Dead Living Zombies

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Dead Living Zombies

DLC: Zombies: DeceaZed to ExZist achievement in Far Cry® 5

DLC: Zombies: DeceaZed to ExZist

Kill 5000 total Gougers, Hot Heads, or Behemoths in any mode.

DLC: Zombies: DeceaZed to ExZist-0.5
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How to unlock the DLC: Zombies: DeceaZed to ExZist achievement

  • CoreScanCoreScan1,022,428
    30 Aug 2018 30 Aug 2018
    54 7 18
    Okay guys, the following solution explains my way of obtaining this achievement, though I have no idea how fast this method is compared to others.

    After I had beaten all seven pitches, I went for the entirety of the remaining kills (about 85%, if I remember correctly) on the fourth pitch, "Escape From The Rooftop" (solo, standard mode, NOT Score Attack - which is a waste of time if you just want to grind for kills).

    As soon as the round starts, hit cn_Y to switch to your shotgun, drop down, and stay in this area throughout the entire first part. Use quick-aim to aim at Zombies, killing them with headshots or point-blank shots, if possible, and keep picking up the ammo they drop. Just keep walking in circles in this area, and don't forget you can reload while sprinting. Should you ever run out of ammo, which is very unlikely, there's a stash about 30 meters ahead from where you dropped down, to your right, below an American flag with a skull on it.

    When you're finished obliterating zombies with the shotgun and listening to a short chatter, you'll be "beamed" behind a stationary MG, which starts the second and last part of this method. Immediately grab the MG by holding down cn_X, and - you guessed it - keep blasting away at the zombies, which all spawn in front of you. Use very short bursts, though, otherwise the MG will overheat quickly, and don't even bother using the MG's iron sights, as doing so just screws up your overview. Shoot the red barrels when they spawn, and don't let any zombies climb the ledge in front/below your MG. If they climb the ledge and then run up the stairs to your right, you'll lose a lot of time, and you run the risk of getting swarmed by other zombies.

    The second part ends as soon as the chick starts saying "So, after the machine gun, the chopper lands.". When you hear that, hit cn_start and restart the pitch.

    If done swiftly and without complications, one run should take less than four minutes (including load times), and will net you slightly over two percent towards the 5,000 kills. Provided you are at around 15 % before attempting this method and calculating with a full four minutes per run, you'll need to do about 40 runs, meaning unlocking this achievement should take you less than three hours.

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    The DethdefyerCan anyone confirm that starting a New Game+ doesn't reset your achievement progress for this?
    Posted by The Dethdefyer on 28 Jan at 19:37
    EmDeeGeeThis guy was right. This is the quickest method, I tried doing Labs as well, but even though it FEELS like you get more kills there, the numbers don't lie. Stick with Rooftops boooiiis
    Posted by EmDeeGee on 28 Mar at 10:31
    Nxblhelped a lot!
    Posted by Nxbl on 27 Apr at 00:54
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  • EchelonSixEchelonSix590,720
    27 Sep 2018 29 Mar 2019
    29 0 20
    I took the Idea from ravyn4077 to the next level. here is a way easier variation of this method.

    why bother blocking the entry of the barn anyways? just drive around the barn and park the vehicle right at the small open door. just aim for the door.

    game mechanic: the zombies run to you as soon there is a LINE OF SIGHT and a CLEAR PATH. both things are there. they just run into the shredder. doesnt matter if the vehicle is right at the door.
    keep one thing in mind: DO NOT BLOCK THE DOOR or the zombies will run around the barn (clear path game mechanic will let them do that). just park in a way that there is a small path between door frame and the blades. the momentum of the zombies will throw them into the blades.

    User MiZ Dove created a video so here it is and leave her thumbs up to in the solutions section

    anyways... i did some math :D

    how long doest it take

    each spawn makes 8 zombies
    spawn time is at least 42 seconds... sometimes more
    5000 kills is 625 spawns
    so it takes around 8hours to farm that achievement with that method

    start the game... go to sleep/work/school and deactivate the energy saving options of the console
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    The Nerds ClubNot sure if this this glitched but i just left my game on for 10hrs in Fields of Terror came back finished the mission load screen bottom right circle is full in white subtitles keep changing bit i'm stuck on loading screen & i've lost all that progress since i can't load back in to score board. My progress tracker went from 31 to 41 percent
    Posted by The Nerds Club on 23 Feb at 22:17
    The Nerds ClubJust redid Fields of Terror & luckily my progress isn't lost so might want to add you don't need to load to score board after mission for kills to stay counted for.
    Posted by The Nerds Club on 23 Feb at 22:53
    NxblVery nice solution! This is the way to go! +1 !
    Posted by Nxbl on 27 Apr at 01:20
  • Ravyn4077Ravyn4077444,856
    04 Sep 2018 05 Sep 2018 25 Nov 2018
    31 2 20
    Instead of running the levels over and over again I wanted to find a way to idle this achievement. It's not too hard to set up, but it is fiddly until you get the right balance.

    In Fields of Terror there are two tractors, one off to the left of the start of the level and one in the shed/fuel storage at the leftmost marker.

    At load screen choose single player NOT score attack. You'll not want to have to worry about timing out as this method does take hours. At the start of the level you can pick up the additional gun provided or head directly to tractor down the dirt highway. I suggest picking up the gun as well as the ammo there as you'll have to need them to fend off the zombies while you're perfecting your trap.

    Once you have the gun, ammo, and tractor drive down to the shed. Wait until the red barrels spawn and blow them up. Take it from me if you don't do this the zombies can push them into the tractor and kill you. Then you'll want to position the first tractor along the wall so the deadly bits are blocking the door a little bit.

    External image

    Fend off the zombies as needed but DO NOT break the vials in the Mutation Station. If they all get destroyed the station will close and the light will disappear and you'll have to start the level again. I've blown up the barrels all around the station as well as slammed the tractor into the station and at least some of the vials survived.

    Inside the building is another tractor, this is the one that you'll be sitting in and getting all the kills from. Now once you're inside the second tractor you'll want to maneuver it so that the tractor is at an angle and there is a small walkway between the two blades of the tractors. Think about making a 'v' with the blades.

    External image

    The walkway is the key to having this work, if the zombies are spawning but aren't running towards you then there isn't enough room for them to get to you and their AI shuts down. If the zombies are getting through then the gap is to wide. You can either get out of the tractor to kill the zombies or stay in and maneuver around to do the killing. Keep in mind that the zombies will knock the tractor around if you let them so you can't just ignore them; but they can't kill you while you're in the tractor.

    It'll take a bit of time to find the best angle and gap for this to work, so before you completely idle check back every 5-10 minutes. Don't be surprised if you come back and you're in the tractor and staring at the back of the building to just straight ahead and the zombies aren't moving. Like I said this is the fiddly part, and the extra ammo is nice to have.

    Once it's all set-up it's loud and you'll have a very boring view. The wait is long so if you can switch screens to watch or do something else.

    External image

    If the game crashes you'll lose the kills and it'll look like your tracker has stopped. Don't fear, Xbox just can't handle the loss of stats, it's just reverted to a previous number. Keep at it and the tracker will start up again. Or if suddenly the zombies are getting to you and not dying when you hit them with the blades of the tractor don't worry and just restart the pitch. That happened to me and I don't know what happened but it was fixed after the restart.

    I didn't keep track of the time I spent doing this but it was several episodes of Criminal Minds.

    From Lord Valoel
    Perhaps I’m a bit late to the party on this one, but I have some number crunches just in case. If you setup both tractors at the barn near the very back of Fields of Terror, and sit yourself on the back door, you’re looking at about 8 kills every 45 seconds or so. To make its bit easier, that’s 32 kills every 3 minutes or 640 kills every hour. Since this is out of 5,000 kills, every 50 kills equals 1%. So using this method, you’re looking at about 12.8-13% an hour if idling. This is only using one tractor though and letting it idle
    From Petrolium Bear
    Just some friendly advice, it did work better when I done this at the `Red Barn` and parked blocking the small door at the rear of the barn. I could not a good setup doing this with the Lubertine shed in the pictures in the solution.
    *Thanks to Spliner for the help with the screenshots!
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    Or1g1nal S1nn3rWonderful solution, thank you.
    Posted by Or1g1nal S1nn3r on 28 Feb 19 at 05:08
    alpaca777My % is stuck at 21, any fixes?
    Posted by alpaca777 on 05 Apr 19 at 20:47
    Ravyn4077If you've restarted the scenario and made sure you got over 1050 kills then I'm not sure.
    Posted by Ravyn4077 on 05 Apr 19 at 21:00
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