It's in there somewhere achievement in F1 2018

It's in there somewhere

Finish a race with a missing gear

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How to unlock the It's in there somewhere achievement

  • CrimsonverseCrimsonverse783,756
    28 Aug 2018 28 Aug 2018 30 Oct 2018
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    If you're struggling to get this achievement in Career, then there's a very easy way to do this in Grand Prix mode.

    Pick any track/car you like, but when you get around to setting the rules, make sure damage is set to at least full (you might get away with partial, but I haven't tried this). Make sure the Rules & Flags are turned off too. Also, go to your Assists and set Shifting to Manual. Everything else is up to you, but for those who want to get it done quick, set the race length to 5 laps.

    Once the race starts, begin shifting up and down like crazy using the A and X buttons. This will wear the gearbox very quickly. You can check the wear on the gearbox by pressing B until you get to the last tab.

    Just race along the track, shifting up and down as you go. You'll be aiming to get to at least 70% by the time you get to the last lap. If you get to the finish line and your gearbox isn't missing a gear, park up just before the line and continue shifting up and down until your engineer tells you that one of the gears is missing. Then, simply cross the line, and achievement unlocked. :)

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    NuttySandman123Did it in a 3 lap race, alternating A and X all the way round, lost 2nd gear
    Posted by NuttySandman123 on 14 Apr 20 at 18:44
    planchetflawRandomly got it when I switched to Williams in Career mode after I won the championship. Fitted all new parts but for some reason gear box got to 70% in the first race so I abused the shifts and lost a gear on the final corner before rolling over the line with no fuel.
    Posted by planchetflaw on 28 Apr 20 at 08:26
    BroflexionI can not get mine to miss any gears. Everytime I get to around 80% it says a gear gets stuck every time and I end up getting to 100% and it totals the car
    Posted by Broflexion on 09 May 20 at 05:25
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  • FAA0067FAA0067133,637
    14 Dec 2018 14 Dec 2018 14 Dec 2018
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    Here's how I did it:
    Single Grand Prix: France
    5 laps
    AI skill: Zero
    Damage: Simulation
    Gear box: Manual (to start the race)

    Start the race and mash the gear up/down buttons through the first 2 laps until you get to 70% damage on the gearbox.

    At that point, switch the gear box to Automatic and save the game!

    Run the race using automatic gearbox for the last 3 laps.
    The gearbox will slowly continue to damage itself until at some point (hopefully) you lose a gear without completely jamming it.
    Reload your saved game if you need;

    I think it's the going up/down through the gears (1-2-3-4-5-6-7-6-5-4-3-2-) that makes it fail one gear only.
    As the last few corners of the French track have a lot of up/down sequence, it should help induce a failure.

    Of course your mileage may vary. Good luck. (it's a stupid achievement anyway, too random)
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    Citizen SnickeyGreat solution, thank you. Doing a save in mid-session is a good tip. On my first attempt I didn't get my engineer to talk about a missing gear, so I reloaded that save and et voila he did on the second. Time saved.
    Posted by Citizen Snickey on 14 Feb 19 at 10:25
    buttmudBrooksThis is the best solution. I tried the others with no luck and used this -->first try.
    I was at the final stretch without a lost gear, having followed the guide exactly, but you can still fiddle the gears up and down even in automatic mode, and it dropped out (the gear) seconds from the finish. Good guide.
    Posted by buttmudBrooks on 08 Oct 19 at 14:57
  • WhazzupwifatWhazzupwifat432,450
    08 Jan 2019 08 Jan 2019 08 Jan 2019
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    A combination of the other solutions. Grand Prix France 3 laps Simulation on Flags off team Renault. At the start pulled to kerb to let everyone pass. Then took off, reving it out up to 4th gear then back to 3rd,up to 4th and back to 3rd (keep repeating) for most of the course. On 2nd lap gearbox damage exceeded 80 percent as the pack lapped me. Engineer said i lost a gear at around 90 percent gearbox damage so i just cruised to the finish line a lap down, but finally won this lousy mutha friggen sumbitch of an achievement.
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    BroflexionTried this and can't even get it damaged to 50% after 3 laps. Sucks
    Posted by Broflexion on 09 May 20 at 04:37
    Gizmo2kThis was a ridiculous achievement. I tried them all. This one did it first time. Maybe it’s that mental it’ll only work for one method?!
    Posted by Gizmo2k on 09 May 20 at 07:34
    WerferAkrobat7Lost my 5th gear two times now. Didn't get it anyway.

    Edit: Did it a third time and again lost my 5 gear. This time i kept an eye on it. In the last corner it suddenly worked again and didn't get it again.
    Posted by WerferAkrobat7 on 23 Aug 20 at 10:17
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