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Exotique achievement in Destiny 2


Collect 10 Forsaken Exotic weapons or armor.

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How to unlock the Exotique achievement

  • TekmoteTekmote
    18 Nov 2018 14 Nov 2018 15 Nov 2018
    Below is a list quickly outlining all the weapons and armors available from the Forsaken DLC.

    To get this achievement, you need to get 10 of the 24 exotics below: (Note there are only 23 exotics available for Xbox and PC players until September 2019):

    1) Ace of Spades
    Unlock Method: Ace of Spades quest

    2) Black Talon
    Unlock Method: Drop, Engram or Vendor

    3) Cerberus+1
    Unlock Method: Drop, Engram or Vendor

    4) Lord of Wolves
    Unlock Method: Random drop from "Wanted Bounty" completions

    5) Malfeasance
    Unlock Method: Malfeasance quest

    6) One Thousand Voices
    Unlock Method: Rare drop from the last chest on the Last Wish raid

    7) The Chaperone
    Unlock Method: Chaperone quest

    8) The Queenbreaker
    Unlock Method: Drop, Engram or Vendor

    9) Trinity Ghoul
    Unlock Method: Drop, Engram or Vendor

    10) Two Tailed Fox
    Unlock Method: Drop, Engram or Vendor

    11) Wish-Ender
    Unlock Method: Wish-Ender quest

    12) Wavesplitter
    Unlock Method: PS4 Timed Exclusive - Available September 2019

    Titan Gear:
    13) One-Eyed Mask
    14) Ursa Furiosa
    15) Heart of Inmost Light
    16) Antaeus Wards

    Hunter Gear:
    17) Shards of Galanor
    18) Oathkeeper
    19) The Sixth Coyote
    20) Gwisin Vest

    Warlock Gear:
    21) Contraverse Hold
    22) Chromatic Fire
    23) Phoenix Protocol
    24) Geomag Stabilizers

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    StealthNinjaFor those coming here about the 15 exotic achievement, I found on the PC achievement site that "an exotic journey" is actually "Complete a Forsaken Exotic Quest" which makes a lot more sense looking at the name. Hope this helps anyone else who comes here. (Also this achievement is just 10 unique forsaken exotics from the list above)
    Posted by StealthNinja#851 on 12 Jun at 01:50
    zeldafanjtl@StealthNinja#851 I'm not an expert on this achievement, but that was the old description for An Exotic Journey before Forsaken was vaulted. I'm pretty sure it was changed because Forsaken quests were changed or removed altogether (not sure which) when the vaulting happened.
    Posted by zeldafanjtl on 27 Aug at 22:54
    TOBY 1K NO BE@Zeldafanjtl stealthninja is actually correct as I’ve just done the achievement myself. There are still 3 forsaken exotic quests lines (malf, wish ender and chaperone)

    I finished the malf quest line and got the achievement for “15 exotics” and that was my fifth.
    Posted by TOBY 1K NO BE on 20 Dec at 12:26
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  • LittlePardueLittlePardue
    04 Nov 2018 14 Nov 2018 14 Nov 2018
    There are 11 exotic weapons and 4 armors per class added in the Forsaken DLC. You will have to have some luck to complete this achievement, but some are available through quests. I will start with the ones through RNG first.

    Cerberus +1, Trinity Ghoul, Two-Tailed Fox, Black Talon, and Queenbreaker.
    Titan Armor:
    One-Eyed Mask, Ursa Furiosa, Heart of Inmost Light, and Antaeus Wards
    Hunter Armor:
    Shards of Galanor, Oathkeeper, Sixth Coyote, and Gwisin Vest
    Warlock Armor:
    Contraverse Hold, Chromatic Fire, Phoenix Protocol, and Geomag Stabilzers

    There are also four available through quests, and two that only drop from specific things in the Forsaken DLC

    Wish-Ender- Available through a quest that starts in the
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Ace of Spades-Available through quest you receive at the end of the Forsaken campaign avenging
    The Chaperone-A quest that begins at the end of the campaign given by Amanda Holiday
    Malfeasance-From a quest that begins by killing a special boss in the new game mode, Gambit. This boss spawns very rarely but will have a higher chance at spawning on the 3rd and final week of the corruption cycle.
    Lord of Wolves-Has a high chance of being dropped from the Wanted bounties from Spider on the Tangled Shore.
    A Thousand Voices-Only available through the chest at the end of the Last Wish raid after killing in the chest room. Only a chance of having it drop.

    You only need 10 total, and they carry between characters. I got mine with 6 weapons, 3 Titan Armors, and 1 of the Hunter Armors. For the ones that drop by RNG I would recommend doing any bounties, or daily and weekly objectives that drop Powerful Engrams. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment on this guide.
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    DJ KOOLAIDEjust got my 7th exotic. Have completed raid 6 times(no 1000 voices), and over 50 spider bounties (no Lord of Wolves). Im super unlucky
    Posted by DJ KOOLAIDE on 21 Nov 18 at 15:31
    DaigleTheBagelIf you want to talk about super unlucky, I'm 0-30 for the 1000 voices.
    Posted by DaigleTheBagel on 21 Nov 18 at 16:06
    A BatwomanTry different characters. I know the odds were bad on my warlock because that's what I mostly played. And I had a low chance since I got like 3 gear pieces. My titan and hunter have nothing really and started playing on them and got the cerbus+1 on my titan.
    Posted by A Batwoman on 29 Nov 18 at 05:54
  • DredgenDredgen
    08 Mar 2019 09 Mar 2019
    Just FIY. From this week Xur is selling Forsaken exotics and this week (from 8. March) he is selling 3 Forsaken exotics, Trinity Ghoul, Oathkeepers and Ursa Furiosa so if you are missing few, now is your best chance.
    One exotic costs 23 legendary shards
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    McQueen101Does it have to be on one character? I have 10 total now with 6 weapons and 2 on the titan and 2 on the warlock but no achievement. Or maybe it's possibly delayed idk
    Posted by McQueen101 on 23 Mar 19 at 20:24
    DredgenNope. Can be with multiple But exotics like Thunderlord, Black Armory and Jokers Wild does not count
    Posted by Dredgen on 23 Mar 19 at 20:26
    GOWDIABLOnot true cause i have 10 thanks to xut today and in the collections area it shows 10 exotics unlocked yet and thats not including the 6 exotics i got with cyphers in the tower, so im unsure why my achieve is not unlocking
    Posted by GOWDIABLO on 05 Apr 22 at 09:45
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