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More blue points!

Collected 3000 blue points. Ok. Now that's impressive.

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How to unlock the More blue points! achievement

  • demonic zebrademonic zebra728,883
    22 Aug 2018 22 Aug 2018 22 Aug 2018
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    Just so people are aware the books you can buy from the "Astrologer" that award points do not seem to count towards this achievement. I got myself to 99% then bought 75 points worth of books and it did not unlock.

    Happy hunting!

    Edit: The ways I have found for grinding blue points are as follows:

    Making glass in the furnace gives 1 point [6 sand and 1 water]. This can then be converted into conical flasks for 1 point [2 glass] and then advanced conical flasks for 1 point [3 conical flasks and 1 water].

    Making softcovers [2 pigskin paper ] you can then turn softcovers into hard covers granting 5 points [1 softback + 1 tanning agent + 1 faith]. This method is a little more complicated as it requires alchemy far enough along for the distillation cube and alchemy workbench II to make the tanning agent with slowing powder (hops / pyrite / spider web), death solution (dark brain / black jelly) and order extract (green jelly / white flowers).

    These hard covers can also be upgraded then from the copper star variant to silver star for an additional 5 points [1 hard cover bronze + 2 steel parts + 2 faith] and then again upgraded to gold star for another 5 points [1 hard cover silver + 2 gold jewelry details]. This is personally how I did the bulk of my grind, however I would only recommend upgrading to silver star if you have the resources to hand as it's probably not worth the time to grind more steel for the point return.

    As Kimitchii has pointed out in the comments making books can be a very good source, I also personally used this method. Creating stories for 1 point [1/10th of pen and ink + 1 paper + 5 faith], each story can be converted to notes for 3 points [1 story + 1/10th pen and ink + paper], and then 3 notes to a chapter for 5 points [3 notes of varying quality]. Lastly make a book giving 15 points [1 softcover / hard cover + 1 chapter].

    I would recommend using any stories you may have saved up for this to make the whole process a little quicker and would also recommend having the printing press to produce paper as you need pigskin to make the softcovers to start the process.

    You can also research certain items under a buff provided by both cakes and grape pies, however from experience the buff seems to provide 1 additional point no matter the reward (e.g +1 point to an alchemical product which is 5 base or +1 to a gravestone that is 70 base).

    Hope this all helps!

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    SchinderdivHigher quality marble items for the graveyard (like the pilth) award about 150 blue points (when the buff from the grape pie is active) when studied, additionally you get some blue points when making smooth marble at the quarry. Miscellaneous other marble/stone jobs also seem to award blue points.
    Posted by Schinderdiv on 08 Nov 18 at 19:56
    BStringbeanMaking Steel Parts also grants several points. I would recommend having your furnaces make conical flasks, advanced conical flasks, and steel parts when they are otherwise empty and you have your coal supply from the quarry. This was especially helpful to grind out a few extra blue points while I was going for catching 200 fish. Aside from being used to build alchemy workbench I/II and Embalming table II, you don't use advanced flasks. Aside from the 9 total flasks it takes to build all 3 objects, destroy the rest of the advanced flasks to save room.
    Posted by BStringbean on 22 Nov 18 at 06:31
    Project TortureGravestones are best blue points per hour in terms of indefinite methods.
    Posted by Project Torture on 10 Jan 19 at 23:48
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  • ICE Faux PirateICE Faux Pirate755,499
    10 Sep 2018 09 Sep 2018 10 Sep 2018
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    Disclaimer: When the game updates there will probably be items missing from the list below. If you notice something missing or wrong please let me know and I’ll add/change it.

    - I recommend making the Combo Prayer ASAP. You’ll need lots of Faith to study all the items listed below and this prayer will get you a lot more Faith and money than the basic prayer.
    Bronze = 50% more Faith/money, Silver = 100% more, Gold = 150% more
    - As soon as you get enough money, start visiting the Astrologer each week to buy his 25pt blue books for 5 silver. These won’t count towards the achievement but are very useful for progressing.
    - Research stone and marble technologies as soon as possible. Studying the graveyard decorations grants you almost twice the amount of blue points that you spent on the technology.
    - After studying everything in the game that gives blue points you’ll be close to ~2,000 pts so you’ll need to craft items to make up the other ~1,000 pts (if you’re filling your graveyard with 12 white skull corpses from embalming you’ll need lots of marble decorations which will get you the 1,000pts eventually)
    - You can bake a Cake that will grant a buff giving you one extra point when studying items but it's minimal so not necessary.
    - Make sure to take a lick of the Golden Apple that Snake makes you get from lvl 15 of the dungeon. You get 100 blue points that DO count towards the achievement.

    Early game easy points:
    - Studying body parts and grave decorations (listed below)
    - Buy Hemp Seeds from the hobo Dig a lot of days in a row then grow Hemp to turn into Hemp Rope at the Church Work Bench. 4 Hemp = 5 Hemp Rope = 1 blue point
    -Research Glass and Glass Blower technologies to make Conical Flasks granting 1 blue point each. (save the flasks since you’ll need a bunch later on to make embalming injections)

    Study (number is amount of blue points granted):
    20 Blood
    10 Bone
    50 Brain
    20 Fat
    20 Flesh
    50 Heart
    50 Intestine
    20 Skin
    20 Skull

    (Progress far with Inquisitor questline to unlock dark organs)
    150 Dark brain
    100 Dark heart
    150 Dark Intestine

    20 Gravestone
    30 Gravestone 2
    80 Marble cross
    90 Marble cross 2
    80 Marble grave fence
    90 Marble grave fence 2
    150 Marble plinth
    150 Marble sculpture
    150 Marble sculpture 2
    30 Stone Cross
    30 Stone cross 2
    20 Stone grave fence
    30 Stone grave fence 2
    30 Stone plinth
    50 Stone sculpture
    50 Stone sculpture 2
    20 Wooden cross
    20 Wooden grave fence
    10 Wooden marker

    Powder, Solutions, and Extracts: the majority of them
    give 5 blue points when studied so I won’t list them all here.

    Crafting (points each time you craft an item):
    Hemp Rope from Hemp = 1 point
    Conical Flask from Glass = 1 point
    Advanced Conical Flask from CF = 1 point
    Story from Pen&Ink+Paper+Faith = 1 point
    Notes from Stories = 1 point (need 3 for a Chapter)
    Chapter from 3 Notes = 5 points
    Book from Soft/Hardcover+Chapter = 15 points
    A Piece of Marble (Marble block+Wooden Wedge) = 1 point
    A Polished Brick of Marble = 1 point
    A Carved Piece of Marble = 2 points
    Marble Sculpture = 10 points
    Marble Sculpture 2 = 10 points
    Marble Plinth = 10 points
    Porcelain Funeral Urn = 2 points
    A Polished Brick of Stone = 1 points
    Stone Plinth = 3 points
    Stone Sculpture = 5 points
    Stone Sculpture 2 = 5 points
    Embalming Injections = 3 points
    Gold Jewelry Details = 1 point
    Jewelry = 1 point
    Steel Parts = 1 point
    Steel Chisel (any rank) = 1 point
    Lens = 2 points
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