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Caught 15 types of fish! You know everything about fish. They feel uncomfortable about it...

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How to unlock the Ichthyologist achievement

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    Update 04/02/19

    There are 16 species of fish in the game, you need to catch 15 for this achievement. There are 3 rods in the game but you only need to use 2 for the achievement, the simple fishing rod (the one given to you by the fisherman) and the excellent fishing rod (aka the most expensive one). You can catch 7 different fish with the simple fishing rod and 9 with the excellent rod.

    You get the simple fishing rod by bringing 6 moths to the fisherman at the lighthouse (you'll need to unlock the technology to catch moths). Moths are caught when picking up flowers during nighttime.

    All fishing spots locations:
    - The dock on the beach/sea. Hard to miss.
    - The small pond N-E of the village.
    - The waterfall to the left of your house. You access it from the other side of the bridge you need to repair past the church.
    - The very top of the river on the left of your house. It's to the right of the marble quarry.
    - The last one is in the swamp. This one is a bit tricky to pinpoint its location so bare with me, go down past where you need to build a small bridge that leads to Cloto and then make your way around the swamp.

    Here's all the fish you can get with the simple fishing rod (location / range / bait type / %):

    Anchovy: sea / near / no bait / 100%
    Frog: pond / near / butterfly or moth / 100%
    Tilapia: pond / middle / butterfly or moth / 100%
    Perch: pond / far / butterfly or moth / 100%
    Gudgeon: pond / far / no bait / 100%
    Bream: river / near / no bait / 100%
    Eel: swamp / near / no bait / 100%

    ...And with the excellent one:

    Sardine: sea / near / no bait / 74%
    Tuna: sea / far / gem lure / 98% during the day
    Goldfish: sea / far / gem lure / 5% at night
    Silver Crucian: pond / far / gem lure / 100% at night
    Carp: waterfall / near / no bait / 100%
    Salmon: waterfall / far / gem lure / 67%
    Gold Crucian: river / near / anchovy or gudgeon / 16% during the day
    Pike: river / near / gem lure / 100%
    Sturgeon: river / middle / butterfly or moth / 100%

    A few fishing tips: Fishing in this game can be a bit tricky to understand at first, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes much easier. To fish, you need to wait until the fish bites (takes around 8 seconds for most fishing spots). Your window of opportunity to press A to reel is quite short so you need to be real quick, if you're a bit too late you'll miss and have to wait a bit more until the fish bites again. As for the mini game itself, you need to keep the fish icon in the yellow bar, which is sometimes a pain in the back end, for this simply hold A and release it to keep the yellow bar on the fish. This mini game seems daunting at first, but trust me there are way worse fishing mini games out there (looking at you Oceanhorn). The faster you complete the mini game, the easier it'll be as the fish tends to move a lot (and gets more difficult) when you don't complete the mini game quick enough.

    Eating fish-related food before fishing can help a lot. Fish nuggets give you more time to reel the fish after it bites. Baked fish and fish soup both make the mini game a little bit easier (by making the fish move slower).

    Big up to Failure Online, Jacky chaud and beMoD for pointing out the changes introduced in the last update.
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    BStringbeanThe Gold Crucian is the hardest fish you don't have to catch, so skip it and catch everything else. The Goldfish is the hardest to catch, but it has to be done for another achievement. Like the other guide for catching 200 says, counting really helps you time when to reel in the fish. Fish normally bite between 6-8 Mississippi if you start counting from when the bob comes back up and the line tightens slightly.
    Posted by BStringbean on 22 Nov 18 at 06:38
    Failure Onlinesilver crucian is in the pond only at night
    Posted by Failure Online on 24 Dec 18 at 08:34
    Failure Onlinepike is river, not sea
    Posted by Failure Online on 24 Dec 18 at 09:32
    GoyetteQCJust keep in mind that most fish appear in multiple locations, I'm just providing the easiest/fastest one.
    Posted by GoyetteQC on 24 Dec 18 at 17:16
    Jacky chaudPike: sea / near / gem lure / 100% with excellent fishing rod. It looks to me that it's only 100% sardine!! :(
    Posted by Jacky chaud on 16 Jan 19 at 03:56
    Jacky chaudFailure Online is right! It should be Pike: river / near / gem lure / 100%
    Posted by Jacky chaud on 16 Jan 19 at 04:44
    Jacky chaudI went through half of your list for my missing fishes and except for Pike it was very accurate. Please verify and change accordingly. Thanks for the guide! wave
    Posted by Jacky chaud on 16 Jan 19 at 04:57
    GoyetteQCIt was definitely accurate, they mush have changed it recently. I'll give it a look to see if they changed anything else when I get a chance.
    Posted by GoyetteQC on 16 Jan 19 at 19:26
    beMoDSilver Crucian: pond / far / gem lure / 100% should be Silver Crucian: pond / far / gem lure / 100% at night now.
    Posted by beMoD on 04 Feb 19 at 10:53
    GoyetteQCSorry for the delay, I completely forgot about that. Thanks guys for the input, I updated the solution.
    Posted by GoyetteQC on 04 Feb 19 at 17:08
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