Dead Living Zombies

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Dead Living Zombies

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DLC: Zombies: Gold MedaliZt

Get a gold medal in all 7 movie pitches in Score Attack.

DLC: Zombies: Gold MedaliZt-1.1
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How to unlock the DLC: Zombies: Gold MedaliZt achievement

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    Okay, so this will not be a comprehensive step-by-step solution to get gold, but more of a series of tips that will help achieve the gold score for each level. I'm assuming that you have at least a passing familiarity with the levels so I won't be giving detailed walkthroughs, merely highlighting spots you'll want to go through.

    These can be done solo, but a lot of stuff is actually easier with a co-op buddy, so I recommend playing them co-op.

    Fields of Terror

    This one's fairly easy. Run through as fast as you can and destroy all Mutation Stations except leave a few vials in the final one. Allow zombies to spawn and kill them with headshots whenever possible. On the left side of the screen is your score with the star designation above it. Around this star are 3 segmented bars that fill in as you score. Keep killing zombies until the the third bar is about a third to half full or until you have about 30 seconds left on the clock, whichever comes first, then destroy the remaining vials and end the level.

    Burned Bridges

    Near the beginning of the level there are 4 Mutation Stations, one of which you need to destroy to continue the level. Be sure to destroy the other 3 Mutation Stations first and, this is important, also be sure to destroy all vials laying around on the ground in the Mutation Station area (there are quite a few and they're all worth extra points). You may even want to hang around here for a minute to get some extra zombie kills before destroying the one that lets you move forward.

    After that just run through the level as normal and when you get to the final mounted gun sequence near the end, kill everything if you can. When you're down to about 30 seconds, you should head for the end, even if you haven't killed everything.

    Undying Love

    This one is definitely easier with co-op, but can be done solo with slightly more effort.

    As soon as you spawn, move forward and right-ish and you'll come to a room at the back of this area that's down a short staircase. The room has a few zombies, a bunch of vials and a red barrel for your convenience. Destroy everything in this room and then back out and continue with the level.

    When you get to the Behemoth, be sure to bait him into doing his ground pound attack (while also avoiding its damage naturally). There's no real science to doing this other than getting in close and becoming familiar with what the ground pound attack animation looks like and move away from him when he's gearing up to do one. When he does, he'll remain bent over for a few seconds. Run up to him with an automatic weapon and unload into his weak spot - this will get you a bunch of extra points - repeat until it is dead.

    In the area with the 2 Mutation Stations, close one of them down and destroy most of the vials in the other and allow zombies spawn for a minute or two depending on your time and then destroy the remaining Station. Apparently aiming at the chest and letting the recoil get the headshot can get you points for both body shots and headshots increasing your score.

    Keep in mind after this you'll still have to kill a bunch of human enemies, so watch the clock and give yourself about 2 minutes to kill the humans and end the level. There are some very strategic red barrels around the area of which you should take advantage. These guys also like to hide, so you may need to move into the area and quickly hunt them down. As soon as you see the yellow marker on the coffin in the center of the area, run to it to end the level (both players must do this in co-op).

    I did this with a co-op buddy and we ended up getting 13,000 more points than we needed for gold, so you should be able to get this easily.

    Escape from the Rooftop

    This is one of the more frustrating levels, but these tips should help out.

    The only real advice is to make sure you keep moving around to meet the zombies as they spawn and try to get as many headshots as possible. When running around the area, you're going to want to find a very specific item - remote explosives. Keep in mind that you'll likely have a molotov in your inventory and need to select the remote explosives for later. So hold cn_LB and highlight the molotov and hit cn_right to bring up the remote explosives.

    From the starting position, go directly left across the bridge and up the staircase on your right. Turn left and the weapon table at the back of the room has one on it. There are other tables that have them, but I know that one is there. The items respawn pretty quickly, so you can come back and pick up the remote explosive charge again. Be sure have 2 (per person if you're in co-op).

    From the start point, diagonally to the left across the map there's an area that has an elevator at the back. When you've killed all of the zombies on the level (this should occur when you have roughly 4 minutes left on the clock, so be sure to be close to this area when the clock gets to that time), the elevator will open and 3 Behemoths will spawn inside.

    The elevator actually opens before they spawn, so press cn_RB to toss a remote explosive inside (each player if in co-op). When they finally spawn in, detonate the charge by pressing cn_RB again and immediately throw another into the room and detonate it as well (just keep tapping cn_RB). This should kill all 3 Behemoths simultaneously ending the level. Fortunately, if you kill yourself, the level still ends with a victory.

    This one may take a few attempts to get everything just right, but this method definitely works.

    Killer Climate

    Obviously destroy the first Mutation Station you come to, but after that, which way you progress through the level is up to you. Just be sure to kill zombies with headshots whenever possible. Again, destroy the second Mutation Station you come to and kill as many zombies with headshots as possible.

    The trick to this level is in how you kill the Zombie Blood Dragon at the end. When you get to the final area with the Blood Dragon, there are rocks in the center that have a set of weapons: a grenade launcher, a rocket launcher and an LMG. As much as the rocket launcher might seem like the right way to go, you actually want the LMG, which should be the first weapon you come to.

    Shoot the Zombie Blood Dragon with the LMG making sure to hit it in the head as much as possible. The reason you're doing this is because you get points for every bullet that connects, plus a bonus if they strike the head. This should drive your score up pretty quickly and you get 5,000 points for killing the Zombie Blood Dragon. As soon as it dies, run into the garage with the truck to end the level.

    The Fast & The Fiendish

    I highly recommend doing this one in co-op if you can, but it is doable solo.

    Fight your way to the truck spending about a minute killing zombies in the first area, always concentrating on headshots. Ideally you'll have around 5,000 points once you get to the truck (5,000 between the two players if in co-op) and around 9 minutes on the clock.

    Once in the truck, you'll need to drive to and destroy every Mutation Station along the path you take to the goal. If you have a co-op partner they can be on the truck's mounted gun. Be sure to blow up the red barrels at each station (watch out you don't blow up your truck, though). Then stop the truck and make sure to destroy all of the vials in each station to close them.

    When you get to the military base at the end, kill as many zombies as you can with headshots while making your way to the end of the level. Along the path there are a few small caches of Mutation Station vials that you can destroy for extra points. Preserve the ammo in your automatic weapon for the Behemoth that spawns very near the end. You need to bait him into doing his ground pound attack (again, be sure to avoid the damage) and when he's crouched on the ground, empty your weapon into its weak spot. Repeat until he dies and end the level.

    If you've got somewhere between 2:00-3:00 minutes left on the clock, you should get the gold.

    Laboratory of the Dead

    Fortunately, this level spawns you at the laboratory so you don't have to go through the jet ski sequence from the normal version of the level. This level in Score Attack is pretty straight-forward, actually.

    You're going to want to kill every zombie you can with a headshot on the way through the level. Also be sure to destroy any and all vials you come across during the level. There a 2-3 places where they are stockpiled and they're all extra points.

    There will be at least two points where you have to fight Behemoths before reaching the room with the Giant Mutation Station in it (destroy the vials in it, naturally) which will spawn 3 more for you to kill. Kill each Behemoth by baiting it's ground-pound attack and unloading an automatic weapon into its weak spot for extra score.

    Keep in mind that you can open the door that leads to the end of the level before killing all of the Behemoths, so try to do that when you can just so it's already available when you want to leave - or have to leave because you're getting overwhelmed.

    Remember that you'll dive into some water and you have to climb out of the water and shoot at the red-colored machinery and blow it up to end the level.

    Hopefully these tips help and, please, before thumbing this down, let me know how I can improve it. Special thanks to ShadowBlade1488 for helping me come up with this stuff. Thanks to NeXuS23 for his helpful comments.

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    a fat turkeyHave it now, thanks.
    Posted by a fat turkey on 06 May at 15:09
    CheezatinoLooking for a coop partner. GT: Cheezatino
    Posted by Cheezatino on 29 May at 10:46
    Lam20Can anybody help me with this
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    After all the work recording those Videos and posting them in a comment in the Guide from ME3TSPINNER i thought it's perhaps a good idea to post them all together as my own Solution for People that prefer Video Guides.

    Fields of Terror - Solo - Gold

    Burned Bridges - Solo - Gold

    Undying Love - Solo - Gold

    Escape from the Rooftop - Solo - Gold

    Killer Climate - Solo - Gold

    The Fast & The Fiendish - Solo - Gold

    Laboratory of the Dead - Solo - Gold
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    Faustus PHDThanks for the guides. @Lockerdown3, your comment is what helped me with two of the scenarios I was struggling with. I really appreciate it.
    Posted by Faustus PHD on 17 Dec 18 at 06:33
    SHMEEDIDDYBurned bridges is such a pain ion the ass....FUCK
    Posted by SHMEEDIDDY on 26 Dec 18 at 17:39
    Holiday9357Thank you for the video guides - co-op makes this achievement very manageable.
    Posted by Holiday9357 on 05 Apr 19 at 12:26
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    Each video shows the strategy at the beginning, each video completed with 3 Stars
    First 5 were done in Solo. Hope they help :)








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    Zacry072Nice videos. Subscribed to your channel, sir.
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