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Infamous achievement in Far Cry 5


Complete New Game+ with Infamous difficulty

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How to unlock the Infamous achievement

  • FoogaFooga1,809,980
    29 Aug 2018 29 Aug 2018 11 Mar 2021
    166 11 114
    Hello all! After completing this mode rather quickly I thought I’d share some tips that made this a breeze. The only difference I felt from Easy was the damage your character specifically takes. So don’t rush out, play it safe, and you’ll have no issues. Even saying that, besides a few BS deaths and situations where you cannot use your own guns (like on-rail turret sections), I never struggled at all. I’ll try to keep it short and sweet since, if you’re playing NG+ on Infamous, you’ve obviously beaten the game and are somewhat decked in terms of guns and perks.

    **Just a quick note, I own all of the DLC which I’ll reference in my first and perhaps most important tip. So let’s get started:

    -The weapons you unlock from simply owning the “Lost on Mars” DLC should absolutely be your bread and butter for this mode. More specifically, the “Tazer Spazer Annihilazer”. It has unlimited ammo (it recharges) and instant kills almost everything in the game, including helicopters, planes, and heavy infantry. I also carried the “Nerve Reaper” in case the Tazer overheated, but that almost never happened. I also carried a regular sniper for those really pesky far-away snipers. However, on top of insane damage, the Tazer has insane range. It’ll be your go-to for almost every situation.

    -I only ever went for missions that would bring me to boss showdowns the fastest. I’d prioritize main missions, then outposts, then side missions. Doing that, along with blowing up silos, and rescuing prisoners on the road, I cleared each zone in about 3 hours and change, Jacob’s in 2 and a half.

    -For companions, Boomer the dog is a staple. His passive that spots everyone is really helpful, so you don’t get snuck up on by a shotgun guy or something. For the second one (which I’d argue is optional) I chose Peaches. The reason I stuck with animals is I felt they can take more damage and had a higher frequency of kills. Human companions will sometimes pull through, but more often than not they stick to cover doing nothing and end up getting downed. The less babysitting you’re doing, the more killing you’re doing. In the event one of them died, I’d pick Nick the pilot.

    -Again, saving time is helpful. ABUSE the ability to Air Drop and then use your Wingsuit to get over to where you need to go. That way, you save time and never have to worry about random enemies/animals to kill you.

    -One last thing: you can’t “Walk Away” from the final confrontation. You have to choose “Resist”. I didn’t unlock the achievement, but just hit Continue and did the fight and it popped after the credits.

    Good luck guys! It’s really not that difficult, but feel free to add any tips of your own if you felt I missed anything. toast

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    Sazaq213Thanks ;), now i need to do the add-ons laugh , your guide will helpful during a long time some players buy the game later on .
    Posted by Sazaq213 on 09 Mar at 10:32
    PrsboysI'm nearing the end of the playthrough to get this achievement and I have to say it's not as bad as I thought it'd be.
    Besides the few cases of enemies being able to two shot you the only real part I had trouble with was the Cull the herd missions since you have to be fast.
    Posted by Prsboys on 05 May at 06:01
    FoogaYeah it's not bad. That was really the only section I had to sit up for. Everything else was a breeze.
    Posted by Fooga on 05 May at 06:14
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  • JakThaRiPP3R84JakThaRiPP3R84162,771
    04 Sep 2018 04 Sep 2018 04 Sep 2018
    25 0 0
    I did it with minimal effort during free roam sections.. always use boomer as he tags enemies for you, other doesn't matter but peaches is better then cheeseburger, make sure you improve your team mates HP by spending additional perk points on them in the menu, drug boosters will greatly help in scripted sequences, don't waste your stockpile, also remember the armor booster lasts the least amount of time compared to other boosters.

    cheeseburger is a tank, peaches is fast damage, stacking as many perk points into peaches is key to her surviving conflicts, if you can't put atleast 10 points in her then use cheeseburger, peaches is very fast but dies quick.

    for the scripted dream-like sequences and bunker sections, try to make sure you have full armor, even if it means fast travelling before you pop your last kill and trigger the boss fight. the first few stages with all but the ginger git in the north are easy. but much will involve trial and error until you learn.

    always use annihilazer from mars dlc, along with nerve ripper and obliterator, the lazer will kill any enemy in a second, flamethrowers, heavies, everything it makes quick work of faith during her boss fight, the nerve ripper electrifies enemies and stuns them slightly, but heavies will still trash you, as it won't stun those. The obliterator is a pocket rocket, op and fun but buggy, when hipfiring it's sights are off and it will hit cover in front of you, try to ads when firing, the nut hugger is an interesting weapon, it locks on to vehicles and can be useful, but in certain situations lasers can be buggy and a silenced M249 is boss.

    when it comes to clearing outposts, shrines, silos' and other stuff.. the hours of darkness dlc gives you a pretty nifty attack chopper right from the start of the game, prioritise unlocking the different areas throughout the game that spawns choppers.. hurk's mother has one at her home base, one at prison and whitetail base, remember to pace your rockets out, having the dog boomer with you will highlight enemies in the world, alternatively so will the hunter drug booster.

    a brief guide of some of the harder scripted sequences of the game.

    north area
    timed assault course runs are always the same but sometimes additional enemies appear as you advance. always work left to right and stay behind cover, you need to be really quick, and you can't afford to make any mistakes during traversing the rooms, remember always work left to right, except for the 2nd room and 4th room (both are corridors) which is right to left. enemies give more time so killing all is preferred, in later runs enemies will pop up half way through a sequence or in different places altogether so be mindful, but this only happens in the last sequences really.

    and in the 3rd room, the courtyard, start by killing the 2 on the left and take cover, shoot the 2 that come through the double doors right at the back and then kill the guy in the direct right side of you, after that you'll have maybe 2 more, 1 up on the balcony and the other floating around below on the right normally behind cover, on the final run you get 2 on the balcony above.

    after all that, use the obliterator to destroy the wolf towers, you can shoot them from atleast 60m away, hug right side take out 3 towers, sticking to the right side using rocks for cover. then reverse back and take out the rest, i found that to be easiest way, it will take 2-3 shots each, there are medkits but if you stand still long enough to get one, you get shot and kinda just die, so best to keep moving, use binocs and boosters to tag enemies it's key to surviving this.

    Remember to bring medkits to the final boss fight in the northern area

    then when finally killing him on the mountain make sure you use your drug boosters, primarily speed and armor, obliterator and lazer works wonders here, use nerve ripper to land a few shots on the boss from a distance to stop him from shooting at you as you move from cover to cover, use the lazer on the heavies right before the climb to the boss, and the obliterator for the clumps of dudes before the heavies. drug boosters work wonders here, speed and armor especially. you will find a total of 5 judge wolves on the mountain, and they accompany each pack of enemies, generally they sneak up and bite you on the ass after you have initiated the fight with a pack.

    east area
    faith herself is easy, keep moving to dodge her attacks, and use lazer to trivialize her, she will spawn medpacks in the centre, she can stack damage fast if u stay still, so just maintain a constant circular sprint, even when bandaging.

    after killing faith you go to her bunker, find the sherrif off his head on bliss and this is where the fun starts, the next room has valves you have to shut off, along with maybe 10 enemies spread out all over and it's a nightmare, every time you hit a valve enemies will come through the door you used to enter the room yourself, you can hide and use the lazer but in all honesty i did this in coop and it was still hard. the enemies come from above, aswel as below and just require knowing where to stand, after you hit one of the valves, again the lazer is king here.

    as you enter the room, on the left is a ladder, if you hide behind that ladder you can lazer any enemy above as they come down the ladder, and when they come through the door you used to enter which will be right in front of you, it's better if u have a friend in coop to turn the valves off whilst you camp out the spawning dudes (this area is hard as hell, hardest in game imo)

    south area
    the boss in the southern area was not very hard at all, but the sequence for escaping his bunker tried my patience, especially at the end when you have to escape the fire, but i found a way to do it easily. enter using the obliterator but make sure you have a normal bullet firing machine gun aswel, rifle or lmg doesn't matter, you'll need it at the end of this sequence.

    enter the room turn right and shoot the floor with the obliterator, killing the enemies behind cover then turn left and shoot the guy that appears, retreat and wait several shotgun enemies will arrive on the left obliterate them, when they are dead activate the lever, then after you activate the second lever enemies will rush in from both sides, the staircase behind you and the one over on the opposite side of the room, use obliterator to clear them and take cover down the stairs, they will arrive directly after you hit the lever so be cautious, once the 4 enemies that spawn are dead the roof will open, and you will get 3 enemies, when you kill any 2 more will spawn for a maximum of 5, keep your distance and stay out of their line of sight, use a hunter booster to locate them through walls and use the RIFLE/LMG, the lazers are buggy and won't clear them for some reason, after the 5 enemies are dead a chopper will arrive for you to grapple on to, don't let the fire spook you, it does low damage stay out of it and just make sure your out of the enemies' line of sight.

    and at the end when seed gives you the choice, resist or walk away, make sure you resist, and use the lazer to wipe out the enemies.
  • LavashleyLavashley40,474
    12 Sep 2018 21 Sep 2018
    24 1 1
    Just to clear things up for anyone, in the final confrontation with Joseph, make sure when your faced with the decision to resist or walk away, CHOOSE RESIST, others wise the achievement won’t work after the credits!

    The first time round I choose to walk away and my heart sank when it didn’t work after the credits, but thankfully it let me confront him again and I was kinda thinking it was because of the certain ending I choose. Good luck! clap
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    Xenolith666I will confirm the same thing happened to me.. I chose the "walk away" ending and did not get the achievement. Loaded back in, the final mission was available again, so I chose the "resist" option.. once complete and I skipped the credits.. the achievement unlocked. Thankfully I saw this solution.. so thumbs up from me!
    Posted by Xenolith666 on 14 Oct 18 at 06:13
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