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Star Power in RocketBowl

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Awarded for collecting every star on a course.

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Posted on 23 June 10 at 01:11, Edited on 10 February 11 at 21:47
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Difficulty: 5/10
Mode: Offline
Time Invested: 20 Minutes+
Information: This achievement is Skill dependent.

(There is a map included below of all star locations in QuickStrike alley.)

I am unsure exactly how this achievement works. I have done research and some sources claim that the map has the ability to "memorize" which stars you have collected; i.e. play a full 10 frame game of QS alley and collect 2 stars, your next time
loading up QS alley, you won't have to worry about those stars anymore when trying to collect all stars for the level.

However, in my situation (and in other peoples situations) this is NOT the case. I will assume you are like me, and must collect all stars in a single 10-frame game.

Note that the map is a very rough representation and is not properly proportioned, it is just to provide a general idea of
star locations. Using this map you should be able to at least identify the area of the star and spot it using Y ability
before you shoot to confirm it's location.

IMPORTANT: This guide attempts collecting all the stars for the first map, called QuickStrike Alley. There are a total of 53
stars to collect, and 10 cash-pins, making a grand total of 275 star points. (265 star ponits from stars, 10 from cash pins.)
It is unconfirmed whether you must collect the cash pins to get the achievement, but this guide assumes you must. Note that I do not have the achievement at the time of writing this, so bear with me as it's far from perfect.

The green spots on the map represent a single star, worth 5 points. The slightly darker green spots mean the star is either
up a slope/ramp, or in mid-air and generally requires the Y boost ability to get airborne. Please also note that some dots
(then obviously stars) are very close to one another, so take a good look at each dot to make sure it is by itself.

External image

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1st Frame: (4 Stars)
In this area, there are 3 normal stars (which are on ground level) and 1 mid-air star. There are two stars in the pit with
you; one to each the left and right of the pins, and if you look at the pins and look 90 degrees left, you'll see a star
against the edge of the map. The mid-air star is directly in front of you when facing the pins.

FIRST SHOT: I reccomend starting your first shot towards the star against the edge of the map, going up and then back down the slope to grab the two stars in frame 1's pit, then trying to continue momentum and picking up the 3 hidden stars that are all right next to each other in frame 10's pit, and then hitting a pin or two of frame 10 to secure your stars. This shot is tricky but with practice (and a good ball!) it is possible. Keep in mind not to knock over all of the pins for ANY frame,
because that will cause you to forfeit your turns for that frame.

If you were able to pull off the first shot, congratulations. Now it's best to either get the mid-air pin directly in front of you facing frame 1's pins, however a trickier shot can be accomplished. My general rule is to get mid air pins first
because they tend to be the toughest to go back and collect later. If you're brave, you can aim for the two stars behind frame 2's pins that are against the edge of the map on the slope, and continue right to pickup the star on the hill between
frame 2 and frame 3, ultimately hitting a pin on frame 3 or possibly 4.

THIRD SHOT: This should obviously be to pickup any star pins in frame 1, however if there aren't any or you have already
collected them, then go ahead and try the tricky shot mentioned above for the stars behind frame 2's pins.

2nd Frame: (4 Stars)
There are 3 stars in this area, with a star off to the right (if looking at frame 2's pins) on a slight hill leading towards frame 3. They are all on ground level.

FIRST SHOT: If you did not collect the mid-air star, or really any stars for frame 1, and you have pins left on frame 1
(which you should!), it's best to avoid them for a while. This shot could be taken plenty of different ways, however I found
that not aiming for the stars in this area, and instead, aiming for frame 3 and 4's stars to be much better. This is because
later on frame 4,5,6,7,8, or even 9, frame 1 and 2's pins and stars are easily reachable with a good enough ball, and often
you come at a better angle than provided during frame 1 and 2. If you are shooting for frame 3 and 4's stars, the best start
would be to try to get the star on the giant quarterpipe just beyond frame 3 if you are looking at it from frame 2's starting
point. It will require a few Y boosts probably, but overall it is not that tricky to collect. Once you snag it, it's best to
play safe and try to hit a pin on frame 3 and maybe collect a few nearby stars.

This shot is best used to do pretty much the same as the previous shot; Aim for frame 3 or 4's stars, or possibly frame 5's stars. A good shot would be to pickup the star on the hill between frame 2 & 3 if you didn't before, and aim for the stars
ontop of the hills just beyond frame 3 & 4, next to the giant quarterpipe. It may even be wise to take a longer route by
aiming for the Time Boost north of the quarterpipe, and going around the back of the pipe, then collecting the stars on the
hill and possibly some around frame 5. This is tricky but possible.

Your clean-up shot. It's not the best idea if you're really good, but picking up any star pins on Frame 2 (or even frame 1 if
you missed some) is a decent idea for this shot. If you're good enough, you could come back later to collect them, however
you may be setting yourself up to fail, so just think your plan through. It's possible to come back and hit the star pins on
the 1st and 2nd frames, however traveling from far away with hills in your line of sight makes it tricky to assure you'll hit
the star pins. If there are no star pins or you want to come back to them, this shot will be best used on frame 5's pins.

This guide relies on leaving a few pins of every frame standing, so keep that in mind. If you're good or daring, this is a
decent shot to go for the high mid-air pin on frame 5. However, do not get disenheartened if you fail the shot or miss the
star, because it's a tricky one.

3rd Frame: (7 Stars)
This and frame 4 are located in the same area and pit, with the whole pit containing 6 stars. 3 stars are near frame 3, all
ground level, 2 stars ground level near frame 4 and 1 mid-air star infront of frame 4. There is also a star high on the
quarterpipe to the left of the starting point of frame 3, assuming you are looking at frame 3's pins.

I do not have a rock-solid plan for the first shot here, however a good start could be any of these shots...
-Pickup the two stars behind frame 2's pins,carry on through to get any missing stars around frame 1, and try to grab the 3
hidden stars in frame 10's pit to ultimately hit a pin on frame 10.
-Grab the quarterpipe star, or snag the Time Boost behind you and swing around the quarterpipe to grab the stars ontop of the hills behind frame 5's pins.
-Aim straight at the hill closest to the quarterpipe and grab the star infront of the hill and the one ontop, then the star
against the edge of the map, go up and back down the slope and then onto the next hill's star leading towards frame 5's pins.
-Aim for stars in the pit of frame 3 and 4. I attempted to grab the high mid-air star of frame 5 on this shot and it proved a
challenge to judge the height, however it is possible with enough Y boosts.

Any of the shot ideas mentioned above, or your own idea!

Frame 3's pins are harder to hit from later frames than frame 4's pins are. If you have cash pins in frame 3, it's best to
grab them now. The theory is whenever you're on frame 5 or above, and you head over to frame 3&4's pit, you cannot directly see the pins in frame 3 as you can for frame 4, so it's harder to judge your shot.

4th Frame:
See frame 3 for pin locations.

Generally, any of the shots mentioned for frame 3 are good here with a few notable differences;

-If there are any cash pins in frame 4, a suitable shot would be to aim for the mid-air star directly on your way to frame
4's pins, just charge up to full power and Y boost almost immediately after shooting to grab the star and smash into the pins directly after. This shot isn't necessary however it might save some stress of collecting the mid-air star later on.
-If going straight for the hill stars next to the quarterpipe, there is a sign nearly obstructing your path, however it is still possible to make a straight shot.
-This starting point may be better for the high mid-air star of frame 5, because there are no immediate slopes to deal with.
Charge up near or full power, and Y boost over to it. You could possibly snag other frame 5 stars or continue over to frame
7&8's area to get some stars.

5th Frame: (8 Stars)
I hated this frame, the stars are so spread out. Start looking at the pins for this frame...There is one star directly behind
you, just past the Rocket power-up. If looking at that star, there is a small quarterpipe 90 degrees to the left with a star
on it. While looking at that star, there is a mid-air star closer to you, and an even higher star nearly above you. Turning a
little to the left again will show a star on the edge of the pit, then left more looking at the pins is another star. Behind
the pins on a small blue quarterpipe is another star, and to the left of the pins is another star on the edge of the pit.
That makes for a total of 8 stars on this frame. Yikes.

Notes on this frame:

-It's a good idea to pickup any cash pins and stars left over in frame 3 and 4's pit, because coming back later gets tough.
However, there are a lot of stars here so wasting a shot on something else may prove fatal.
-Attempting the high mid-air star here is pointless, because it is too tricky to get a good line of sight on the star. I
suggest picking up at least the star on the small quarterpipe to the right of the pins, however.
-Getting the star behind the pins isn't too tricky, however it can be annoying and should wait until your final shot if you
should attempt this, because swerving around the pins and grabbing the star works, however when/if your ball returns to frame 5's pins it may earn you a strike, wasting any shots you had left, so be careful.
-Finally, another good shot is to aim inbetween the hill of frame 6's pins, and the waves pit of frame 7&8's pins to snag the 4 stars nearly in a straight line. After getting the stars, continue straight to grab the star on the edge of the map behind frame 7's pins, sloping up and down toward frame 7's pins collecting a star or two on the way to hitting a pin of frame 7 or 8.

6th Frame: (8 Stars)
There are two obvious stars slightly to the left and right of the starting point facing the pins for this frame. There is another star behind the pins ontop of the plateu that the pins are on, and assuming you are ontop of the pins for frame 6 and looking directly at the pins for frame 7, there is a star 90 degrees to the right, on the side of the plateau. I also included the 3 stars on the hills inbetween this starting point and the giant quarterpipe, and also the star near them that is on the edge of the map by the quarterpipe. I did this, even though they are closer to frame 4 and 5, because collecting them from this starting point is much less of a hassle.

Doing as mentioned directly above, shooting for the 3 stars on the hills inbetween you and the giant quarterpipe is a great idea if they haven't been collected yet. If so, then it may be wise to grab some more stars in frame 5's area. NOTE: This shot may be negated, read frame 9 for more details.

Slightly tricky and requires several boosts. Looking at the pins for this frame, shoot for the star on the left of the plateau and try to keep turning/boosting to grab the star on the side of the plateau, and continue to grab the star against the edge of the map in front of you, sloping up and down, and going towards frame 7's pins grabbing stars along the way.

Do not worry about cash pins for this frame, because they are much easier to get on the next frame. You should make sure by now you have collected at least one of the two stars that appear in front of you, otherwise it may be hard to come back and get them both, without wasting precious shots in the future. So try to snag the (hopefully) last of the two stars that appear directly in front of you, and go either way with them. If it's the left star, perform shot #2 above. If it's the right star,
try shot #1. If you already have both, good, then possibly aim for more stars in frame 3, 4, or 5's areas. If all thats taken
care of, and you still have this shot to waste, then why are you reading my guide? You must be amazing :P

7th Frame: (10 Stars)
Frame 7 and 8 are close together, so I'll treat them like I did frame 3 and 4. There are 3 stars in front of the plateau that you start on, on the ground. The first is directly on your way to the pins for this frame, the next is slightly right of that star, and the next even further right of that star. Back to looking at frame 7's pins, there is a mid-air star in front of you, and a star on the left and a star on the right of the pins. Another star is next to frame 8's pins, and 2 more stars to the left of frame 7's pins. The last star is even further left, against the edge of the map.

Things to keep in mind on this frame:

-Should you need to get a cash pin from Frame 6, it is directly behind where you start, thus why I said to ignore it earlier.
Now is your chance to grab it, however this is a good starting point so you may be wasting a critical shot.
-The stars all in front of the plateau (the first 4 mentioned in this frames description) should not be tried for during this frame. They are easier to earn during frame 3,4,5 or 8's starting points.
-Be sure to snag the mid-air star in front of you, because it can be tricky to get later on.
-This is a good starting point to aim for the elusive frame 5 high mid-air star. I believe this is the best place to attempt it, however it is still a tricky shot and requires several Y boosts.
-Now is a good time to start looking at Frame 9's stars. The two way back against the edge of the map near frame 9 are very much easy to get from here (and also from Frame 8's starting point.) A good idea if trying to get these stars is to aim for the star next to frame 7's pins, grab the star a little past it next to frame 8's pins, curve left to grab the star that is
on the ledge of the lake by frame 9, and Y boost over the lake to the two back stars, slope up and back down, and hit a pin for frame 9. This shot is tricky but very doable.

8th Frame:
The pin locations are listed above.

Important- If frame 8 has any cash pins, then it's wise to clear out frame 7's pins with your first shot, because you don't want to struggle to swerve around frame 7's pins on your last shot here just to try to get the cash pin for frame 8. It's tough. So make sure you keep this in mind.

-Aim for the star just off to your right, right in front of you, and follow the trail of stars leading to frame 5's pit, claiming any stars you want there, and boosting out of the pit to hit frame 3, 4 or 5's pins.
-This isn't a bad spot to try to reach the 3 hidden stars on frame 10. Start by aiming at the star off to your left, follow through with the star in frame 5's area that is by the rocket powerup, curve left and grab the star behind frame 10's pins,
go up and down the slope, and aim for the 3 stars in frame 10's pit, then up and out of the pit to boost towards frame 1 or
2's pins, or even 3 or 4's pins if you have enough time/boost. This is why it's critical to leave some regular pins in every frame, so you can make this long shots.

9th Frame: (5 Stars)
5 stars in this area; one on a ledge above the lake to your left, then two in plain sight when looking at the frame's pins, and then two looking further right from the pins against the wall of the map. (One may be obstructed by the sign).

-This is a good time, if you missed some stars from eariler around the plateau and frame 6's starting point, or around frame 3/4, or frame 2 or 1, or even 10, to go back and get them. THIS SHOT REQUIRES THAT YOU HAVE NOT PICKED UP ANY TIME BOOSTS. If you aim at the star that is against the edge of the map behind frame 8's starting point, you can swing around to grab the plateau star, and the frame 6's two starting point stars, continue over the 3 hills leading to the giant quarterpipe (and grabbing a very needed time boost inbetween), continuing past the giant quarterpipe towards the Curve power up, and into the other Time Boost against the map edge, grabbing the two stars behind frame 2's pins, and the star further along that is another star to the left of frame 1's pins (it'll be straight ahead from frame 2's back stars), and then boosting into frame 10's pins. Phew, a long wild ride but quite easy with enough boosts. I netted 85 stars in this one shot, first try.

-Another useful shot could be to grab the star off to the right of this frames pins, and boost right quickly to get the two stars against the edge of the map, then one of two things; either boost 3-4 more times right to circle around back to frame 9's pins, OR continue onward to frame 10's pins and try to net those hidden 3 stars. Going the frame 10 route is tricky but possible if you, instead of swerving around frame 10's pins, aim for the slope behind them, and then slope down towards the 3 stars.

10th Frame: (7 Stars)
7 Stars litter this pit, one for each tunnel path. The left and right paths contain hard to miss ground level stars, and the
middle path holds a mid-air star that requires (at full power) usually a single well placed Y boost to reach. There is also a
star behind the pins. Now, if you are looking at frame 1's pins, you can probably see the 3 hidden stars through the clear
blue tubing that leads you to frame 10's pins. They are on the outside almost underneath the tubing. It is very tricky to
grab these three when you're on frame 10, however if you're this far and haven't gotten them, no need to fret.

The best scenario here is all you have left for this area (and the whole game!) are the single stars for each tube/path. The
left star, the right star, and the mid-air middle star. This is the ideal setup, because your first shot can go right, second
can go left, and last can get the mid-air star to finish the round! However...

-If you're missing the star behind the pins, and the 3 hidden stars, try this shot; Aim at the pins down the center path, and
Y boost with full power to get the mid-air star. Now, while still in air, Y boost again once or twice (once should work) to
reach the star behind the pins, and continue up the slope and back down, and turn to get the 3 hidden stars. Now it's a
matter of find a pin, be it Frame 1's pins, frame 2's, or even boosting back around to frame 10's pins.

Note: If you're missing any stars from any other frames or areas when you reach frame 10, you're basically screwed unless you've collected a star from one of the three paths already, because this frame almost assurdly requires three shots to complete it. I suppose it is possible to grab the stars in the paths from other frames, but it is generally a waste of that frames shot + very hard to do. So I advise you to be done with all other stars that aren't located in frame 10's (or maybe
even frame 1 or 2's) area before you reach frame 10.


Well, there you have it! (I hope!) Star Power! It's not a simple achievement if you cannot collect the stars progressively
(throughout multiple games) so don't feel bad if it's tough. Note that my shot ideas are probably far from the best possible ideas, I only listed the shots I knew I was capable of performing, and that I figured were the easiest solutions to grabbing the most stars without being tricky.

Thank you for reading! If you have any suggestions, tips, or questions about this solution or the game itself, simply send me a message on Xbox Live or on TrueAchievements!
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