Ninja Master achievement in Ninjin: Clash of Carrots

Ninja Master

Get an S-rank medal in every stage.

Ninja Master+6.2
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How to unlock the Ninja Master achievement

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    Although it seems like this should be the final achievement in the game, beating the game with all S-ranks unlocks exclusive equipment that will be needed to unlock the following:
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    Requirements required for attaining an S-Rank seem to be a bit murky. There is a load screen tip that suggests that weapon and projectile percentages are the most important thing. However, in my experience, I have found what I feel to be a pretty good gauge on what is important.

    Firstly, I think that carrots, time, and combo seem pretty irrelevant. Accuracy is definitely a big contributing factor. I found that a 60% accuracy or higher for each weapon set is pretty much a requirement for S-Rank. The other big thing is Health. I don't have an exact number (and it may vary from stage to stage), but I found that you can't have lost more than 100 health in a stage and still get an S-rank.

    Most levels are not too tough honestly. The only level that really gave me any fits was 5-2: Throwing a Tantrum, which I will give specific strategies below. For now, here are some tips that should help.

    Health: Since I have determined you cannot lose more than 100 health (which is your default), there is no point in wasting any artifact slots on anything Health related (except for maybe the one that allows extra invincibility period after each hit). Instead, you may want to focus on strength or Special meter generation (special attacks not only allow for some decent damage, but gives you a period of invulnerability).

    Accuracy: I liked using non-elemental swords such as Ruby Sword. Knives are great for accumulating special meter, but I found that it was harder to maintain accuracy with the knife. As far as I can tell, a dash attack only counts as one attack, regardless of how many enemies you hit. For reasons similar to knives, using Sharp crystals or the feather as your projectile may drop accuracy if you are not careful.

    Anyways, with exception of the last couple of stages, I didn't find S-ranks to be too difficult. You can use the video provided by I AM CULLY here:
    Ninjin: Clash of CarrotsSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Ninjin: Clash of Carrots worth 165 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    For an S-rank on the last level.

    That just leaves 5-2: Throwing a Tantrum-

    The difficult part of this level is that some of your abilities are taken away for some of the segments. This includes waves in which you can use only projectiles.

    I found this setup to be amazing for getting an S-rank here:
    Sword: Spark-gap Spear
    Projectile: Pointy Feathers
    Artifact 1: Elemental Amulet
    Artifact 2: Projectile Whetstone
    Artifact 3: Huge Stamina Orb

    You can replace the sword with something else, but needs to be Electrical elemental. This way, using the Elemental Amulet (gives projectiles same element as you sword) will electrify your Pointy feathers. Now, when a group of enemies emerges, pelting them with feathers will cause a chain reaction shockwave that will cause the enemies to be defeated very quickly. The quick firing mechanism of the feather makes this almost effortless.

    The parts with your sword are easy enough. Just keep in mind that the chameleon enemies deal about 14 damage per hit.

    The dash section with the laser are troublesome at first, but very manageable once you learn the patterns.

    Finally, try not to choke during the boss fight and lead the explosive globes towards to boss as well as you can while trying to avoid getting hit.
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    Inferno118I just had my s rank run on that mission and my stats were worse; 46 dmg taken, same exact sword/projectile stats including # times used, but in 1:49. I didn’t check my combo on that run but this time it was 22. Looks like the scoring system may be a lil dodgy,
    Posted by Inferno118 On 05 Jul 19 at 02:25
    QuickdontdieAfter a bit of testing it seems that (at least for some stages) a 20+ combo is necessary to s rank. It might be different for different levels though. I tested it with the world 2 boss
    Posted by Quickdontdie On 10 Jul 19 at 03:18
    Inferno118The bosses likely have a different ranking system. Higher projectile/sword counts seemed to result in a higher chance of s ranks for me
    Posted by Inferno118 On 10 Jul 19 at 03:24
    QuickdontdieCombo theory confirmed on final boss. Don't know about any non-boss levels
    Posted by Quickdontdie On 10 Jul 19 at 12:34
    QuickdontdieAlso the health number is exactly 100 (technically 101)
    You can lose 100 health and still get an s rank but 101+ means no s rank
    Posted by Quickdontdie On 11 Jul 19 at 02:55
    Necromorph11a high combo is almost mandatory in specific levels such as 2-2 or 2-3, i struggled to s rank there using a heavy sword because of the low combo count despite getting 5 damage and over 90% is worth to equip a special meter filling frost stone special attack is a guaranteed 200 hit combo and is more than enough to bestow an s rank even on a not excellent run.
    Posted by Necromorph11 On 19 Mar 20 at 23:30
    TheOnlyMattoI just hit this on 1-4:

    Sword - 79%
    Projectile - 91%
    Damage taken - 74
    Combo 22
    Time - 5:11

    I think time plays a factor because i just got an A rank and by this guides standard I should have gotten an S rank (even if you include quicks 20 combo minimum).
    Posted by TheOnlyMatto On 29 Jan 22 at 22:21
    Johnny SinisterSorry to hear that. My estimates are based on personal experience. I really wish there was a better way to gauge what qualifies an S-rank.
    Posted by Johnny Sinister On 29 Jan 22 at 23:03

    I think Time, Health and Combo are most important. I have been getting 68% and lower on hit totals yet with those 3 as quick/high as possible I S rank first go. I put a video WT up there for each of the 5 stages + levels. Not my vid no credit

    Thumbs up from me. Thanks for the response!
    Posted by TheOnlyMatto On 04 Feb 22 at 22:00
    TheOnlyMattoJust S ranked the final boss and my stats were:

    Time - 6 mins
    carrots - 3500
    Combo - 34
    Damage taken - 70
    Sword hit accuracy - 65%
    Projectile hit accuracy - 33%

    I think time and combo can, if fast enough, spare you from hit accuracy requirements. Or at least on bosses.
    Posted by TheOnlyMatto On 06 Mar 22 at 17:45
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