.

    At one point I was trying to finish up this achievement, but noticed my progress wasn't moving up. It turns out, if you die after making some progress, it resets, but the progress counter does not show that. In the case you were at 6.3 sols and die, you will have to redo those 6.3 sols in order for it to catch up and start showing progress again. I thought this might be the case and took a chance on an Aggressive Sentinels planet and left it overnight (I sat in one of those skinny bunkers you usually find in twos, on planets with weather you can also dig into the terrain and make yourself a hole that's deep enough to prevent any hazard damage). Woke up in the morning with both achievements after having already spent an hour there with no progress counting towards the numbers I already had.

    If you want to leave this overnight, plug your controller into your xbox and rubberband one of the analog sticks. The important thing here is plugging the controller into the xbox and not just a power source. Plugging into a power source will cause the controller to go idle, even if rubberbanded. Plugging into the xbox will not.

    Hope this helps fill in any missing information for those that are having any trouble with this achievement.
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    SquiSquiSquidioI was having the same issue where it wouldn't count up in the stats. Could you have been on an Extreme planet at some point and then died between then and now?
    Posted by SquiSquiSquidio on 06 Jul 20 at 13:28
    DurchschnittI found that some planets that have red weather text don't actually say extreme when storms are occuring. I even deleted all of my hazard protection to see if that would make the extreme pop up (it did not). These planets WILL NOT make the counter go up. I did an aggressive sentinel world and the counter started going up immediately. So either go for a sentinel world or ensure you actually have EXTREME on the screen by your hazard protection.
    Posted by Durchschnitt on 04 Aug 20 at 14:38
    SquiSquiSquidioI went ahead and edited the red extreme info just to clarify more. Thanks for confirming. Let me know if anything else doesn’t make sense.
    Posted by SquiSquiSquidio on 06 Aug 20 at 01:49
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