Cat Burglar achievement in Shenmue

Cat Burglar

Find Megumi's kitten when it goes missing

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How to unlock the Cat Burglar achievement

  • Rafael D ArroyoRafael D Arroyo600,821
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    This achievement is obtainable the day after finding the second mirror and taking it to Master Chen in Warehouse #8.

    Go to Yamanose and go to the shrine where Megumi was keeping the kitten, at the beggining of the game, and talk to her (untill a new task registers on your notebook), then go toward Ryo's house untill you see a set of stairs on your left. Go down toward the hanging clothes and you'll see the kitten on the ground next to them.

    *Edit: As pointed out by Bonkekook, after the first interaction with the cat at the beginning (automatic), it may be wise to feed the cat regularly during the game to be sure the events that lead to the achievement happen.

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    TenebrousXbxThank you TinCannEd!! I've been stuck trying to get the weather to change for days. I kept going in and out of the basement, to find that the rain had stopped at 5 pm. The quest was available immediately after no rain.
    Posted by TenebrousXbx on 08 Mar at 23:34
    Clutch RinoErnest Austen's solution worked perfectly.
    Posted by Clutch Rino on 12 Mar at 04:32
    CyberneticHFXAt the point where Ryo was suggested to talk to Nozomi by Fuku-san, on the way (no fast travel/or tracing backwards) to her flower shop, the cat went missing from her usual place (it did not rain anymore, but it rained often on the same day). Once the cat was found, Nozomi even appeared there, but then she went off for meeting with a friend. She was right there, but Ryo still needed to get to meet her at her flower shop for talking to her. Imagine he is her friend she mentioned, then this is the more funny. But you are happy at this point, as you completed your task in finding the cat, and the cat missing.
    Posted by CyberneticHFX on 06 May at 04:48
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  • WhiterValkyrieWhiterValkyrie1,236,139
    19 Aug 2018 21 Aug 2018 21 Aug 2018
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    This is missable.

    The day after showing the Phoenix Mirror to Master Chen, Megumi in Yamanose will inform Ryo that she has gone missing, prompting Ryo to begin a search.

    Once the conversation is over, turn around, walk down the steps, and head towards Ryo's house. Upon arriving at the staircase halfway up the hill, the kitten's distant meows can be heard. Head down the staircase, turn right, and head towards the hanging clothes to find the kitten sitting underneath a step.
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    Bodom78I had ignored the cat aside from naming it. I had to also wait and feed the cat for 2 days before giving the mirror to Chen or the cat would not go missing as Billargh stated above.
    Posted by Bodom78 on 16 Sep 18 at 08:05
    TheOnlyMattoI just pet the cat one time, and came back the same day and the cat was missing.
    Posted by TheOnlyMatto on 02 Aug 19 at 17:05
    Throni360Simply exit and re-enter the screen until you see Megumi standing there. Took me two times.
    Posted by Throni360 on 03 Sep 19 at 15:40
  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm409,936
    20 Dec 2019 20 Dec 2019 20 Dec 2019
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    The achievement is unlocked following a cut scene between Nozomi & Ryo when Ryo discovers the missing kitten. Nozomi, we learn, had been looking for the kitten too and comes upon Ryo & the newly found kitten. The achievement pops following the ensuing conversation.

    This is missable. The event is triggered when Ryo wakes up and looks at his bank statement adding 35,000 JY to his account. There is a very short window where Ryo can be informed the kitten is missing giving him a short side quest to find it. The quest will only be available if Ryo has interacted with the kitten sufficiently for her leg to have healed. If her leg is not healed, she cannot wander off and get lost.

    Prerequisite: Early in the game, Megumi tells Ryo about a kitten she found and is keeping in a box at the shrine. A black car killed the kitten's mother and injured the kitten's leg. As part of the normal story, Ryo feeds the kitten some dried fish he finds on the shrine's altar. The kitten's leg will heal itself provided the kitten is fed. Ryo should purchase dried fish (300 JY for 4 servings) or milk (100 JY for one serving) from the Tomato convenience store in Dobuita. Ideally, if you want to witness all possible interactions, you should visit the kitten morning, noon, and night; feeding her each time. You feed the cat by selecting a food item from your inventory while standing in front of the kitten and pressing cn_A.

    You do not have to be particularly diligent. The kitten's leg will heal after being fed only a couple of times. If you don't feed her but name her and pet her, it is also possible that she will get out of the box but her recovery will be slower. It is best not to risk it. If you interact with the kitten regularly, you will come across a couple of indicators the prerequisites have been met. Once the kitten starts to recover, when Ryo enters the shrine a cut scene will occur. Ryo will tell the kitten they are alike--they each lost a parent on the same day. Another indicator occurs during an afternoon feeding. A boy and a girl comment on how well the kitten is eating (or drinking milk) and tell Ryo they have been feeding her cheese. Ryo talks about the importance of nutrition but cautions against over-feeding.

    If you have interacted with the kitten sufficiently for her leg to recover and Ryo stops by the shrine the morning when Ryo's funds increase by 35,000 JY, Megumi will tell Ryo the kitten has gone missing. Exhaust all conversation choices with Megumi. Walk back in the direction of Ryo's residence. At the top of some stairs to the left you should hear the kitten's meow. If you do not, go back to Megumi for further conversation. When you hear the kitten's meow, go down the steps and the kitten will be at the bottom. When Ryo looks at the kitten, Nozomi shows up and has a conversation with Ryo. The achievement unlocks at the end of the conversation.

    If Ryo stops by the shrine following the increase in his funds and the kitten is still at the shrine, quit the game. Hopefully, you have a save before Ryo shows the Phoenix mirror to Chen. Load up the best available save. Before going to see Chen, buy some dried fish and milk and start feeding the kitten until you get one or both of the indicators described above. Once you do so, continue with the story. After you show the mirror to Chen, the scene will end with Ryo back in his bedroom. He will have a dream and wake up looking at his bank statement. Ryo will not be able to leave the residence until he speaks to Fukuhara. As soon as that event concludes, leave the residence and go to the shrine in Yamanose to find out the kitten has wandered off.
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