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First thing's first you can do missions 1-5 on easy and then change the difficulty of mission 6 to hard and you'll still be able to get all the difficulty achievements which stack! makes it a lot easier to do the campaign without having to do each one 3 times! all the mission are pretty easy even on hard, the only thing that you might struggle with it the speed at which the enemies attack (depends of what you set the game speed to)

My advise it to do missions 1-5 on the fastest game speed and mission 6 on normal speed.

I personally found this mission on hard abit annoying not because it was difficult but because the enemies both quickly attacked you and you found yourself not having any defences!

What you want to do for this mission is, as soon as the mission starts pause it and change the game speed to normal ( this will help you a lot on dealing with the enemy attacks and being able to build a good base and defences) you want to start off by building lv 3 anti-air turrets (these things will save your life so much! also get building some mass extractors and energy plants throw in a radar sensor when you have time because this will enable your defences to take out the enemy before they get to you and wipe you out!

Once you have your base set up and a good solid defence start building some lv 3 battleships as they will be able to shoot at enemy boats from a distance while staying safe from harm but make sure you build 1-2 naval bases at the north of your island as the once to the south that you started with will be constantly bombarded.angry build a few torpedo turret south of your base where the naval bases you started with were situated this will protect you from attack from the south.

If you've managed to get this far and you're still intact WELL DONE the hard bit is over!! clap at this point what i did was build lv2 anti-air boats, lv1 submarines and about 6-8 lv3 battleships, once the map expands take you small army up north and take out the cybran base, shouldn't be much trouble as your battleships will do most of the work!

Next is the UEF this may seem hard because of all the units they have but again bring your battleships to the south and leave them, they will take out any units that get close enough, what you want to do now is build about 4 experimental units TECH 4 SACRED ASSAULT BOT these 4 are pretty much invincible they will destroy any enemy unit that get close enough, send them towards the Black Sun Control and once you've destroyed the units there send over some engineers and build up a small defence base with about 4 lv 3 shield generators.

The next and final task, the game will want you to destroy the UEF commander don't worry about building up a massive army just sent in and scout plain to locate him and once you know roughly the area he's in send in your TECH 4 SACRED ASSAULT BOT they will make short work of the commander and any defences and units he might have, don't worry about flying units as most of the UEF's flying units are anti-air and the level will end once you have killed the commander!

You will want to be quick at building your base for mission 6 on the cybran campaign you will only have a short amount of time before the AEON start building there experimental unit TECH 4 FLYING FORTRESS this is bad because once they finish building it they will sent it to the Black Sun Control and you will fail the mission if that happens.
What i did was build up my defences (anti-air, some torpedo launchers near your naval base and to the east just in case and point defense turrets to the south), and some more to the west side of your base (i will tell you why in a sec)

Build up your air factory to level 3 (make sure to have about 6 lv 3 engineers assisting the factory this will make producing units a lot faster and start building (A LOT) of lv 3 Air-Superiority Fighters these are what you're going to use to take down the TECH 4 FLYING FORTRESS but you will have to wait till it off the ground and flying to the Black Sun Control, once it has finished building you will only have a few minutes to destroy is so get some spy planes up and send them to the Aeon base.

You should have about 60+ planes depending on you resources income don't worry about anti air too much because the Aeon won't be concentrating much on you at this point, there goal is to take out black sun control so once enemy's TECH 4 FLYING FORTRESS is up and moving don't waste any time on sending your fighter towards it! they will make short work of the experimental unit! remember those defences i told you to build to the west of your base earlier? well thats because the Aeon will build another experimental unit the TECH 4 SACRED ASSAULT BOT and this time its coming for YOU!! get building lv 2 Gunships roughly about 100 of them, Yes you heard me right '100' only because they get shot down pretty easily but they should do the job at taking out the TECH 4 SACRED ASSAULT BOT.
You can take out the Aeon if you wish but you will want some of Cybran lv 3 battleships to do so make sure you have roughly 6-8 of them and some anti-air units with them and submarines, shouldn't be too much of a problem taking them out.

Once the Aeon has been dealt with its onto the UEF, your objective is to capture the Black Sun Control and Black Sun itself, get building some experimental units of your own here mainly 4-5 TECH 4 Spiderbot they are great at taking out ground units from a distance and at close range as well as being able to attack air units as well, of course they won't be enough tho so upgrade your land factory if you haven't already and start building a lot of different types of unit to go alongside your TECH 4 Spiderbot.
Go capture the Black Sun Control and set up a defence perimeter just in case and get ready for the final objective! if you still have some gunships left great if not then get building some, and send them along with your ground units to take down the UEF base around black sun once you have destroyed the UEF's Factory and defence turrets send in some engineers to capture Black Sun and well done on completing the mission and the Cybran campaign!

The final mission for the UEf is by far the easiest of the 3 you have a stupid amount of time to do whatever you want basically, the mission starts with the Black Sun components being transported towards Black Sun itself but one gets shot down and you have to recover it DON'T!! instead use the time to build your base up and defences and don't be afraid to go overboard, on a side note i built a hell of alot of lv 3 gunships (because they are amazing units easy to get around the map and great at defending your base as well! and also make sure you put up a lot of defences around the Black Sun Control you don't want the enemy to capture it!!!!! get some lv 3 shield generators around it and your turrets and make sure to build a lot of power plant either at the control or at your main base (lv 3 shield generators use a lot of energy!!)

The only real objective of this mission is the get that last part to Black Sun and defend Black Sun so there will be waiting as black sun has to charge up when you recover the last component but don't be fooled by this, the enemy will come at you with force as time goes by and Black Sun gets closer to completion, make sure you build some lv 3 battleships, lv 1 submarines, a lot of anti-air and torpedo launchers to defend your naval bases! the enemies will send mainly fighter and bombers so make sure you have some fighters of your own and lv 3 anti-air turrets.

I mainly used my gunships to help defend my bases! and the battleships as well to attack ground unit at a distance of enemy boat units! not really much more to say for this mission because all you can do is defend and waiting for black sun to finish charging! make sure to have a lot of engineers around to help rebuild or repair any defences that may have been destroyed while getting attacked! once Black Sun has finished charging fire it straight away to complete the mission!

Well thats it guys/girls once you finish these 3 mission on hard after doing the first 5 missions of each faction on easy you will unlock all difficulty achievements and the achievement for completing each mission on each difficulty without having to play each campaign 3 times! hope this has helped is there is anything you want to know that i may have missed please let me know in the comments or inbox and i will get back to you!

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