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Too Many Cooks

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How to unlock the Too Many Cooks achievement

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    23 Aug 2018 04 Sep 2018 22 Aug 2019
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    Previously this was host only but apparently after a recent patch this is now obtainable by everyone playing. (Thanks to Aura Battler for this info). You'll get this naturally if you're going for the other achievements. Below is a list of levels that unlock characters in case someone needs it. To unlock the chefs you only need to finish the level with at least one star.
    The chefs aren't named and the human chefs are difficult to describe in text, so for photo reference, visit here:

    World 1-2: Human chef
    World 1-5: Cat chef
    World 2-1: Human chef
    World 2-4: Human chef
    World 3-1: Human chef
    World 3-3: Raccoon chef
    World 3-5: Crocodile chef
    World 4-2: Octopus chef
    World 4-4: Human chef
    World 4-6: Human chef
    World 5-2: Eagle chef
    World 5-5: Cat chef
    World 6-2: Squirrel
    World 6-5: Robot
    Kevin 1: Human chef
    (Unlocked in world 1-3 by getting a combo of 2)
    Kevin 3: Human chef
    (Unlocked in world 2-4 by getting a score of 600 for solo or 1000 for co-op)
    Kevin 5 : Beaver chef
    (Unlocked in world 4-3 by getting a combo of 4 for solo or 5 for co-op)
    Kevin 7: Alien chef
    (Unlocked in world 5-5 by getting a combo of 5 for solo or 8 for co-op)
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    CRT JEDIMARKThanks, but a list of the names of the chefs next to each level would have been a bit more helpful for me.
    Posted by CRT JEDIMARK on 05 Sep 18 at 02:16
    F4cileGood point, I'll add that info as soon as I can :)
    Posted by F4cile on 05 Sep 18 at 04:40
    Punk NineToo bad this glitched on me.
    Posted by Punk Nine on 24 Sep 18 at 18:12
    NeonInVermontSame happened to me.
    I have compared to my g/f's account (she got the cheeve) and we both have the same chefs unlocked, except I don't have the achievement. And I have now beat the game twice, and another time gone to each specific level to meet the requirements for each chef. .................... Still nothing
    Posted by NeonInVermont on 07 Oct 18 at 03:29
    Aura BattlerBefore a patch, this achievement could only be unlocked by the host, but now, since the progress would save for all players even you are not the host, everyone can get the achievement at the same time if all players play after the patch.
    Posted by Aura Battler on 22 Jul 19 at 05:13
    F4cileThat's great! I'll add it to the solution
    Posted by F4cile on 22 Jul 19 at 06:00
    gobey17So I was the second person, my friend was the host. We 3-star and completed all the levels yesterday yet he got this achievement while I didn't. It's stuck on 94%.

    Is there any way to make it trigger? I've unlocked everything else fine as the second person and I only ever played this game a couple of days ago. Really don't want to play all through this again by myself. :(
    Posted by gobey17 on 09 Jun 20 at 21:12
    F4cileUnfortunately I don't know for sure what the problem might be. Have you checked that you have all the ones listed above unlocked? Also have you tried hosting the game and maybe playing a few levels? Hope you get it!
    Posted by F4cile on 10 Jun 20 at 09:44
    gobey17Yes, went through the list and compared each cook with my friend and we've got the exact same ones. And tried playing a level with my friend and by myself on a level that would normally unlock a cook, but nothing sadly.

    It doesn't register a new cook unlocked when replaying levels, even on a new save file. I might try either doing the last level by myself, going through each level that unlocks cooks, or at worst delete all my save data. bleurgh :/

    Edit: Forgot to ever update this, but I pretty much had to delete my save and start from scratch and play up to where you would unlock the last cook. It sucks, but mainly you can do the bare minimum of getting one star to progress. So be aware that this may not unlock if you're the second player.
    Posted by gobey17 on 10 Jun 20 at 19:08
    GremlinLord615The "Beaver" chef listed above is actually a Molerat. There is a beaver in the DLC
    Posted by GremlinLord615 on 22 Jan at 06:15
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