Got Gud achievement in Shadows: Awakening

Got Gud

Completed the game on at least Hard difficulty with no puppet deaths.

Got Gud+3.5
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerDifficulty SpecificPartly Discontinued/Unobtainable
This achievement is only possible on an unpatched version of the game.

How to unlock the Got Gud achievement

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    This is how I was able to get the achievement. I don’t know if will work for everyone, but this worked for me.

    First, I deleted the game and installed it while offline to avoid installing the patch (I was also trying to do old school mode).

    Second, I played the entire game offline, including beating the final boss.

    When I went online and updated the game, I didn’t either of the achievements. At that point I decided to beat the game again while online and after doing that I unlocked both old school and got gud!!

    Edit: it’s worth mentioning that you should turn off automatic updates. That way you can switch online/offline without the game getting the 10.8gb update.
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    E vee dub.
    So a physical copy is necessary for this?
    Such crap. I'm playing this digitally because it's Free With Gold.
    I almost might stop playing this game. It's really not like Diablo.
    Posted by E vee dub On 19 Jun 21 at 11:41
    KilldbyNecropsyUnless Kalypso has decided to fix the game in the 2 years since I finished it, then yes, you can’t get Old School Or this achievement without a disc version of the game.
    Posted by KilldbyNecropsy On 29 Jun 21 at 03:40
    GrumpyYogi1968I haven't purchased a physical copy of a game in years and obviously, after 2 years, they'll never fix this achievement and the old school one. So no completion for me...
    Posted by GrumpyYogi1968 On 05 Jul 21 at 16:37
    Goggs25Wish I knew this had unobtainable’s I would not have paid for a game made by lazy programmers who refuse to fix there achievements.
    Posted by Goggs25 On 06 Jul 21 at 00:38
    vSullyI don’t know if beating the game again a second time was actually necessary or if it was just a coincidence and the timing of the delay. Because for me, the patch took like 10 minutes to download and none of the achievements popped. I loaded into my game figuring that might help, still nothing. I dashboarded, closed the game, launched it again and continued my save and still nothing. So I figured maybe I would have to do what you did and fought the final boss a second time. In the middle of the battle, both of the v1.0 achievements popped. So I think it was just a time delay more so than a trigger for doing anything specific within the game.
    Posted by vSully On 03 Aug 21 at 12:17; The achievements are tied to your profile not the game. There may be a lag but X1 achievements earned offline (for any game) pop when the local profile synchs with the global XBox Live profile. There is no need to launch the game or install updates.

    The synching process is very temperamental. It may be quick or slow. Generally, the more stuff you have going on the slower it will take. I suspect your updating & other activity slowed down the synch. It’s fastest to just go online & do nothing but wait until the synch completes & the achievements earned offline pop.
    Posted by Allgorhythm On 13 Sep 21 at 04:53
    TrombonafideHow long would a playthrough for these final Old School achievements take? I'm trying to decide if it's worth it to buy a physical copy.
    Posted by Trombonafide On 29 Apr 22 at 12:38
    Allgorhythm@Trombonafide; The game is an RPG & takes about 80 hours to complete. If you save your hard playthrough to the end to get this achievement, it will take about 15 hours. But I don’t recommend that. I recommend playing offline first to get this & over 30 other achievements.

    If you do your hard run first, offline, to get this achievement & Oldschool - the 2 that require the original disk version - & then go online to update & play the name normally, your system save file is preserved. If you play online first, you have to delete all your saves including valuable stuff in the system save file. I give further details here: Shadows: Awakening Walkthrough Discussion

    I, personally, liked the game. I’d played the first 2 (PC only) games in the series & liked the real/shadow world mechanics. I recommend it. If you feel you’ll like the game, it’s definitely worth it to get the physical disc.
    Posted by Allgorhythm On 29 Apr 22 at 14:26
    Hexa FoxI am playing Vikings: Wolves of Midgard right now and it is definitely similar to Diablo. I think I actually like it better. Because you actually have a base attack in this game. I understand in a way you do in Diablo as well but for the most part you never use your equipped weapon to attack which is a little strange for me personally. I was looking at this game because it is the same developer and may avoid it just because of this mess.
    Posted by Hexa Fox On 30 Oct 22 at 22:35
    vSullyYou're referencing Diablo 3? Diablo 2 is FAR superior, like it's not even a fair comparison.
    Posted by vSully On 30 Oct 22 at 22:48
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