Mass Transit

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Mass Transit

Totally in Motion achievement in Cities: Skylines

Totally in Motion

Win all three Mass Transit scenarios.

Totally in Motion-1.0
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How to unlock the Totally in Motion achievement

  • BlueManGamerBlueManGamer#24259,767
    14 Aug 2019 14 Aug 2019
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    So I just unlocked this today and thought I would add a bit in to help.

    The three scenarios are Trains!, Ferry Empire and Fix the Traffic.

    Ferry Empire - Easiest one

    You have to transport 250k people by ferries and have a population of over 24k. No time limit and you fail if you have less than 0 money.

    What you wanna do is start building canals and ferry stops while growing your population.

    I had at least 7/8 ferry stops and a population of around 40k when it completed. I had to leave it on overnight as long as your set up for power, water and garbage.

    Trains! - Still Easy

    Same as about but less people to transport. Only reason why this is 2nd on the list is you start with 0 population and have to build it up. So it takes a little longer to unlock the train option. But still once you unlock trains. Build a few stations and start creating lines.

    Fix the Traffic! - Hardest

    You have to have a traffic rate of over 82% and a population of over 38k I think it was.

    Also you have a time limit. 150 weeks.

    Start by getting public transport on the go. I used a lot of metro so it was underground and off the road. Buses create more traffic. You can use them but I suggest you keep them in small areas and not spread over the place.

    I started to get rid of normal industry and use office. That was a mistake as most of the commercial started to complain about goods. So you need to find that balance.

    Try and put industry away from your population and give them there own highway access. I managed to complete this with only a few weeks left so don’t leave this one unattended.

    Hope this helps

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    thanatos8285I think they've changed the parameters on Fix the Traffic! Just finished it, and I had 200 weeks to work with, and the target pop had to be 35k, not 38k. I beat it in a pretty cheap way and it only took me 50 game weeks. Basically, I just focused all on population and ignored traffic. Once I got myself up to a comfortable 36k, I paused and deleted all the roads except for the highway running through town, and I upgraded that to a 4 lane highway in both directions. Unpaused, traffic efficiency shot up way past 82%, and I won. I tried doing this without pausing, but you start hemorrhaging citizens before your efficiency shoots up when there are no roads. If you pause, delete, and unpause, you have just enough of a window for the traffic to shoot up before your population starts falling.
    Posted by thanatos8285 on 30 Mar 20 at 05:08
    brayargI agree, fix the traffic is incredibly easy now. All I did was:
    Increase water & waste, build extra crematorium, and spread out the 4 build together. Where the 4 dumps are, connect the dead end road to the other near by road, giving the dump trucks an extra route out. Increase all highway to 4 lane and remodel the highways as the one in place uses to many narrow access roads, hospital and did away with the coal plants for wind farms, other than this, increased population. Very very easy
    Posted by brayarg on 16 Sep 20 at 14:46
    Mike LangloisMan I got stuck on Trains! Just because hitting 12k population in 150 weeks. It took some serious fast expansion, running out of money and power a few times. People are just slow to move in!
    Posted by Mike Langlois on 30 Jan at 01:18
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  • As R0me BurnsAs R0me Burns429,185
    05 Oct 2019 05 Oct 2019
    2 1 0
    So for this one I struggled at first until I realized I needed to stop thinking and just build lol

    My successful run started at the river at the base of the highway. For one it allows to you to build a good sized area quick and cheap and saves money on extra pipes and power lines.

    Starting off you’re gonna want to make sure you adjust your taxes to 12-13% as soon as you can. Most policies I didn’t mess with except for these, turn these on: parks and recreation, education boost, recreational use, free public transport, schools out, and harsh prison sentences.

    For city planning turn on the first four options and encourage biking and workers union.

    You need to keep a very conservative approach to your money spending, it’s always good to have a good cushion Incase anything happens. If you hit $0 you lose.

    Always keep your taxes as high as you can and ensure your pop is constantly growing by improving the attraction of your city and having plenty of services available.

    Starting off you will need to build in close proximity to each other and once you have enough cushion to expand you will want to create districts that you will connect later with trains.

    I had an office district, industry district, residential district, and a commercial district. The only highway connections were going to and from the industry district for import export. The residential area had two off ramps and one on ramp going on the same side of the highway.

    You want to build your districts with walking and biking in mind. Use 2 way bike lanes for all roads to save money as well as eliminating traffic.

    Once you have enough money built up to start your trains, your goal is to get a multi platform end station setup at each district. You’ll have three platforms at your residential district, one at your industry, one at your office, and one at your commercial district.

    This will allow you to have 12 trains going constantly from residential to office and back. Residential to commercial and back. Residential to industry and back.

    You’ll also want to setup a cargo train connection between commercial and industry. I had no outside train connections for this map.

    You can also setup a taxi service in your commercial zone depending on the size of it to assist with getting enough customers around.

    I averaged around 1200 a week passengers when I was at 40-45k pop.

    If you struggle in the beginning to hit the requirements, make sure you cluster everything together, build long grids, try to keep on top of your budget, taxes, and policies, and make sure you save often and a few files just Incase. Don’t rush it and take your time. Once you get to the 12k pop mark it’s smooth sailing.

    Good luck and let me know if there is anything I can expand upon.
  • Boneless117Boneless117287,656
    02 Oct 2018 02 Sep 2018 25 Sep 2018
    9 8 10
    ---- EDIT (2018-09-26) ----
    As of the recent patch (1.8.0), this is now obtainable.
    See the link here:

    ---- Original ----

    Just an FYI on this.
    As of writing this (September 2nd, 2018) the Trains! scenario will fail.
    Seems like it will fail due to spending 20 weeks with < 1,000 pop.
    No matter what you do, it will fail.

    Post about it on the Forums.

    *It's a bug and will be fixed next patch.
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    Shaunie McCardoAs of November 19, 2018, this is still bugged. Tried 3 times and it failed me at the 20 weeks mark, despite having more the. 1000 population each time. Hopefully we see a fix soon.
    Posted by Shaunie McCardo on 19 Nov 18 at 05:03
    FeonyxI see you won it today Shaunie... so there is hope... I keep failing at 12,000 (even though I have 12,000+) so I'll keep trying.
    Posted by Feonyx on 18 Dec 18 at 18:26
    S P 4 C E YI got close to the 12k. This is pretty tough to get to whilst managing a budget.

    I whacked down the tax rates and that got me just past the 12k mark, set up a few stations with bus networks and then let it idle
    Posted by S P 4 C E Y on 20 Sep 19 at 13:47
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