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I Have the Power achievement in Call of Duty: WWII

I Have the Power

In The Tortured Path, assemble the Sword of Barbarossa.

I Have the Power0
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How to unlock the I Have the Power achievement

  • oONeonDemonOooONeonDemonOo809,074
    27 Jul 2018 27 Jul 2018 01 Aug 2018
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    Dont have anybody to play with?
    Dont want to waste your time doing the full easter egg in public on the 3 maps in a row?

    Here is the best way to unlock this achievement:
    this method was confirmed working on Playstation Trophies and i just did it with my friends and we all unlocked the achievement.

    To unlock the 3rd map you first need to complete the 1st and 2nd map in public or private ( no need to do easter egg, simply play the map and kill the boss)

    Now that you have the 3rd map, simply start the map in private lobby (solo or coop) i recommend coop so your friend can keep the last zombie away while you are forcing the rune codes on the door.

    Complete the steps for this map, and once you get the sword assembled, achievement will pop.



    This map's easter egg is the easiest of the 3.
    Use this guide bellow on youtube for the complete steps. (Start at 24:00)

    And use this perfect guide for the wall combinations which you can brute force each codes until you get the right one.
    (Once you entered a code and its a wrong one, make sure to press one of the symbole few times to reset the combination)

    (These video and codes guide are not from me)

    Good luck!

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    SeitzzNevermind, I think the cue just wasn't obvious, even with music and subtitles on, but I had an easier time doing it solo anyways, just have a full special meter and special meter consumable in case, also instakill if you prefer. Jack in the boxes would help, but I didn't have them for the pressure plate step.
    Posted by Seitzz on 30 Dec 18 at 22:03
    JackBlaiseJust did this achievement in co-op (I wasn't the host). The achievement did pop after I put in two of the sword pieces and assembled the sword (not sure how much this affected it). Both people in the lobby got the achievement, however the hosts only "silently unlocked" (i.e. he didn't get a notification) and mine popped 5 minutes late.

    I would strongly recommend both using freefire and instanta-kill consumables for the standing still step. Also having self-revives helps massively.
    Posted by JackBlaise on 06 May 20 at 19:41
    Diesel Foleyive just did this solo. Only real difficult step is the pressure plate. I went with shellshock and took a max ammo consumable. make sure you have jacks for this step, after i used the 3 jacks and used max ammo to get another 3. that was enough to complete the step.
    also dont forget your quick revive. With self revives that gives you 3 lives....

    great guide
    Posted by Diesel Foley on 16 Nov 20 at 23:25
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  • Mild GonoliniMild Gonolini345,032
    16 Aug 2018 26 Aug 2018 26 Aug 2018
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    In this guide I will detail how to most efficiently get all achievements in this DLC. If you're familiar with zombies, then this map will seem very alien to you, since it is quite unlike any zombies map we've seen before. Don't fret though, because getting every achievement is actually quite easy, with barely any easter egg guff to worry about, this is a welcome break from the regular difficulty in finding a group and struggling through the always challenging easter eggs. To start, I'll explain how this map (or I suppose "maps") work.

    How the map works

    This zombie DLC is actually composed of 3 much smaller maps instead of 1 big one. The maps being:
    1.Into the storm
    2.Across the depths
    3.Beneath the ice.

    Each map looks unique but at their cores they are effectively the same thing. Unlike other zombies maps, these 3 maps have no doors to open. As soon as you spawn in the whole area is available, and there is also no power switch to worry about.

    What's more, each map lasts only 11 rounds each, with no way to go beyond that number, the caveat being that the difficulty of these maps escalates much faster than previous maps.
    Getting through these rounds is also rather unique. Most rounds behave like normal, except on each map rounds 3,6, and 9 are "challenge rounds". During these rounds you will be given a unique challenge to complete which randomizes every game. These challenges range from pitifully easy to decently hard, so there is an unfortunate amount of randomness to succeeding on this map. Failing a challenge is a game over unfortunately, but, after every completed challenge round you get a care package with a max ammo, full armor (there is no purchasable armor on the maps), and a selection of weapons which increase in power the further along you are.

    The blitz machines are all accounted for in all 3 maps, but buying weapons is quite different. There is no longer a mystery box or wall buy weapons. Now, you must buy a random gun from a class of your choosing (being SMGs, shotguns, ARs, LMGs, snipers, and starting weapons). So each glass has its own little mystery box which vary in cost. The different classes unlock periodically on each map as you complete challenges. Jack in the box, AKA monkey bombs are sometimes given as a bonus when you buy a new weapon. These things are a life saver for some challenges, and this is the only way to actually earn them.

    Pac-a-punch is present of course, and unlocking it is the same on every map. There are 3 battery charging stations around each map which require zombie kills near them to charge them up (shocker, right?) However, only 1 charging station is available to start, the second and third come when you beat rounds 3 and 6, so the earliest you can get PAP is round 7.

    At the end of each map there is a boss fight. While potentially intimidating at first, the first 2 boss fights are basically a joke once you know how to do them. The third boss fight is a bit of a challenge, but knowing how to do it makes it much easier.

    This all may sound confusing having not played the maps, but after you play a little bit, it should all make sense.

    Leveling system

    Now, this is where things get kind of weird. As you probably already know, WWII zombies has a pretty standard leveling system (I think its level 1-45 before prestige). However, this map itself, has its own leveling system, which you only level up when playing this DLC. Called your Bureau Rank, it ranges from 1-50. when you first play one of these maps, you are automatically given a rank based on your normal zombies rank, so the higher your normal zombies rank is when you start, the higher your bureau rank will be. A high bureau rank comes with its perks though. You get a permanent damage boost to all your weapons the higher your bureau rank is, reaching a max at 200% more damage (or 3x your normal damage) that is present only in the tortured path. But... for some God forsaken reason, this damage boost only applies when you are in a public game. If you go into a custom game you will not get any of your damage boost. Therefore, it is highly recommended you try and get as much done as possible in a public game for the extra damage. That's not to say it is impossible otherwise of course, but you might as well take any help you can get. The issue with public matches is you have to start on map 1 every time. If you die on map 3, you will be forced to play through the entirety of maps 1 and 2 before you can try map 3 again in a public match. However, once you complete maps 1 and 2 in any mode, they become permanently unlocked in custom match and you can play whichever one you like (sans the damage boost of course).

    You can also get additional damage boosts in the form of engineered parts. Every time you kill a boss, you get 1 engineered part for a random gun. This part gives that specific gun 10% extra damage permanently in the tortured path.

    Now that I've explained how these maps work, you can start getting the achievements.

    We've only just begun, Sea sick, and I'll be home for christmas

    These 3 achievements you get simply for completing the first, second, and third maps respectively. I'd suggest you complete them all first at least once before you try for any achievements to get a feel for them. Considering there are a few grindier achievements in this DLC which require you simply play the tortured path alot, there's nothing wrong with playing a few games to get acclimatized and to level up your damage percentage.

    Just some general tips for some of the challenges.

    -Getting a gerkocht survival round can quickly be your downfall if you're not prepared. Spamming the 500 point starting weapon buy to get jack in the boxes is essential, as well, having 1 or 2 players with a charged shellshock ability with sustain zone.

    -If you get the meuchler zombies to spawn before you have upgraded guns they can be hard to deal with, so I'd suggest having at least 1 person rock a freefire ability with the mk II mod to give you an upgraded pistol to start (always run the SAP 9mm, it is a beast when upgraded) this will blow the meuchlers away nearly instantly.

    -One of the hardest challenges can be the defending supplies challenge. It is basically required you have a couple of people with jacks and some sustain zones to get through it, as fire power alone is often not enough to stop the number of zombies.

    -On the second map you can get a challenge called Visions. Which gives you a bunch of teleporting zombies you need to kill before the time runs out. I found the best way to do this is have everyone stand together in one lace and let the zombies come to you, spam monkeys and the like.

    -On the third map there can be a challenge requiring you to prevent the gekocht from killing other zombies. The gekocht will glow red and try and kill the normal zombies, prioritize killing the gekocht here, but killing zombies is not a big deal, just kill them before the gekocht can.

    -Beyond that, the challenges should be quite easy, use jacks liberally during challenges since you get a max ammo after.

    Some tips for the boss fights

    -The first fight requires you lead the flame boy into the path of a mortar strike to lower his shield before you damage him. The strike is indicated by a large red circle on the ground. He is attracted to jacks, so feel free to throw one in the center of the landing area. When his shield is down throw jacks to keep the zombies away and unload into him, after a few seconds his shield will regen and you need to hit another mortar onto him.

    -The second fight is super simple, nothing special to it. Just shoot the guy a bunch. After he takes enough damage he will do some animations and be invulnerable for a few seconds, but just unload into him once he starts taking damage.

    -The third fight is the only difficult one. The boss will chase you until he has taken enough damage before returning to the center of the map where he will heal himself. To stop this, you need to shoot the things above him pouring blood onto him, otherwise he will just regen all the health you just took.

    -All 3 boss fights can be finished extremely quickly by exploiting the free fire specialist ability. If you run the mods lucky crit and marksmanship you do an absolutely insane amount of damage when you hit the bosses heads. The best weapon to use this on is an upgraded SVT, which can often be dropped out of care packages or randomly from the starting weapon box. I only ever bought guns from there really because it is so cheap so you get more chances for jacks, and the SVT is a powerhouse when upgraded. With freefire and those mods, you can literally take out the first boss in about 2-3 seconds once he loses his shield, the second boss is the same way, but of course he stops taking damage temporarily. The third boss has a ton more health but this still devastates him. If you have a few people running this, you can lead him to the back of the map and spray into his head. It is possible to kill him before he can even reach the healing in a single cycle.

    Extra- tortured path

    This achievement requires you beat all 3 maps without ANYONE in the game buying a single blitz (perk). If you have a team of competent zombies players this should be decently easy since the perks don't make a huge difference. You can, and really should, do this in a public game for the damage bonus, but you're probably going to want a full team of 4 to queue since randies will probably buy perks and void the achievement. Once you beat a single map, you're good for that map and don't need to worry about the no perk thing anymore. The first two maps should be pretty simple, the third map can be a challenge, just ensure you utilize the free fire strat to try and take the boss down quickly. If you fail on the third map after beating the first 2 perkless, remember you can now buy perks to your hearts content on the first 2 maps without ruining the achievement on the third one. Of course, you need to beat the first 2 maps every time you want to give the third a go with the damage boost, otherwise you can just go right to the third map in a custom match but sacrifice the damage boot (which is a mechanic that really bugs me in this DLC). Obviously, the higher level you get, the more your damage boost, and the more guns you get engineered parts on to make this easier.

    There's not really much more to say with this, the key is having a group of 4 who knows what they're doing.

    I have the Power

    This is the only easter egg achievement for the DLC, and its mighty simple thankfully. Each of the 3 maps has their own little easter egg, and if you complete all 3 in a single private match and kill the final boss you will get this achievement and a cutscene. BUT... the only requirement to get this achievement is that you complete the third map's easter egg, which can just be done in a private match with any number of people. You don't even need to kill the boss to get the achievement. I'll detail exactly how to do this. Load into a custom match in beneath the ice with as many players as you can get (the more you have the easier).

    Step 1: Melee the battery

    As soon as you spawn in, you can head into the central area of the map and melee this battery thing on the right side 3 times. Doing this will allow you to enter into "drug mode" on every subsequent even numbered round (rounds 2,4,6, etc.) You enter the drug mode by simply holding cn_X on the battery during an even numbered round.

    Step 2: Code 1

    While in drug mode, you will be able to see very well hidden codes around the map... but don't even worry about any of that. If you head to the very back of the map, you will see a "rune door" which requires you enter the correct series of runes to pass the step. You're meant to find the rune code around the map and enter it, but you can just look at this picture (all credit to JstoneGaming):

    External image

    and go through every combination, have one guy hold a zombie while another goes through all these. You will hear a distinct noise when you get the correct code. If that seems too tedious, consult the video below which shows you every rune code location (remember you must be in drug mode to see the codes). All credit to Axel Cage on youtube

    If you try to find the code you will need to be on round 2 to see it, whereas you can brute force the code on round 1. When you enter the correct code, end whatever round you're on and a care package will drop in front of the door open it to grab the hilt for the sword, which you can place in the center of the map.

    Step 3: flares

    With the hilt placed, a box of flares will spawn on the stairs leading the central area. You can only hold 2 flares at a time, but can refill as many times as you want. Your goal is to light 7 bowls around the map using the flares in relatively quick succession.

    To start, there are four bowls hanging on the walls in the central room, each underneath of the bosses healy things. The angle to hit the flare into these is tricky, but with some practice it becomes quite easy. After all 4 are lit, you need to quickly refill on flares and hit 3 more bowls sitting on the floor. 2 of them are on either side of the rune input door, and 1 is the the left of where you get regular care packages. Landing the flares in these bowls without it bouncing out is tricky. If you mess up, just try again, grab more flares. With all 7 cauldron things lit, a rune can now be picked up on a stone to the right of the care package spawn, which you can put into the rune door to progress.

    Step 4: Code 2

    Literally exactly the same as step 2. You need to input the correct runes. If its an even round you can go into drug mode to try and find the code, otherwise just brute force it. The code won't be the same as the first one. Also if you're in drug mode you will see both the first and second codes around the map, obviously you only need the second one.
    Grab the care package on the next round and place the pommel in the center of the map.

    Step 5: Stand still

    Around the perimeter of the map are four pressure pads (or 1 for every player in the game if less than 4). Your goal is simply to have every player stand on a pressure pad, and get kills without getting off. As soon as one player gets off, the kills reset. This can be quite challenging if you don't have jacks and sustain zones. I would suggest all 4 players run a sustain zone and be constantly hitting the spawn gun box for jacks. The more the merrier. It doesn't matter who kills the zombies or from what distance, just that someone kills them while everyone is on a pressure plate. The jacks will attract zombies from across the whole map so you want to stagger your throws if multiple people have them to maximize the time the zombies aren't hitting you. After that, use all your sustain zones which give you a long time of invulnerability to the zombies. If after all your stuff runs out you haven't completed it yet (indicated by a distinct success noise), then its going to be pretty hard to kill the zombies fast enough with your bad weapons without moving, so hopefully it doesn't come to that. If you are successful, you can grab a rune present in the pool of blood in the center of the room (just right of center), which you can place in the rune thingy.

    Step 6: Code 3

    Exactly like the first 2 codes, you can brute force it or find the code, repetition sure is fun!

    Get the right code, end the round and grab the blade form the care package, place it in the center, wait a few seconds. The end. That's it, the only things required of you to get the achievement. Super simple. The only slightly difficult part is the standing on the pressure pads part, but with some jacks and sustain zones that's quite simple. You can get this whole easter egg done in about 10 minutes if you know what you're doing.

    Uber Lurker

    This achievement requires you find and shoot Klaus. It is relatively similar to other maps, but a bit more of a challenge for this DLC. I suggest you do it solo. You must be in a game on the third map. Just like the first step in the easter egg, you want to melee the battery on the right of the the central area 3 times as soon as you spawn in. End round 1 and save a zombie at the end of round 2. Now go and activate drug mode on round 2 just like you did in the easter egg. Basically, with drug mode, walk around the map while keeping the zombie alive and wait for klaus to appear, that's it. He will randomly spawn in just in in front of you, this is signified by a kind of quick blinding white light, as if you were hit by a flashbang. As soon as this happens you need to quickly shoot him because he will be walking away and disappear really fast. As soon as you hit him the achievement is yours.

    It seems like once he spawns in once, that's it for that game, so if you see him spawn in (or he just doesn't seem to want to spawn in) restart the game and try again (just do it in a private match).

    David, meet Goliath

    Simply put, you need to kill the boss of the third map solo. That means it has to be in a custom game I believe. This really isn't even that hard, the worst part about it is getting bad RNG on the challenges.

    You need to be running free fire with marksmanship, free fire, and mk II. Run a 9mm SAP as your starting gun. You basically just want to keep hitting the starting weapon box until you get jacks, and then the SVT. Make sure you unlock pac-a-punch on your way. Once you have everything you need, go ahead and buy perks. Utilize the 3 charges of ammo you get to refill your SVT until you get a max ammo or pap. Run around the whole area, pretty basic zombies stuff.

    Like I said, your biggest threat is getting bad challenges. I would encourage you to use a free fire charge for the round 3 challenge, but after that hold on to it for the boss fight. If you get gekocht it's basically game over solo. You can throw all your monkeys and all that but those guys are just too insane to deal with on your own. Other than that, the challenges are decent enough. The defending one is quite difficult solo, again, utilize monkeys as best you can, and maybe a free fire if it's that or lose. Make sure you pap your 9mm and SVT as soon as you can and be loaded up on perks.

    When the boss fight starts, let him spawn in and chase you all the way to the back of the map. When you're all the way back here, get a bit of distance and throw a monkey. Now activate free fire with your SVT and just unload into his face. If you don't hit the head, you don't do a ton of damage, but hitting the head he dies insanely quick. With good enough aim you can basically take him out completely before he can even start running back to heal. When he starts running back to heal, follow him and keep peppering on the damage, aiming for the head. When he gets back, quickly shoot his healers and get another monkey out, same deal, just spray at his head with the SVT. Unless you have garbage aim, he should be more than dead by this point. This achievement pops as soon as he's dead, you don't actually need to finish the map. For me personally, I died about 3 times on some challenge before finally making it to the boss fight, where I killed him first try pretty easily.

    Ride of the Century, B.A.T. Elite, and Over Engineered

    At this point you will want to start working for the 3 grindy achievements in this DLC, requiring you to reach level 50 bureau rank, retrieve 25 engineered parts, and complete 100 objective waves. Obviously in going for the other achievements you will have made quite a bit of progress towards these.

    There's not really much to say here, the bureau ranking could take quite a while if you had a low level to begin with. The easiest way to grind all 3 of these is just continuously playing public matches, the first map is going to be the easiest so just keep replaying it. You should get the 100 objective waves a bit before the engineered parts (considering you only get an engineered part if you kill a boss), and you can easily track your engineered parts by looking at your "bosses killed" stat under the soldier tab while in a tortured path lobby (you can see your damage boost here as well).

    The engineered parts achievement is kind of glitched as it seems some people are unlocking it on as many as 28 boss kills, I personally got it after 27 boss kills, so if you don't get it after 25, don't fret, just do a few more.

    The grind for this is pretty tame, hopefully you don't have much leveling up to do for your bureau ranking, because if you're a low level that can be very annoying and tedious.


    I understand this guide is more than just the achievement listed, but this whole DLC is kind of confusing and I wanted to let people know the best way to stream line it and explain how it ultimately works. All these achievements are exceptionally easy compared to other zombies maps, which was a nice break especially considering how much will be required for black ops 4 and the final WWII DLC.
    The biggest challenges will be the no perks and solo 3rd map. Both of which basically require exploiting the insane headshot damage of the SVT + freefire and headshot bonuses, once you understand how these maps work and how to complete all the challenges these will be a breeze.

    If you have any questions or ways I can improve this guide feel free to comment or message me directly, and good luck!
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    BabyishDuckThanks for explaining the pressure pad step. Was struggling to understand it when trying it with friends.
    Posted by BabyishDuck on 04 May 20 at 21:27
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