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Episode 2: Suffer the Children

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Episode 2: Suffer the Children

Be Prepared achievement in The Walking Dead: The Final Season

Be Prepared


Be Prepared0
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How to unlock the Be Prepared achievement

  • Negan BetaNegan Beta253,885 253,885 GamerScore
    25 Sep 2018 25 Sep 2018 27 Sep 2018
    41 0 7
    After doing everything and not getting the achievement i went back on a new save.

    In Act Three, First thing is the most important. Do not talk to anyone until you do the following i was moving from the left to right clockwise. Path you go does not matter just DO NOT TALK TO ANYONE YET:

    Look at Barricade

    Look at Graffiti

    Flip table

    Look at walls next to table

    Look up to your right at the Barbed wire

    Look at the piles of heads on the ground

    In the middle look at the Heads on sticks and the flagpole

    Check the Rubble near the graves.

    Check all 3 graves, not sure if it matters but i didn't spit on Marlon's grave.

    After the 3rd grave you will get the achievement.

    Thanks to Blissed Away for pointing out You can use LB or LT to view points of interest.

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    Senior ChuponBTW there will only be three graves if you choose to bury Ms Martin while at the greenhouse. If you burn her walker corpse you only have to check Brody and Marlon.
    Posted by Senior Chupon on 18 Oct 18 at 17:13
    pezboybenDamn, had no idea you could hold LB to find points of interest!
    Posted by pezboyben on 01 Apr 19 at 05:35
    XboxClown89It is critical you chose to bury Ms. Martin unless you can't get this achievement.
    Posted by XboxClown89 on 13 Feb at 00:11
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  • SashamorningSashamorning1,966,787
    25 Sep 2018 25 Sep 2018 05 Oct 2018
    22 3 11
    Make sure to make a backup when you go outside to look at the fortifications. There may be some issues with getting this to pop, so it's good to be able to go back to the beginning of this scene.

    This is for doing everything in the yard before you talk to Violet. She'll come out, but as long as you don't talk to her, you should be able to finish looking around.

    Some people have said talking to people interferes with the achievement. When I got the achievement, I talked to absolutely everyone, so talking to people does not interfere with this. The last thing I did was go to the graves, and it popped. You do need to talk to Rosie and Louis for achievements.

    You probably don't need all of this, but here's a list of everything you can do in the yard. Talking to people probably isn't part of this, but it covers everything.

    Look at the graffiti
    Look at the flagpole
    Look at the head next to the flagpole
    Look at the walls (on the gate)
    Look at the barbed wire on the walls (I can't remember exactly where this was)
    Look at the pile of heads on the ground
    Examine the wooden spear barricade
    Flip over the picnic table
    Look at the burned out building (rubble)
    Look at all of the graves (Marlon, Brody, Ms. Martin, etc.)
    Talk to AJ & Tenn up on the tower
    Talk to Mitch
    Make sure to pet Rosie for:
    The Walking Dead: The Final SeasonSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in The Walking Dead: The Final Season worth 17 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    Shoot the bow with Louis. Don't miss for:
    The Walking Dead: The Final SeasonSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in The Walking Dead: The Final Season worth 16 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    If it hasn't popped yet, make sure to look around one more time for anything you can do. Once you talk to Violet, you can't go back.

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    GUNNA999666@KenH2k4 I can read, i talked to everyone BUT Violet and it did not pop so i had to start over. @Sashamorning When i did replay it and not talk to anyone (even the dog) and it popped for me. I see you did edit it so i will change my vote.
    Posted by GUNNA999666 on 02 Oct 18 at 23:43
    ARCHER MIKEI talked to Louis and shot bow before going to graves and picked up ‘sureshot’ achievement. Also pet Rosie for ‘great girl’achievement. I skipped Marlon grave and did Brody first then Marlon and as soon as I looked at Marlon grave, the achievement popped. Then the option to spit on Marlon grave came up after the achievement so I can confirm that spitting isn’t needed.

    I used the LB when I started out as it showed me all the options on where to go. I visited everything except talk to Mitch and I didn’t talk to the kids on the tower lookout. Just pointing this out in case it helps.

    I don’t see violet anywhere yet. I’m sure she will pop up once I talk to kids or Mitch.

    After I completed achievement, I went back and talked to the kids in tower. Then I went back to play with the bow as it was now an option. Louis did say after getting sureshot that I was welcome to practice any time so I was just checking it out. I had to do 5 more shots before I could go. Now the only things coming up from using LB are Louis and bow at archery range and Mitch at picnic table and the option to go back and spit on grave. I went to Mitch and talked. As soon as I was done talking with Mitch, violet walked outside. Now violet and Louis show as options to interact.

    I couldn’t tell you if Mitch was the problem people were not getting the achievement but we know for sure that the achievement pops before Violet is in yard so just make sure to do everything before talking to Violet.
    Posted by ARCHER MIKE on 05 Oct 18 at 10:54
    SashamorningI didn't spit on the grave when mine popped, either. Let me take that one out.
    Posted by Sashamorning on 05 Oct 18 at 14:31
  • TheWelshHuntTheWelshHunt783,687
    10 Jan 2020 31 Jan 2020
    1 1 0
    Hey guys and gals!
    Heres my video guide on getting ALL achievements and collectibles in chronological order so you dont miss a thing!

    Hope this helps!

    Act 2
    0:20 - Collectible - Boar Skull 1/3
    0:54 - Achievement - Botanist (Part1)
    1:13 - Collectible - Mushroom 2/3
    1:13 - Achievement - Edible
    1:40 - Achievement - Botanist
    4:20 - Collectible - Venus FlyTrap 3/3

    Act 3
    4:43 - Achievement - Great Girl
    5:40 - Acheivement - Be Prepared - When you are outside in the courtyard, you HAVE to interact with absolutely everything!
    Written guides above me are excellent if your stuck, but if you are still having troubles, Press and Hold cn_LT which reveals ALL Interaction points as white dots!

    8:41 - Achievement - Sureshot
    10:10 - Achievement - Bonded
    11:55 - Achievement - Moving Fast
    13:20 - Achievement - Deadeye

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