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David, Meet Goliath achievement in Call of Duty: WWII

David, Meet Goliath

In The Tortured Path, defeat the Guardian solo.

David, Meet Goliath0
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How to unlock the David, Meet Goliath achievement

  • superjeksuperjek877,000
    01 Aug 2018 03 Aug 2018 03 Nov 2019
    22 2 6
    Just a heads up, I completed this Solo on public and the achievement did not unlock for me so make sure you’re playing custom.
    Posted by Dan B 697
    Hi, this is my run for this Achievement:


    Wave 1 ➡️ 0:52
    Wave 2 ➡️ 1:56
    Objective 1 Wave 3 ➡️ 4:23
    Wave 4 ➡️ 6:05
    Wave 5 ➡️ 7:47
    Objective 2 Wave 6 ➡️ 11:09
    Wave 7 ➡️ 13:53
    Wave 8 ➡️ 18:26
    Objective 3 Wave 9 ➡️ 21:07
    Wave 10: BOSS FIGHT ➡️ 23:17
    Achievement Unlocked ➡️ 24:40
    Wave 11: ESCAPE ➡️ 25:01

    MOD: Fully Loaded [8 Tokens in StormRaven] - Marksmanship [1 Token in DeathRaven] - MK. II [4 Token in DeathRaven];
    WEAPON: 1911;
    CONSUMABLES: Full Special Meter/Heart (x2) - Max Ammo.

    Before trying to make this Achievement, I recommend that you have already completed this map at least 2-3 times.

    • Buy the LebenBlitz/Self Revive [500 Jolts] [20:58] (spawning area);
    • Charge the Batteries to the Wave 1 [00:49] - Wave 4 [6:15] - Wave 7 [14:14] to unlock the Übersprengen/Pack-a-Punch;
    • Find the Jack-in-the-Box [6:02], buying in the Starting Weapons [500 Jolts] (immediately to the left of the spawn);
    • After finding the Jack-in-the-Box, buy a weapon in the Casual SMGs [2000 Jolts] (to the right of the spawn);
    • Use the Special Ability, only if necessary during the Objective Waves;
    • If you find Ribeyrolles in the B.A.T. Ordinances or in the Casual SMGs [2000 Jolts], change it for the 1911 pistol and keep it for the Boss Fight;
    • Buy KugelBlitz/Double Damage [2000 Jolts] [9;11] - SchnellBlitz/Quick Reload [3000 Jolts] [11:12] - LaufenBlitz/Sprint [2000 Jolts] [7:41];
    • After charged the last battery and unlocked the Übersprengen/Pack-a-Punch, find the SVT-40 [18:18] in the Starting Weapons [500 Jolts] and upgrade it through Übersprengen/Pack-a-Punch [18:23];
    • Before completing the Wave 8, make sure you have all weapon pack-a-punched and have taken all the Blitz;
    • If you used Special Ability during Wave 9 to complete the Objective Wave, use a Überladen/Full Special Meter before the Wave 9 is completed and another Überladen/Full Special Meter just start the Boss Fight Wave (as you can use only 1 Consumable per Wave)

    BLITZ: LebenBlitz / Quick Revive [500 Jolts] - KugelBlitz / Double Damage [2000 Jolts] - SchnellBlitz / Quick Reload [3000 Jolts] - LaufenBlitz / Sprint [2000 Jolts]
    WEAPONS: Roland's Count (Ribeyrolles-pack-a-punched) or Bacon and Eggs (1911-pack-a-punched) to damage the Pillars - AVT-40 [SVT40-pack-a-punched] to damage the Boss.
    CONSUMABLES: At least 1 Heart (Überladen/Full Special Meter)

    Shoot the Boss as he descends, back away to make sure that the Boss moves away from the Central Area where the Pillars which he recovers health are located.
    Once damaged enough, he goes to recover health, at this point, pull a Jack-in-the-Box, go and destroy with an explosive weapon (the 1911-pack-a-punched or Rybeyrolles-pack-a-punched) the Red Pillar (there should be only one active), activated the Special Ability to damage him while he is on the ground (pull another Jack-in-the-Box, as soon as the first explodes) [24:11]. With the Special Ability still active, while backing towards the spawn, shoot him with the ATV-40 (SVT-pack-a-punched) trying to hit him in the head [24:25].
    In this way, if the Boss try to escape again to recover his health, it will be too late for him and you will have defeated him. Achievement Unlocked!

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    superjekOk thank you, I will add it to the guide.
    Posted by superjek on 03 Nov 19 at 14:44
    WiizKiinJust did this in a custom game and it did not unlock for me.
    Posted by WiizKiin on 16 Apr 20 at 18:56
    WiizKiinOk, I just ran it again, on Custom Match and it popped this time! Super glitchy!
    This achievement should be marked as glitchy!
    Posted by WiizKiin on 16 Apr 20 at 20:04
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  • AbstractPitsAbstractPits209,797
    03 Aug 2018 03 Aug 2018
    18 3 11
    I discovered a really easy way to do this and thought I would share. I will include the youtube video link for visual clarification. This is not my video, I do not take credit for the method.


    Freefire Specialist
    Mods - MK. II, Marksmanship, and Lucky Crit
    * You can swap out MK. II with any mod if you can have an SVT upgraded by round 10.
    * I would recommend using Full Special meters and Instant Kills to make challenge rounds a breeze.

    Now, get to round 10 with a full meter and an SVT rifle. The SVT can be purchased from the beginners weapon rack (costs 500), make sure you have Jack in the Box grenades as well. When the guardian spawns weave your way up to the top of the map where the weapon damage blitz is. throw your Jack grenades when the guardian is nearing the top to distract the zombies.

    Once the Guardian is about to reach the top of the stairs, activate your Freefire ability with your SVT in hand and aim as consistantly at the head as you can. If you are accurate enough you can kill him very quickly. I was not accurate enough my first try, but I damaged the Guardian enough to still kill him on his way back to the ritual room. Use a specialist meter if you need more time to kill him before he heals.

    Video link:

    Please like if this helped you.
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    Dan B 697I was not able to unlock this solo in a public match
    Posted by Dan B 697 on 03 Nov 19 at 13:14
    Diesel Foleyfantastic guide. worked first time .
    Posted by Diesel Foley on 16 Nov 20 at 00:47
    AbstractPitsI'm happy to help! thanks for the positive feedback everyone!
    Posted by AbstractPits on 16 Nov 20 at 23:29
  • McAwesomePTMcAwesomePT242,466
    29 Jul 2018 30 Jul 2018 31 Jul 2018
    7 4 11
    I'm going to write what I believe is the best way to go about doing this.
    I'm a frequent visitor of Cod Zombies and you can browse through my thread here:

    Main goal
    You have to beat the "Guardian", which is the boss of the "Tortured Path" zombies mode in WW2, chapter 3. You have to do this by yourself. You can pick Custom Game > TPP > Chapter 3.

    You will need to unlock chapter 3, which you do by completing Chapters 1 and 2. You can complete them individually or with friends, so you have access to chapter 3.

    Previous note
    I would like to confirm whether or not you can do this with a team, and have them step out at the very last minute. I know this works for The Final Reich character challenges, so it is possible it works here as well, but I don't know at this point.

    Special: Frontline
    Mods: Vicious (triple damage), Determination (2 shields on activation), Lucky Crit (damage boost chance)
    Consumables: Max ammo / Full Special Meter (I took 2x each)
    Starting/main weapon: 9mm SAP (plus 1911 later on)
    Perks: quick revive, double damage, sprint, quick reload

    Waves 1-4
    - buy quick revive

    - Keep buying 500 starting pistols until you get jack-in-the-box

    - fill-in battery for Pack-a-punch on round 1 (near Schnellblitz/Quick reload blitz) and again on round 4 (near Laufenblitz/sprint blitz)

    Waves 5-9
    - buy a 3.000 points assault rifle as soon as you have a chance

    - objectives will be difficult, but not too difficult, since it's only you in the game

    - you don't have freefire so you will have to rely on the damage perk and a good assault rifle, plus using frontline to deal huge damage

    - this is where you will be using both of your max ammos, and one of your consumables, to make sure you complete objectives fast enough

    - finish charging pap on round 7, and make sure you pap a 9mm SAP ASAP and then a 1911 when you have enough money. you can find a 1911 on floor drops, or keep buying the 500 points wall-buy until you get it

    - pop the special consumable just before round 10 so that you have a full frontline going to the boss fight, and another one through your consumable

    - use the ammo cache instead of re-buying weapons, so you save a lot of money, which you will then use to buy perks and pap the sap and the 1911. you should have a good amount of money so you can re-fill ammo in PAP

    - make sure you have at least quick revive and double damage, and ideally sprint and quick reload as well

    cannot stress this enough: make sure you have a full special ability so that you use it twice during the boss fight.

    Wave 10
    - the round starts and the boss will spawn in, be at the spawn in front of quick revive

    - pop a jack and deal damage (9mm SAP) on the boss while keeping your distance (run towards pap and keep running and shooting)

    - as soon as he runs to heal, switch to your 1911, go the center area and spam the column head(s) that are red to prevent the boss from healing. it should be easy since it's just you and since it is the first time he does it, there should be only one red column

    - after he stops healing, pop another monkey and pop front line, then go all in with your 9mm SAP, trying to shoot him in the head, but anywhere is good enough as well

    - he will eventually get back up and chase you, this is where you run away a little bit

    - when you have clear chance, pop your last monkey, pop your consumable, and pop frontline.

    - murder him. he should go down without healing anymore


    take frontline, shoot him with 9mm SAP, prevent healing with 1911
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    Mild GonoliniSo this needs to be done in a custom game right? Because you get that damage boost when you play in a public game so you need to complete this without the damage boost?
    Posted by Mild Gonolini on 14 Aug 18 at 07:58
    McAwesomePTyou want to select the chapter 3 and play it directly. you could potentially do all 3 on a public match and then ask everyone to leave on the last one (cannot confirm this will work 100%).
    anyway, if you have good consumables, you should be fine.
    Posted by McAwesomePT on 14 Aug 18 at 08:13
    AirNathGetting kills on the 4 sac.stones as an objective on wave 9 is hard.
    Posted by AirNath on 28 Aug 18 at 19:13
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