To Live Forever achievement in No Man's Sky

To Live Forever

Reach the Centre of the Galaxy in Permadeath Mode

To Live Forever-2.7
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How to unlock the To Live Forever achievement

  • wetwork Mwetwork M565,851
    11 Aug 2018 11 Aug 2018 21 Oct 2019
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    Note: I have uninstalled NMS after sharing this checkpoint for the past 4 or so months. Check in with the awesome people in the comments thread to see if they are in a position to share it with you. Cheers.

    I have been getting up to 4 messages a day still from peeps asking for help with this. Please read this and the above first. Thanks.

    Hey team. Carvain's solution is legit, its a hard slog and ill give him and anyone else props for getting there on their own on their own merit.

    But there is another way. Its a bit cheese, but it is also a much easier way to earn this and the "Take a Deep Breath" achievement.

    In short, you can join another persons game who is one jump away from the centre and on permadeath mode, and then make your own way there.

    I was lucky enough to find someone willing to share their session with me so its only right I do the same (big props to Instant DnB for the initial share).

    I would suggest starting your own permadeath game first and getting yourself through the story missions up until you create your own warp fuel. I made the error of joining the shared game from scratch and had to slog my way through the story missions on a very unforgiving world. But it can be done, it will just will take time and the risk of permadeath is always there.

    You will find yourself one jump from the centre, and to reach it you will need a full warp drive of fuel (5 warp fuels).

    If you are interested in going this way, add / message me on XBL and when I am online I can invite you to my game. Once you are there I can wait in game until you get a checkpoint save (if starting from scratch, once you get your space ship). Once you have a checkpoint the game state will be yours and you can progress to the centre.

    A thought. If you have a checkpoint you are willing share, comment below so others can join your game, get the achievement and share their checkpoint also.


    Edit: It would seem in some cases the checkpoint is not always saved, so to ensure that you keep the checkpoint once you load into the game go to settings and turn network play off, this should put you into your own instance. Now you can land your ship and exit which should save the checkpoint for later reloads.

    Thanks to iDeFuze for posting this originally and KawiNinjaRider7 & xI BLAM Ix for testing.

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    SouldantPlease anyone I’m ready to join other people and would like to complete this game my gamer tag is the same and I’m on most of the time
    Posted by Souldant on 06 Apr at 17:12
    NewStmooIf anybody would be kind enough to give me a hop up to the galactic centre, I'd be ever so grateful. Gamertag is same as here and I can jump on most evenings.
    Posted by NewStmoo on 19 Apr at 13:23
    NewStmooHuge thanks to sCorpTanK for helping me with this today.

    I’ll return the favour if anybody needs it.
    Posted by NewStmoo on 20 Apr at 15:50
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  • Anvil of SoulsAnvil of Souls349,708
    14 Aug 2018 14 Aug 2018 21 Jul 2020
    28 2 9
    If you are looking to do this on your own, and do not wish to spend the time completing the ATLAS path, by jumping through blackholes, and grinding as many resources, there is another way.

    Complete the quest line first introduced in Atlas Rises involving the Artemis quest line. At a point soon after leaving the planet, perhaps not until you warp a few systems, you will receive a radio contact. Press down on the digital pad to communicate. Help Artemis and friends.

    Upon nearing the end of the quest...
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    I was able to complete this method while having 2 visits to the ATLAS station remaining before I could would unlock black holes, and it was my 40th system (39 warps) total for me to complete.
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    Kaede393Worked for me on Permadeath and got both final achievements. Thanks
    Posted by Kaede393 on 01 Aug 20 at 16:57
    USS PrometheusStill working as of time of writing, just got the achievements about 30 seconds ago.
    Posted by USS Prometheus on 10 Oct 20 at 19:01
    XennialDanThis worked perfectly. Grabbed my last two remaining achievements.
    Posted by XennialDan on 26 Nov 20 at 07:12
  • CarvainCarvain203,632
    28 Jul 2018 30 Jul 2018 25 Mar 2019
    15 1 13
    Doing this achievement in Permadeath will also unlock the 'Take a Deep Breath' achievement, which is getting to the center on survival.

    From the tutorial start of the game, once you've learned to create your warp drives and are able to warp to other systems, follow the primary quest line until you unlock the Anomaly primary quest line.

    Once you've unlocked that, scan in space to have the Anomaly show up and go inside. Talk to Priest Nada and when he gives you 3 choices about the atlas path, the shortcut or helping with exploration, choose the very first one for the atlas path. He will give you coordinates to an Atlas station in another galaxy.

    Now you want to start to follow the very first quest line for the Atlas path.
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    You will need a lot of warp cells. Recommend to try getting 3 hyper drive (s) modules to extend the warp cells out. Also a Class A explorer ship or even one with just a good hyper drive range. The modules can be bought on the space station for around 450 nanites each. From my experience I didn't even warp up to 200 times. In total I warped 142 times. Around 200k light years from the center, I had broken black holes while doing this. So depending on how far you start and if they patch the black holes or not, I would make 150-200 to be safe, while using the 3 (s) modules and an explorer class A.

    Beating the Atlas path gaining access to seeing the black holes at anytime and then just keep jumping from black hole to black hole until you get to the center. Make sure your hyper drive is completely full once you're at the end to be able to jump to the center. Don't worry about the distance from the last system to the center.

    Note: Once someone is at the center, their friends can join them and warp to the center to be able to unlock the achievement for themselves.

    Also you can save on a planet or the space station in the last system, warp to the center and as you do that, you can close your game and the reload your save to stay at the end with your achievement still popping.
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    Wicked JeiI had a friend in my game that had already gotten the achievement. I warped for the first time after doing the first few missions in permadeath mode and the achievement for both permadeath and survival unlocked for me. I was over 700,000 LY from the center... I think him being in the game with me had something to do with that happening.
    Posted by Wicked Jei on 15 Aug 18 at 00:40
    stealgamer949Would anyone be willing to help me on this? I am on permadeath and have a full hyperdrive. My gamertag is stealgamer949. Thanks.

    Thanks to Sashamorning for being so helpful and patient.
    Posted by stealgamer949 on 06 Jul 20 at 02:36
    Scampi CuriousPlease could someone let me jump on their save for the achievement? Got to the Anomaly and have 5 warp cells ready to go. GT: Scampi Curious

    Edit: Huge thanks to Sashamorning for helping me out!
    Posted by Scampi Curious on 09 Jul 20 at 16:00
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