The last rampart falls... achievement in Dead Cells

The last rampart falls...

Beat the Hand of the King.

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How to unlock the The last rampart falls... achievement

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    You could kill this boss with almost any setup if you're able to learn how to dodge and parry the boss' attacks. Most of the attacks can be parried with a shield, or just rolled through. You may have to jump over the boss when he charges, or jump over the tremor when he stomps. However, all of this is easier said than done. If you're feeling hopeless, here are some ways to give yourself a fighting chance even if you're not good at avoiding damage.

    1. Tough Nut passive: This will make you take 80% less damage from the spikes if you get knocked in the pit. This will significantly extend your survivability if you're bad at dodging. Find this blueprint in the Slumbering Sanctuary.

    2. Freezing: Shields work great if you want damage reduction and parry, but you could also carry an ice bow (or other ice weapon) to freeze the boss. This will mean fewer attacks in the first place. Try to reroll the mods to 4x freeze duration. Don't spam the freeze, either. Only use it as much as needed to keep the boss slowed regularly. Bosses can become temporarily immune to freeze, and you can run out of arrows.

    3. Traps: you can pair freezing with traps that have +175% damage to frozen enemies. If you go this route, consider bolstering tactics up to 15+ levels to really see big damage numbers, and use the efficiency passive so you can always redeploy. Your trap of choice should probably be a Double Crossb-o-matic, FYI, it just seems to do more damage than the others despire what the DPS claims. By using 175% damage to frozen enemy mods, you will be able to avoid the boss becoming immune to freeze, as his freeze immunity will surely reset during the add phases that you'll trigger very quickly.

    4. Speed runs and leveling up: Killing enemies gives very little benefit early on, as enemies are weak and don't really drop much. Run/roll past them and try to make it to the timed doors in the first few levels instead of stopping to kill. Make sure you still look for skill ups on the way. The first level always has 2 skill up boxes, so look for those before moving on. Also check your map frequently to see if the map revealed anything you missed while you were rushing through. If you see a tiny star on your map that means an enemy holds a skill up and you should kill it.

    5. After you get past the first boss, consider slowing down your pace and going more carefully to find every last elite, skill up, and treasure. You will want to replace most of your weapons to V - VII versions in the last few levels, so you need to take your time to find every last thing.

    6. When you have the option to unlock the legendary forge perks, always put everything into it. The legendary forge will actually improve the max potential power of weapons by making them start off at a higher rank. Gear that drops as a + rank can still be upgraded to ++ and so on. So by giving to the legendary forge you will eventually wind up with stronger weapons.

    7. Unlock your level 4 potion. It may seem like it'll take forever, but having 4 potions will really help people who are tanking too many hits.

    8. 30% more life passive - if you suck at dodging, this is a no-brainer. You want to survive more hits, so get a bigger health pool.

    9. Damage reduction: Ice weapons, some shields, and your talisman can give damage reduction. Get as much as you can without ruining your damage output.
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    TunalegThe recently released update (v1.1 I believe) makes this a cakewalk compared to before
    Posted by Tunaleg on 19 Feb 19 at 05:20
    Topical Decoy2/1/2020 - Beat the final boss, but didn't unlock this or the boss cell achievement. Signing out and back got me the boss cell to pop, but this didn't pop retroactively.
    Posted by Topical Decoy on 03 Feb 20 at 14:14
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