Devin's Grade achievement in Madden NFL 19

Devin's Grade

Finish the story with a grade of 80 or higher in Randy's fansite for Colt.

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How to unlock the Devin's Grade achievement

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    I swear EA got the achievement names/descriptions the wrong way around...As such, I'll cover "Devin's Grade" and "Colt's Grade" in one!

    This is related to the Longshot: Homecoming Mode

    For Colt, getting an 80.0 grade is easy. His games are easy, and I won almost them all first time anyway without a single fail. I finished with a 95.0 grade (we need 80.0).

    You do lose 4-5 grade points if you do “fail”, but that penalty is only incurred once a game. So if you incur your fail penalty, and you fail another 3 times, you won’t get penalised further (from my experience with Devin, anyway, correct me if this is wrong). As long as you don’t occur a fail penalty in more than 2-3 of your games, you’ll be ok.

    Make sure you are no lower than 60.0 going into the final game as Colt (against Beeville Bearcats). I went in at 75.0, and got 20 for winning it perfectly, pushing me to 95.0 If you want to be extra safe, just quit out before the end of that game and you’ll just restart it.

    For Devin, getting the 80.0 is a bit tighter (but still easier than Madden 18). The same fail conditions apply, and I only failed the “finale” section (incurring the game penalty) and did everything else perfect, and got 86.0 (we need 80.0). The games are quite a bit tougher too, so this leaves less room for error. I recommend that every game/practise pre-finale you try and do as perfect as possible. If you get the fail penalty, just quit to Longshot menu and retry.

    Make sure you are no lower than 65.0 going into the final game (against New England Patriots). I went in at 71.0, got my fail penalty of 5 points and ended with an 86.0 grade. You can still get an 80.0 grade entering at 60.0 I think, but getting 20.0 for a perfect win (i.e. never failing this game) is quite hard. If you come in at 65.0 or above, it’s guaranteed as long as you never skip and you can just fail the finale as any times as you like with no stress. I can cateogrically confirm the max you'll be penalised from the Finale is 5.0 points.
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    NoHeroes94it may be an idea to try and do practises perfectly too then? Try that.
    Posted by NoHeroes94 on 14 Aug 18 at 06:39
    MCASguruI'm at a 56 after failing the week 10 game; for some reason the Cowboys defense was like the 85 Bears and I couldn't do anything right. With Colt, I finished with a 90 and didn't play anything perfectly but did manage to win all the games.
    Posted by MCASguru on 21 Aug 18 at 21:26
    NiteJokesterIf you're struggling with the Dallas defense I did a lot of scrambling with QB for first downs.
    Posted by NiteJokester on 09 Sep 18 at 07:00
    NiteJokesterI can confirm going into Pats game without failing practices or games with a 71 and failing in the pats game only takes 5 points. I finished with 86
    Posted by NiteJokester on 15 Sep 18 at 10:05
    Timeless MagicThat Cowboys run was hard as hell. Hopkins fumbled inside the 20 5 separate times on the final drive. Merciless.
    Posted by Timeless Magic on 14 Mar 19 at 04:49
    JNaDaIs it worth it to shoot for higher than 80? Like can Devin be used elsewhere in the game with whatever rating you have when finish?
    Posted by JNaDa on 12 Apr 19 at 05:15
    DARKxREAPERI completed Devin's stuff with ease but Colt's is hard as hell they cant catch or run for nothing yikes
    Posted by DARKxREAPER on 21 Apr 19 at 14:04
    SoulessGinger12so i finished colts record with 85 and the achievement didnt pop. Now i did this at 4pm Central time on the 6th of Sept. Would this have anything to do with xbox live services being down since 5:17pm central time??? Now keep in mind when i started the story i was at 57 % completion. Do i need to start over from the beginning and play through for it to pop??
    Posted by SoulessGinger12 on 07 Sep 19 at 17:49
    AL1Ok, found the kind-of trick to the Cowboys game. The first 2 drives do NOT apparently matter. If I threw a pick, I still restarted, but otherwise, I do not believe you can fail based on those. Those first 2 drives, I simply audibled to runs or scrambled. You will still have one drive left down 38-34 (which doesn't make sense, but whatever). That seems to be the only drive where you have score.
    Posted by AL1 on 24 Jan at 02:53
    AlvarezKing1Thanks dude, I was struggling on that match, until I read you, AL1
    Posted by AlvarezKing1 on 20 Aug at 00:39
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