I like to live dangerously… achievement in Dead Cells

I like to live dangerously…

Against all odds, you finished the game with the Cursed Sword!

I like to live dangerously…+0.4
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How to unlock the I like to live dangerously… achievement

  • Archer SpenseArcher Spense998,277
    19 Mar 2019 19 Mar 2019 24 Mar 2019
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    This achievement is for beating the final boss while having the cursed sword equipped. What makes this tricky is the cursed sword will cause you to die in one hit, but getting the achievement doesn't require MLG skills thanks to a save exploit outlined below.

    Cursed Sword blueprint drops from killing Conjunctivitis the first time. When you get it DO NOT BUY IT FROM THE SMITH UNTIL YOU ARE IN THE BREAK AREA BEFORE THE FINAL BOSS (throne room) AND ARE GOING FOR THE ACHIEVEMENT!!!

    The Cursed Sword costs 50 cells to unlock. You can either save up that many (that door that won't let you past unless you spend all your cells? it can be destroyed), or invest 30-40 so you need to spend fewer cells when you're ready. The smith will drop the cursed sword when you purchase the blue print so you don't need to fret looking for one leading up to the final boss


    - play on easiest setting (no active stem cells)

    - spend every upgrade scroll you can on TACTICS (purple lightning bolt)

    - upgrading the forge to increase +, ++, and S % as much as you can for weapons helps out tremendously

    - For weapons I would recommend a good, high level ranged weapon (I used multiple-nocks bow for this) and I always used wolf trap to control the final boss and double crossbow-o-matic. This was my loadout - use whatever you prefer.

    - mutations I would strongly suggest are:
    Ammunition (for ranged)
    (your choice for 3rd)

    The save exploit:

    Dead Cells has a sort of quick save/save state system. This is at any time you press cn_guide, the game will save at exactly that point wherever you are. The moment you die, this save feature is disabled so if you press cn_guide, dashboard, and quit the game you will continue off the last time you pressed cn_guide while alive. If you never did, you will restart at the very start of whatever level you made it to. This exploit will allow you to retry as many times as you want without having to restart from the beginning of the game.

    note: be extra cautious to not screw yourself over with a bad save

    Getting this achievement is easily possible using this exploit.


    If you're familiar with the final boss, he will freeze and summon minions after taking enough damage - this is the perfect opportunity to quick save. If you have a high tactics level and a good ranged weapon, it is possible to hit him so hard, you'll get to the 3rd part of the battle before he even has a chance to attack.

    This 3rd part is tricky since he will have enough health allowing to attack. Worse that he is more aggressive and throws attacks with higher frequency in this 3rd phase. Its really luck dependent if he throws something easy to dodge or jump over, or he throws some long range hard to avoid bullshit that will kill you.

    Luck willing with having a high level ranged weapon and a high tactics level, you can still kill him quickly. He was only able to get off 2 attacks before I finished him off.

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    PuckJunkieHot tip for anyone like me that unlocked the cursed sword before attempting this: you can restrict your available weapons in a custom game and it doesn't prevent achievements. You can thus force the game's available drops to be nothing but (for instance) the cursed sword, frost blast, heavy crossbow, wolf trap, and crossbow-o-matic. This drastically increases the chances that you'll find a cursed sword in the final level before the boss, at which point you pick it up right before you exit the level. Just make sure you have enough cash on hand to buy it in case it only appears in a shop.

    Obviously choose your favorite loadout for the available weapons, I like the frost blast/heavy crossbow combination. I replaced the frost blast when I picked up the cursed sword. DO NOT use the custom option of selecting your starting weapons - that negates achievements.
    Posted by PuckJunkie on 14 Oct 19 at 12:41
    VikingDonutMaybe add the information that the trophy will unlock AFTER you finish the playthrough and not after you killed the boss. I stacked getting no hit and using the cursed sword and right after the boss it just unlocked the achievement for getting no hit.
    Posted by VikingDonut on 18 Feb at 17:16
    guif87Cursed Sword blueprint now drops from killing Conjunctivitis the third time.
    Posted by guif87 on 25 May at 03:01
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  • xMANNY FRE5HxxMANNY FRE5Hx712,310
    18 Feb 2020 20 Feb 2020 20 Feb 2020
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    Archer Spense's solution is excellent. I just want to add a visual representation how The Hand of the King can be defeated easily with the Cursed Sword. As expected I went all in with tactics. My gear was Quick bow, Cursed sword, wolf traps & crowbow o matic. Mutations: Ammo, Support & Hunters Instinct. I was able to destroy him so fast he only got to swing his sword once.. Very easy if you follow the vid.

    It's also worth noting that by re rolling the cursed swords perks it can get the deal x2 dmg while receiving x2 dmg making it a monster weapon.. I've been using it with great success on the next higher difficulties.

    Any thoughts or comments please let me know..
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    Like A Bob RossI love the 2x for 2x solution. Brilliant.
    Posted by Like A Bob Ross on 25 May at 23:33
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