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Achieve TNA Champion status on any Leaderboard.

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  • Pete 924Pete 924556,420
    05 May 2011 04 May 2011 05 May 2011
    12 3 9
    Just to confirm a couple of points, and sometips:

    This achievement is easier if you do not have any losses, as this counts against you. It must be in ranked online play, but can obviously be boosted with either a helpful friend or dummy account. At the time of writing, you should be able to achieve Champion status on the Submission leaderboard at about 60 wins. You also need to view your position on the leaderboards, making sure to select the correct leaderboard as different match types have separate leaderboards and champions.

    The quickest way is to select the 'Mexico' arena and 'Submission' match type, and select AJ Styles. Walk to your opponent and hit LB + A to hit an Insiguri kick and lay your opponent down. Walk around and stand behind the head of your opponent and repeatedly hit Y to fire elbows on top of his skull. Seven or eight hits later, the head part of your opponents health picture should be dark red, so hit LB + B to lock in that submission and hit three x three button sequences to finish the match. This can be as quick as 15 seconds, but with matchmaking and loading takes approx 2 minutes per game.

    Edited to add: Having finally finished boosting this (Thanks DivineWind72!) the ranking (with wins I needed to achieve) goes:
    Journeyman (55 wins)
    Up & Comer (56 wins)
    Superstar (57 wins)
    Main Eventer (58 wins)
    TNA Champion (59 wins)

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    disturbedone47For submission leader board you have to get around 70 to 71 wins just did it today and don't forget to go to leader board to get the ach to pop i forgot to and thought ach glitched on me but went to leader board and it popped
    Posted by disturbedone47 on 24 Jun 14 at 08:59
    JohnALS39Great guide, took me 75 wins as of March 2017
    Posted by JohnALS39 on 05 Mar 17 at 09:53
    Lord Von ChimpDoes anyone know how the losing works for sure, for example, If I've lost 5 Ultimate X matches, would that effect me boosting from scratch in Submission?
    Posted by Lord Von Chimp on 26 Feb 18 at 15:15
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  • TGC DaZZTGC DaZZ44,894
    21 Feb 2009 21 Feb 2009
    8 2 13
    In order to get this achievement you will need to become a TNA Champion on the Live Leaderboards. At first this may sound daunting but it is doable. It will be a lot easier if follow this method.

    1) Arrange to meet a friend online and get them to set up a RANKED Submission match.

    2) Now you need to select QUICK PLAY and hope you match up with your friend. Nowadays its easy as their aren't that many people playing online.

    3) Now you defeat your friend via SUBMISSION and repeat the process 40 - 50 times.

    In order to unlock the achievement you will need to keep checking the leaderboards as it won't appear until you see your name at the top.
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    CYKO7IKTEL1981 just how do we get our rank to show up in the grey bar. I am number 2 on the submissions with 87-1 record i think it is and no cheevo. any advice. message me on XBL at cyko7ik
    Posted by CYKO7IK on 14 Dec 11 at 00:37
    burymagnetsIf its any help, I also got the cheevo only when I checked my status on the leaderboard, I think straight after the match I made TNA Champion. Took 87 straight wins in FAC, which apparently hasn't changed from a year ago! :D
    Posted by burymagnets on 08 Apr 12 at 14:50
    TEL1981There is no way to get your stats to show in the grey bar. Thats the problem. They should be shown in there the same as on the leaderboard, so if they dont show in the grey bar you wont get the achievement. The achievement is linked to the grey bar at the bottom and for some reason thats glitched for me and doesn't update.
    It always says jobber 0 0 0 so no achievement for me. I first played the game years before i went for all of the achievements and apparantly there was some 'tna champ bug' going around then that made your profile unable to get the achievement.
    Posted by TEL1981 on 30 Oct 13 at 00:52
  • The SharkopathThe Sharkopath453,394
    31 Jan 2010 31 Jan 2010 28 Oct 2014
    5 1 3
    Ok this achievement is screwy. My friend and I did this and it took him 70 wins (in a row that is), and me 73 or so. We had started by going back and forth with the wins but that doesn't work. You need one person to win continuously. We were both "jobbers" until around 51-57 wins. So basically your going to be a "jobber" rank for a long time, but once you level up you fly through the other ranks really fast. So just keep having your boosting partner win until he gets it. If you have losses already it will take you longer to get the "TNA Champion" rank. So just remember that. Any questions or comments let me know.
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    TerminaterF5Could You possibly help me get this achievement?Its the only one I have left and none of my friends have this game. If you could help me, I would deeply appreciate it.
    Posted by TerminaterF5 on 09 May 11 at 00:57
    The SharkopathI would man but unfortunately I don't have the game anymore. I suggest looked at the boosting list and see if anyone on there is able to help u. Hope u get the ach man!
    Posted by The Sharkopath on 09 May 11 at 02:42
    B8TINGULoses also count against you.. in BIG way.. I helped a few friends I have a157 losses and so now it was my turn.. 67 wins later I'm still a jobber.. Think I'll hit a mode I haven't lost in.
    Posted by B8TINGU on 08 Nov 11 at 07:36
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