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How to unlock the THE END! achievement

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    The game is surprisingly easy on hard. IMO You can even start on hard (it is in the settings menu). There are only a handful of tough places. General advice:
    - Always pause the game before opening the Xbox Guide. Opening a Guide just like that can cause a bug where the game doesn't register any button inputs anymore until restart. You don't want to replay chunks of levels on hard because of this.
    - When you finish a level you get a slightly different level select screen than you get when you continue from the menu. You don't have cn_A or cn_B in the bottom right corner for example (every button selects a level). Other thing is every level is locked except the next one (and the previous ones) even if you finished the game. Always select the next level or any level ASAP on this screen. Even if you quit right away because you don't want to play. If you leave this screen too long it can cause a bug where it puts you back at the end of the last level you played and you can't do anything but restart the game. The game doesn't save progress in this case! Meaning you have to replay the level you just completed on hard!!! Save happens when the next level loads.
    - What the game doesn't tell you: cn_LT switches characters, pressing cn_Y again throws the item in your hand (very useful for the last boss) and you can use cn_RT to run!!
    - Use Bud, he is stronger.
    - Use the running attack for the whole game (cn_RTcn_X). It is the best solution to every single enemy. Very easy to land, deals a tons of damage to everyone and if you are quick you can do one in the opposite direction right away to mitigate the recovery.
    - Other than a few places you will get tons of healing items. One item fills your health bar to full even on hard and even if you are interrupted by an enemy.
    - The AI can take care of himself very well. One of the best tactics is running away from the fight and slamming into all the enemies standing around your buddy.
    - Watch out of the fat guys! Their running attack is the single most devastating thing in the game (minus the last boss), it can take 1/3 of your health bar instantly! Let them run at you, avoid them and running attack them afterwards.
    - The worst thing can happen to you is standing in the middle of enemies. They can stun lock you easily. So most of the time rush in and get out asap. Kite them around the screen.

    Notable tough places:
    1, The beer and sausage contest: ironically your first greatest enemy is your friend. He will mercilessly beat you in the contest. You have to get 120+ points to beat him. Try to keep the speed bar as fast as possible but don't make mistakes.
    2, Buggy Race: I suggest looking up my solutions for the Trigghy achievements.
    3, Fairgrounds: The Bulldozer achievement requires you to beat the entire level without healing. running attack of course and watch out for the clown then the small cars at the end. Let the enemies attack Terence and slam into them. Hit the boss with running attacks as well.
    4, Harbor: after beating everyone in the warehouse you will come out in the sunset among containers. The bad news you have to beat the remainder of the level without a single healing. The good news is if you die you start from here. Don't despair if you barely survive the deck fight because thankfully that is the end.
    5, Jungle: enemies don't drop healing items until late of the level but you will find barrels with beer after every major fight. As soon as you see bananas always carry two peel (they heal too). When a battle starts drop it in the middle of the battlefield. It helps a ton (and tied to an achievement). Late level is a joke, the boss rains beer even on hard.
    6, Motorcycle chase: keep to the bottom right all the time, you barely or do not even get hit.
    7, The final boss: I won't lie to you this is terrible. But you got here so probably don't want to give up now. The boss has a small mecha shooting cans of bean. The cans deal tons of damage and stun lock you automatically. From time to time he rushes you and try to get you into a corner. Also he has an immortal servant who wakes up and drops beer for you from time to time. You have to run everywhere in this boss fight or you will die! Run diagonally, simply up or down is too slow.
    - First phase: the boss stays on the right side and try to hit you with his cans. Stay on the top left side of the screen and run diagonally in front of him when he catches up. You barely have enough time. The game expects you to do this all the time so practice. When the boss miss, you get throwable cans on your side of the screen. If you get hit too much the first phase just gets longer and longer because you get less cans. Anyways he have to reload eventually. Stand in the middle of the cans and mash cn_Y to throw cans at his servant. If you are good you can take him out during the first reload. Now he is free to farm for beer cans after every reload. Two running attack should down him and give you 1-2 beer.
    - Second phase: Here goes the rage. The boss moves unpredictably, shooting and rushing you. You have to do your best never getting hit or you get stun locked to death. Run up / down and watch his angle if you are too close to the upper or lower corner. He may try to corner you. You can hit him from behind (cn_A doesn't cost energy here!) but it is extremely risky. Only do it when he stun locks Terence and stays in one spot. Otherwise you have to balance your time between rushing his servant, reviving Terence and - when he reloads - throwing cans at him. Cans don't need aim and have almost infinite range but beer mugs do. Only throw them if you absolutely don't have anything. I won't lie to you this is very hard and requires a lot of practice.
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