All Limericks Found achievement in Wailing Heights

All Limericks Found

Ask around for all the rhymes!

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How to unlock the All Limericks Found achievement

  • Hazar KhallHazar Khall1,140,929
    04 Jan 2021 04 Jan 2021 04 Jan 2021
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    There are 6 total limericks, with one being missable. This is a quick guide, hoping you know how to play already. Big spoilers otherwise.

    All 6 are gained in act 2.

    1. After interacting with the moonshine as Abnorm, you need to get an Atomic Buster as Debby Decay. Ask the concessions stand zombie in the movie theatre for his limerick. He leaves after Adas final song.

    2. As Lola, talk to Fangs in the vampire bar. His limerick is now available, at the same time you can get Adas sugar.

    3. As Soul, talk to the zombie by the fountain, his limerick is now available.

    4. As Soul, interigate the zombie at the police station, the guy with the garlic jacket. After good/bad cop, ask the desk minotaur to turn up the heat. Grab the jacket, store it in evidence, talk to the minotaur again, you automatically ask for the limerick.

    5. After possessing Ada (losing limerick guy one, hope you followed) grab her book. As Soul, go to town hall. After giving the zombie paper to the receptionist, ask for a limerick.

    6. You take control of Fangs shortly after townhall. Go upstairs in the vamp bar with him, ask the vamp girl on the stool for the final limerick.

    You can nab 2-6 at anytime. Only the zombie drink seller leaves partway through act 2.

    Happy hunting (>*_*)>
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  • TheWelshHuntTheWelshHunt874,372
    19 Mar 2020 27 Mar 2020 27 Mar 2020
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    Hey Guys And Gals, Here is my 100% Achievement Guide & Full Walkthrough for Wailing Heights!

    This is a while into act 2 and there are only 3 to find.
    The first one is when you play as Soul Ghoulman and need to go the interrogation room in the police station.
    After you question the zombie on everything, go out and talk to the Minotaur behind the desk and choose this specific dialogue option. "The zombie isn't cracking, better turn up the heat". The Minotaur will go away for a few seconds, and when he returns, MAKE SURE to talk to him again and ask him "Hey, do you know any good limericks" He will say something and thats the first one done.

    The second one is the receptionist in Town Hall. Again, As Soul Ghoulman, just go and talk to her, exhaust all dialogue options and asking her if she knows a limerick is part of those options. She says something like "It is forbidden" or something similar.

    The third and final one is when you finally get to take control of Fangs (The vampire in the coffee shop type thing singing on stage). Once taken over, immediately head up the stairs behind you and talk to the girl sitting infront of the mirror. She says something and the achievement will unlock here.

    Go to 1:02:25 for Limerick 1, 1:06:50 for Limerick 2, & 1:13:25 in my video to see who. how and where these unlock.

    Hope This Helps!

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    FlthyFirestartrNot unlocking for me. Just talked to all three within 40 seconds and it still doesn't pop. Tried restarting the game, nothing. Got 3 achievements before this one.
    Posted by FlthyFirestartr on 08 Aug 20 at 03:17
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