Colt's Grade achievement in Madden NFL 19

Colt's Grade

Finish the story with a grade of 80 or higher in Randy's fansite for Devin.

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How to unlock the Colt's Grade achievement

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    I swear EA got the achievement names/descriptions the wrong way around...As such, I'll cover "Devin's Grade" and "Colt's Grade" in one!

    This is relating to the Longshot: Homecoming story mode.

    For Colt, getting an 80.0 grade is easy. His games are easy, and I won almost them all first time anyway without a single fail. I finished with a 95.0 grade (we need 80.0).

    You do lose 4-5 grade points if you do “fail”, but that penalty is only incurred once a game. So if you incur your fail penalty, and you fail another 3 times, you won’t get penalised further (from my experience with Devin, anyway, correct me if this is wrong). As long as you don’t occur a fail penalty in more than 2 of your games, you’ll be ok.

    Make sure you are no lower than 60.0 going into the final game as Colt (against Beeville Bearcats). I went in at 75.0, and got 20 for winning it perfectly, pushing me to 95.0 If you want to be extra safe, just quit out before the end of that game and you’ll just restart it.

    For Devin, getting the 80.0 is a bit tighter (but still easier than Madden 18). The same fail conditions apply, and I only failed the “finale” section (incurring the game penalty) and did everything else perfect, and got 86.0 (we need 80.0). The games are quite a bit tougher too, so this leaves less room for error. I recommend that every game pre-finale you try and do as perfect as possible. If you get the fail penalty, just quit to Longshot menu and retry.

    Make sure you are no lower than 65.0 going into the final game (against New England Patriots). I went in at 71.0, got my fail penalty of 5 points and ended with an 86.0 grade. You can still get an 80.0 grade entering at 60.0, but getting 20.0 for a perfect win (i.e. never failing this game) is quite hard. If you come in at 65.0 or above, it’s guaranteed as long as you never skip and you can just fail the finale as any times as you like with no stress. I can cateogrically confirm the max you'll be penalised from the Finale is 5.0 points.
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    DaMikeSCYeah, if youre at 60...quit and restart. The final game is BS
    Posted by DaMikeSC on 11 Aug 18 at 21:11
    NoHeroes94It’s very difficult to do perfect, why I strongly recommend doing every one of Devon’s games ‘perfect’ as the finale can be failed as much as you like.
    Posted by NoHeroes94 on 12 Aug 18 at 09:29
    Smebesit would help if you listed how many points you needed after each practice or game for devin so people know if they need to quit or restart the whole campaign
    Posted by Smebes on 15 Aug 18 at 04:23
    NoHeroes94@smebes - I appreciate the feedback. I didn't do so for 2 reasons:

    1) I didn't see the point because by following the above advise you shouldn't have any issues, or need to micromanage to that degree. I want to keep the guide as straightforward as possible. If you do every game/practise as Devin UNTIL the finale perfectly (which might take some restarts but isn't that bad) you will be fine. If you do every game as Colt UNTIL the finale with no more than 2 failures, you will be fine. These are both very doable, and allow you to fail the finale(s) without a care in the world.

    2) The grade bonus' seem to be different for games and practises. To test what your grade would be like if you failed 2 practises compared to 1 game, or failing a pre-season game vs. failing a regular season game would take a pretty long time to test as it autosaves at the end of each game. As such, I can't keep different saves files open and go back and forth to test. Its why I recommend one does everything perfectly as Devin, I can't guarentee what your luck would be otherwise. My gut feeling is that you could probably fail 1 encounter before the finale as Devin, on the basis that I got 86 (91 - 5) by ONLY failing the finale and nothing else. I doubt the grade drop would be higher pre-finale, so another failure may still get you 81 or 82 But to conclude, the testing would be pretty lengthy, and had other guides to make.

    To conclude, if you follow the solution you'll be fine. Be perfect as Devin in all encounters before the Patriots game. As Colt, fail no more than twice, as any and all failures I found were 4 or 5 points (you shouldn't even need these failures). If you do these, you should meet the minimum grades I stipulate above.
    Posted by NoHeroes94 on 15 Aug 18 at 09:45
    redsx16FYI I went into the Finale with Devin at a 60 because I accidentally failed his game against the Cowboys bc I was watching a movie and forgot to play it so I couldn't restart. After took me two 1 hour sessions to finally be perfect against the Patriots and got exactly 80.
    Posted by redsx16 on 08 Sep 18 at 00:29
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