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Discovered 20 alchemy recipes. Now it's time to buy a white van and drive into the desert.

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How to unlock the Master alchemist achievement

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    26 Aug 2018 25 Aug 2018 25 Aug 2018
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    Discover (5/10/25) alchemy recipes

    There’s a fair bit that needs to be done in order to unlock these achievements.
    At the bare minimum, you’ll need to construct the two Alchemy Workbenches (I and II) in order to craft all of the alchemical recipes. Workbench I allows you to craft recipes using 2 different ingredients, and Workbench II allows you to mix 3 ingredients.
    Depending on your play style, you may have all the coin you need to buy your ingredients instead of crafting them yourself. If you do not, which is more likely, then you’ll need to know how to obtain them. Otherwise, skip down to the bottom to find the actual recipes themselves.

    You’ll need the following crafting tables to create your various ingredients.
    Hand Mixer (For creating Powders)
    Alchemy Mill (for creating Solutions)
    Distillation Cube (for creating Extracts)

    Alchemy Racks can be crafted and act as specialized Storage Trunks in your Alchemy/Writing area. There is also a Distillation Cube II (Unsure what this helps with, besides providing a second Distillation spot - will update when I figure this out)

    Powders, Solutions, Extracts
    The following is a list of items that can be processed into alchemical ingredients.
    The format is: Item Name, (P/S/E) - Ingredient(s) created .
    Some items can be processed into multiple ingredients depending on the crafting table used to process it.
    This list may be incomplete as they add more items or add functionality to existing items.

    Bat Wing (P/S) - Chaos powder/solution
    Bee (P/S) - Order powder/solution
    Beeswax (S/E) - Slowing solution/extract
    Beet () - ?
    Blue Jelly (S/E) - Acceleration solution/extract
    Bone (P) - White powder
    Brain (S) - Life solution
    Butterfly (P/E) - Chaos powder/extract
    Cabbage (P/S) - Health powder/solution
    Carrot (S) - Health solution
    Crop Waste (P) - Health powder
    Fat (S) - Slowing solution
    Gold (P) - Gold powder
    Green Jelly (S/E) - Order solution/extract
    Graphite (P) - Graphite powder
    Heart (E) - Life extract
    Hemp (P/E) - Acceleration powder/extract
    Honey (P/S) - Acceleration powder/solution
    Hops (P/S) - Slowing powder/solution
    Intestines (P) - Yellow powder
    Maggot (S/E) - Life solution/extract
    Moth (S/E) - Chaos solution/extract
    Onion (P/E) - Toxic powder/extract
    Pumpkin (P/E) - Health Powder/extract
    Pyrite (P) - Slowing powder
    Red Flower (P) - Toxic powder
    Red Mushroom (S) - Toxic solution
    Silver (P) - Silver powder
    Sulfur (P) - Yellow powder
    White Flower (S/E) - Order solution/extract
    Yellow Flower (S/E) - Life solution/extract


    Alchemy Workbench I
    Spices: Salt + Health Solution
    Black Paint: Ash + Seed oil
    Black Paint: Graphite Powder + Water
    Black Paint: Death Powder + Water
    White Paint: White Powder + Seed Oil
    White Paint: Alcohol + Slowing Solution
    White Paint: Yellow Electro Powder + Water
    Heal Potion: Health Powder + Chaos Solution
    Heal Potion: Life Powder + Health Solution
    Energy Potion: Acceleration Powder + Acceleration Solution
    Growth Enhancer: Ash + Life Solution
    Energy Elixer: Slowing Powder + Acceleration Solution
    Energy Elixer: Acceleration Powder + Slowing Solution
    Freshener: Seed oil + Order Solution
    Dark Elixer: Death powder + Blood

    Alchemy Workbench II
    Acid: Toxic Powder + Chaos Solution + Toxic Essence
    Alkali: Life Powder + Death Solution + Blood
    Glue: Health Powder + Life Solution + Chaos Extract
    Preservative: Slowing Powder + Life Solution + Slowing Extract
    Preservative: Life Powder + Slowing Solution + Slowing Extract
    Balsamic Solution: Chaos Powder + Water + Death Extract
    Silver Elixer: Silver Powder + Chaos Solution + Order Extract
    Silver Elixer: Silver Powder + Order Solution + Life Extract
    Golden Elixer: Gold Powder + Toxic Solution + Chaos Extract
    Golden Elixer: Gold Powder + Order Solution + Health Extract
    Speed potion: Acceleration Powder + Chaos Solution + Acceleration Extract
    Appetite Potion: Health Powder + Toxic Solution + Acceleration Extract
    Long Heal Potion: Order Powder + Health Solution + Health Extract
    Armor Potion: Order Powder + Slowing Solution + Slowing Extract
    Flavor Enhancer: Ash + Toxic Solution + Life Extract
    Aromatizer: Acceleration Powder + Alcohol + Life Extract
    Tanning Agent: Slowing Powder + Death Solution + Order Extract
    Damage Potion: Chaos Powder + Death Solution + Toxic Extract
    Berserk Potion: Toxic Powder + Death Solution + Death Extract

    Further notes:
    Remember to study each item (before you turn it into ingredients) as well as each ingredient to earn points. Select ingredients can be helpful earning those elusive blue points needed for your technologies. Studying the items also shows what that item breaks down into as well.

    Dark body parts can’t be found until you progress far enough in the Inquisitor’s quest line (available once you build the tent and sell food and drink at the witch burning, and move on to ‘Convincing the Crown’ part of his quest line). However, once found, the dark body parts are an excellent source of blue points once studied and their respective ingredients studied as well.

    Comment below if I missed anything, something gets added, or there's anything else suggested for the guide.
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    HieronimusI made spices and gave them to the merchant for his quest but the tracker has not moved. Is it because the witch gave the recipe to me? Do I actually have to discover the recipes just by trial and error?
    Posted by Hieronimus on 10 Sep 18 at 08:09
    CQOzymandiasHieronimus, it's more likely that it's just bugged and didn't track for the achievement. I suggest making other recipes you haven't made yet and seeing if the tracker moves then; otherwise it might be bugged like Loxim above is reporting. Hopefully for your sake it's not bugged, otherwise you're looking at having to start a new save file like Loxim.
    Posted by CQOzymandias on 10 Sep 18 at 13:09
    HieronimusI will carry on and see if this still works since by my count there are 25 different recipes total and only 20 are needed for the achievement. Now that I think about it, what happened still makes sense, since the spices where not actually discovered by myself but revealed by the witch. Once I discovered a recipe myself, the tracker moved as it should. I will let you know about my progress.

    Edit: I bought Acid from the witch and later made it myself and it did not count for the achievement as expected. But when I made a potion that was not known beforehand (question mark symbol when crafting) it did count. Maybe you want to add this to the solution.
    Posted by Hieronimus on 24 Sep 18 at 12:37
    HieronimusAnother thing I found is that if you build the alchemy workbench II, you won't be able to craft recipes with only two ingredients any more. So you might want to do that before building the advanced version if you don't want to downgrade later.
    Posted by Hieronimus on 25 Sep 18 at 10:51
    CQOzymandiasYou can still craft the two ingredient recipes, you just have to do it at a Workbench I. Don’t upgrade the table, build the II separately.
    Posted by CQOzymandias on 26 Sep 18 at 06:08
    Gamrr4LifeFYI: the recipes with "Seed oil" in them can't accept seed oil. They only take regular oil, which you can make using Fat with the Vine Press.
    Posted by Gamrr4Life on 29 Sep 18 at 16:55
    CQOzymandiasGamrr4Life, that must be new with an update, because when I made them Seed Oil was all I had and it definitely worked.
    Posted by CQOzymandias on 01 Oct 18 at 05:16
    HieronimusThe last update changed several things according to my experience. Some of the recipe names were different and one or two recipes didn't work any more. I was still able to get the achievement with this guide but it seems a little outdated by now.
    Posted by Hieronimus on 01 Oct 18 at 10:40
    Skanker irlBlack paint needs oil, not seed oil.
    Posted by Skanker irl on 28 Oct 18 at 05:06
    TheOnlyMattoto anyone aiming to get this i suggest saving it for last, after you've spent 12 gold on your papers. it costed me about 1 gold to make 20 recipes beyond the potion, fertilizer parts and black paint for which i used alot during the game. this saved me having to build and research distillate.

    a few ways i made lots of coinage - selling stone/marble to the mason in town, gold fish sell for 30 silver each. if you use a save/fish method you can get quite a few for one gem lure(reset if you dont get one in the first 10 throws) selling silver ingot to merchant, selling gold wine to merchant, selling silver wine to inn keeper and i ended up with about 15 extra fauceted diamonds from the dungeon and those are 20 silver each. selling metal to the blacksmith after you open up the path up the mountain and have endless metal was a great resource for coinage as well.
    sold jewlery to ms.charm once, for 70 silver. think you would get more selling the jewlery parts to the merchant

    if you use fertilizer and sell 5 crates of gold onions i was making pretty decent coinage off that too. and i found fertilizer was nearly self sufficient. eventually id have so many seeds i didnt even use fertilizer.

    after a week of selling to everyone i would sleep/save hard shut down xbox and reload it. usually reloaded vendors money, their inventory on the other hand tends to keep what you've sold lowering the price.

    SILVER INGOTS - for some reason the merchant didnt keep these week to week and i got boat loads while mining metal to sell to the blacksmith(after i got the perk that made gold/silver show up)

    thanks for the list. i did notice sometimes when i went to make them the game would glitch and spit them out, instead of making anything, not even goo. hard reset fixed this.
    Posted by TheOnlyMatto on 10 Dec 18 at 02:28
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