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Scrying Barovia achievement in Neverwinter

Scrying Barovia

Find all 3 Scrying Stones in Barovia

Scrying Barovia0
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How to unlock the Scrying Barovia achievement

  • KillersquirelzKillersquirelz1,697,246
    28 Aug 2018 28 Aug 2018 30 Aug 2018
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    There are three Scrying Stones within Barovia, found at these coordinates:

    1: Barovian Village
    Located in the town up on the roofs, this one requires some jumping. Start at (1447, 1396) and jump up onto the roof. You then need to move North along the rooftops. Make sure you're on your mount for the first jump from the house you initially climb up and the next one north. It's a complicated jump, and will take some practice. The game has a difficult time registering your jump sometimes and will instead just have you walk off the roof. In the video you can somewhat see me stay on the flat surface at the top of the first roof and try to jump laterally onto the next roof, which seems to work best. Then, head east, jumping up onto the tower shaped part of the roof. Then south again when you've made your way around, jumping from roof to roof. The scrying stone is located in a balcony you need to jump to at coordinates (1686, 1379)
    Sorry, this Game Clip has been removed

    2: Howling Hills
    Start at (382, 532) and jump up the side of the cliff. The scrying stone is located at (507, 348)
    Sorry, this Game Clip has been removed

    3: Ruins of Berez
    This one is located at (2040, 734) and you need to drop down onto it from up above.
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    Breadly WeaponCould use more direction on the first one, if I jump from that first rooftop to the building to the north I don't even come close. The videos won't play for me on any of my devices for some reason if they give more instruction.
    Posted by Breadly Weapon on 30 Aug 18 at 02:16
    KillersquirelzI added more description on the first one, hopefully that helps. Not sure why the videos won't work, they're Xbox game clips. They work for me on my PC. It's really just a repetition and a practice thing. If you are a cleric or a control wizard, you might have an easier time dashing. If you aren't, you'll just have to mount up and keep trying.
    Posted by Killersquirelz on 30 Aug 18 at 02:56
    Breadly WeaponThank you! The key was using a mount lol, thumbs upped
    Posted by Breadly Weapon on 30 Aug 18 at 03:21
    BeetleB99state you can only jump from the peaks of the roofs. also last video you can start in a better location. could also add local map shot at the beginning of each video.
    Posted by BeetleB99 on 31 Aug 18 at 14:41
    Shadow 00 FoxBest feeling ever, my saga from last night! I saw a random running around weird in the Howling Hills. I looked at them, then looked up, saw a the purple thingy for the scrying stone and was like, oh! So I ran around, found that one, invited them to a group, and the next 2 hours of chaos and fun began. I found the other two scrying stones, and we had a blast climbing roofs all over the town!

    Quick easy way to get the town scrying stone--use the GWF 'Might Leap' encounter power, and jump up on the low roof just south of the fountain. From there you can easily jump up onto the next roof with repeated jumps and at that point it's a quick and easy treck to the scrying stone. When using Mighty Leap, target it on the low roof, then jump first before mashing the button for the power.
    Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 31 Aug 18 at 18:05
    damesivCan you go straight to this new area or do you have to do some quests to get to it? My equipment isn't that high level so I cant be bothered to start playing this again if I'm not gonna be able to get it easily.
    Posted by damesiv on 03 Sep 18 at 10:18
    Goggs25I voted negative because you dont show how you got up on the roof the point of a guide is to show us what to do and where to go not start in the middle and hope the rest of us will figure it out.
    Posted by Goggs25 on 12 Sep 18 at 17:17
    KillersquirelzDid you even watch the video, Goggs? It's a minute long, and yes, the video starts at the roof because that's where the recording starts, but I drop off the roof at 10 seconds to start over, and go to exactly where you need to go to jump up onto the roof.
    Posted by Killersquirelz on 12 Sep 18 at 21:20
    Shadow 00 FoxLOL at Goggs comment... laugh Made me think about solutions in a different way.
    Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 13 Sep 18 at 17:20
    Goggs25Finally got it no thanks to lazy programmers for not doing there job
    Posted by Goggs25 on 28 Feb 20 at 15:09
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