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Seal the Deal

Complete a Triumph Seal.

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This achievement will not unlock for Year 3 seals and higher

How to unlock the Seal the Deal achievement

  • EX slay3rEX slay3r238,570
    09 Oct 2018 10 Oct 2018 05 Feb 2019
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    A Comprehensive Guide to Earning the WAYFARER Title

    A Quick Overview

    The "Wayfarer" title is available after completing the "Destinations" seal, in the same way that you get "Dredgen" from the "Gambit" seal. This can be found on the same page as your Triumphs. It is less a signal of mastery (like Dredgen) than of experience. A title of all trades. The guardians who will wear this title have seen and done it all, over and over.

    The Destinations seal requires 22 separate Triumphs, which we can group into a few different categories for a more detailed explanation.

    Lost Sectors

    Heroic Adventures

    Destination Badges

    Although the first two account for 19/22 objectives, they are by far the easiest. Then, depending on how much you played D2 before Forsaken dropped, completing the Destination badges could be a breeze or it could be a near-nightmarish grind. But we'll get into that soon. First, let's talk about Lost Sectors and Heroic Adventures.

    1) Lost Sectors
    Simply put, the Wayfarer title requires you to complete all Lost Sectors in the pre-Forsaken game (minus three in the EDZ, for some reason - Hallowed Grove, Atrium, and Scavenger's Den) and kill the WANTED enemy at the end of each. These are the "WANTED - Lost Sectors" Triumphs.

    The good news is that you don't need the Spider's bounty each week to earn credit towards the objective. You just need to kill the WANTED enemy, so you can do them whenever you want.

    Here is a fantastic map of all planets' Lost Sectors by /u/jbpatout (in both English and French!):

    In addition, you'll need to complete all but one of the Lost Sectors in the Tangled Shore (Empty Tank is left out for some reason, but is very much worth doing anyway) and all three Lost Sectors in the Dreaming City for their Triumphs. These are the "Loved and Lost" Triumph for Dreaming City and "Trap Master," "Great Excavations," "Broken House," and "Shipwrecked" for the Tangled Shore.

    This is all pretty easy, just a bit time consuming with all the fast traveling and wait times. But at this point you should be high enough Power that the lost sectors themselves are a breeze.

    2) Heroic Adventures

    You'll also need to complete five Heroic Adventures ("Heroically Adventurous" Triumphs) on every pre-Forsaken location (EDZ, Titan, Nessus, Io, Mercury, and Mars). For Mercury and Mars, you can do these whenever. Just talk to Brother Vance and Ana Bray, respectively. For the original four locations, however, you'll need to wait until the Flashpoint cycles around during a weekly reset. Only then are Heroic Adventures available.

    Here's what we've seen since Forsaken's launch, in order:



    Tangled Shore





    Dreaming City (?)

    There's no limit on consecutive Heroic Adventures during Flashpoints, so as soon as it pops it's a mad grind!

    If you want "Wayfarer" and haven't started your Heroic Adventures yet, be sure to do them on the original four locations when they are given a Flashpoint! This is one of a few hard time-gates in this chase.

    3) Destination Badges
    Oh boy. Here we go.

    With the above two sections we've completed 19/22 Triumphs needed for Wayfarer. Unfortunately, these last three are real killers. We'll now need to complete the Destinations badges for the Red War, Curse of Osiris and Warmind, and Forsaken. These can be found on your Collections tab.

    An important note: you only need to complete each badge on ONE CHARACTER. So if you complete the Red War collection on your Hunter, for instance, you'll get credit for the whole badge. You do not need to finish it for all three classes to earn the badge.

    Let's begin.

    Destinations: Red War

    This is, without a doubt, the easiest of the three. You need to collect all five armor pieces on all four locations from the original D2 launch.

    EDZ (Wildwood)

    Titan (Lost Pacific)

    Nessus (Exodus Down)

    Io (Gensym Knight)

    You can see the full lists here:

    If you've played since launch, you likely already have many of these stored up and enough planetary materials to just power through reputation ranks for the rest. If not, you can always do planetary bounties or buy materials from the Spider as you go.

    It's easy to get these from random drops as you get rank up packages from the various planetary vendors, but once you've reached level 10 on any given planet you can simply buy the armor piece of your choice. And voila! All done.

    Destinations: Forsaken

    I've chosen to skip to this one because it's relatively straightforward, if a bit time-consuming. You'll need armor and weapons from both the Tangled Shore (Scatterhorn set) and Dreaming City (Reverie Dawn set). All told, that's 23 pieces of armor and weapons.

    You can see the full lists here:

    You'll mostly be fine getting these as you play through, but as you are grinding make sure to turn in bounties from the Spider and Petra that grant Legendary gear. This will makes things go much quicker.

    In addition, you'll need two Emblems:

    Eye for an Eye

    You get this emblem by defeating all the Barons on the Tangled Shore and turning in the "The Hit List" Triumph.

    Secret Victories

    Despite the fact that this emblem tracks completed Ascendant challenges, it's a random drop from the Blind Well Chest. It does not appear that it's more likely to drop from higher levels, so if you grind enough you'll get it eventually. Just stick with it, it took me quite a while.

    You can also get it from completing all 6 Ascendant Challenges.

    And that's it! 25 pieces to collect, and we move on to the real beast.

    Destinations: Curse of Osiris and Warmind

    Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

    Truly, this is where the title of "Wayfarer" is earned.

    Instead of describing each individual, detailed step of this badge, I'm just going to link to all the guides you'll need for the whopping THIRTY-NINE pieces of armor and weapons required in order to claim it.

    How to get Polaris Lance:

    How to get Sleeper Simulant:

    How to get all Lost Prophecy Weapons, Perfect Paradox, and Sagira's Shell on Mercury:

    How to use Resonate Stems and Override Frequencies for the first four Braytech Weapons:

    How to get the fifth Braytech weapon, Braytech Osprey, from the Strange Terrain Nightfall:

    How to get all Escalation Protocol weapons and armor:

    In addition to these, you'll need five armor pieces for one class (which, I assure you, you'll get to as you grind) from both Ana Bray and Brother Vance.

    Depending on how thoroughly you played D2 prior to Forsaken, you might have all or none of these. For those of you starting from scratch, a brief primer:

    Lost Prophecy weapons take a lot time, but are not random drops. Be thankful for this. It also keeps you off Mercury for most of it, since you largely earn materials in strikes and the Crucible.

    Escalation Protocol weapons are more likely to drop the longer you go without them. This is called deterministic RNG. They drop from level 7 bosses without needing a key. Be thankful for this.

    Escalation Protocol armor only drops from chests after level 7, for which you need a decrypted key. See the guide above for more info.

    The Braytech Osprey is best chased by getting one 100k+ score run on the Strange Terrain Nightfall. You will see your high score from the Strange Terrain Emblem. After that just start doing speedruns on this Nightfall as long as you get it.

    The grind for the other four Braytech weapons (Winter Wolf, Niflheim Frost, Frigid Jackal, or 18 Kelvins) is totally random, and will make you hate everyone and everything. You have to spend hours grinding resonate stems, hunt down the correct Sleeper Node, then hope you get a Braytech Schematic from that. The Braytech Schematic will drop one of the four weapons at random. You can only have one Schematic in your inventory at a time, so once you find one immediately go to Ana Bray. You will spend a short lifetime on Mars doing Patrols, Public Events, and Lost Sectors. You will know that map like the back of your hand. Literally the only bright side of this is that you don't need 40/40 Sleeper Nodes.
    As people have suggested only do one Braytech Schematic per daily reset as it is extremely unlikely to get more in one day. Daily reset times are the following:

    Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)
    Reset will be at 10:00 AM Pacific (1700 UTC) while Daylight Saving Time is active from March to November.

    Pacific Standard Time (PST)
    Reset will be at 9:00 AM Pacific (1700 UTC) while Daylight Saving Time is inactive from November to March.
    You can use to convert it to your timezone.

    This is the grind, right here. This badge will take a disproportionately large amount of your time. Be prepared. But once you're done, it's an amazing feeling.

    The End of All Things
    And that's it, the grind for Wayfarer. Three groups, 22 Triumphs. Yours for the taking.

    As I end, feel free to drop questions or suggestions in the comments, and I'll update my post if needed. There's plenty of wisdom out there on the best way to go about doing this, and I've love to hear from others' experiences.

    But best of luck to all Guardians chasing this epic title!

    Credit for this Guide goes to u/groggydog

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    Durant92bhdI recently completed the requirements for Dredgen, I unlocked it, I have the title now, aaaaaand no achievement. Logged in and out, changed charachters, reset my Xbox, etc. Nothing.

    Anyone have any idea?
    Posted by Durant92bhd on 19 Mar at 17:16
    vSullyWhat ended up fixing it, @Durant92bhd?
    Posted by vSully on 24 Apr at 04:24
    Foreman57071) Thank you for this guide. I am down to the Braytech Osprey, and this guide made that possible. You deserve more upvotes.

    2) If you downvoted this because there are "shorter" seals to complete, shame on you. This is the Seal that you can do basically solo, with lots of grinding and LFG luck. This is a great guide for wayfarer seal.

    3) Another big THANK YOU for this guide. Could not have been this close without you.
    Posted by Foreman5707 on 13 May at 15:20
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  • Proxy LionheartProxy Lionheart715,793
    26 Feb 2020 26 Feb 2020
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    Just wanted to keep everyone in the loop, all seasonal triumphs will not count towards this achievement.

    I completed season 9 fully, and never got the achievement, when I posted on the forums, this was the reply I got..

    The Seal the Deal Achievement/Trophy will only unlock if a player owns Forsaken and one of the following Forsaken seals is earned:

    Since the achievement was written for Forsaken, it would only let you get it on the base seals. Seasonal seals do not apply for the achievement.

    Didn't want others to go and waste their time like I did.
    Showing all 3 comments.
    alladaskill17I greatly appreciate this post. I had taken a long break and was considering attempting one of the newer, "less involved" / less task Triumphs, I figured I would check if there were newer solutions. So I REALLY appreciate this heads up. Back to slowly doing wayfarer.
    Posted by alladaskill17 on 10 Mar at 23:59
    Proxy LionheartThis is exactly why I posted it. I can't begin to say how disappointed I was. Same, I'm slowly grinding out that one as well.
    Posted by Proxy Lionheart on 11 Mar at 00:07
    Blue DemonF
    Posted by Blue Demon#1216 on 14 Mar at 07:03
  • RDSRDS#5610256,838
    05 Nov 2018 05 Nov 2018 08 Mar 2019
    12 1 12
    The above guides are good for the respective seals, but I haven't seen one that focuses on the Dredgen seal yet. This one involves quite a bit of Gambit, Destiny 2's new gamemode.

    Down below are the main actions you need to perform to obtain this Triumph Seal.

    1. Complete the Gambit Collections Badge (only has to be for one class).

    This includes most items obtained through the mode, those being:

    All Gambit weapons and armour are available as random drops from Gambit bounties.

    Bygones - Pulse Rifle - Random drop OR vendor roll available from the Drifter after hitting the rank of Mythic I
    Hazard of the Cast - Auto Rifle - Random drop
    Pillager - SMG - Random drop
    Parcel of Stardust - Shotgun - Random drop
    Dreaded Venture - Sniper Rifle - Random drop
    Trust - Hand Cannon - Random drop OR the Mysterious Package you get for resetting your Gambit rank once
    Distant Relation - Scout Rifle - Random drop
    Bad Omens - Rocket Launcher - Random drop OR the Enigmatic Package you get for resetting your Gambit rank twice
    Malfeasance - Exotic Hand Cannon - Complete the Exotic Quest obtained through killing the Ascendant Primeval Servitor (the boss that looks like the final Forsaken campaign one). The full quest is explained under triumph 11: Aim to Misbehave.
    Ancient Apocalypse Head Armour - Random drop
    Ancient Apocalypse Arms Armour - Random drop
    Ancient Apocalypse Chest Armour - Random drop
    Ancient Apocalypse Leg Armour - Random drop
    Ancient Apocalypse Class Item - Random drop OR vendor roll available from the Drifter after hitting the rank of Heroic I
    Playin' the Odds Emblem - Speak to the Drifter
    Gambit Chrome Shader - Dismantle a weapon with the shader on it, easiest is the Trust from the Mysterious Package
    Furtive Ghost Shell - Reset your Gambit rank three times (this can be done over multiple seasons), then buy it from the Drifter
    Antediluvian Sparrow - Random drop from the Ascendant Primeval Servitor after obtaining the Malfeasance quest
    Drift Apart Ship - Random drop from the Ascendant Primeval Servitor after obtaining both the Malfeasance quest and the Antediluvian sparrow

    2. High-Value Hawk Triumph - Kill a High-Value Target of every species.
    Whenever the Drifter announces that there's a high-value target on the field, find it and kill it. The triumph requires you to kill one of each species (Fallen, Vex, Hive, Cabal and Scorn).

    3. Light Versus Light - Defeat an invader while their Super is active ten times.
    Best thing to use is the Sleeper Simulant since it deals a lot of damage to invaders in their super, often outright killing them.
    Edit: This triumph has changed to also count kills from invaders on enemies with their Super active.

    4. Gambit for All Seasons - Win a Gambit match against every species.
    Play Gambit and this will come naturally.

    5. Dark Age Arsenal - Win a Gambit match wit a Gambit weapon equipped in every slot.
    Self-explanatory. You need the Bad Omens rocket launcher, either the Trust hand cannon or the Distant Relation scout rifle and one of the following: Bygones, Pillager, Hazard of the Cast, Dreaded Venture or Parcel of Stardust.

    6. Prestige - Reset your Infamy rank once.
    Reach 15000 Infamy and then hold cn_X over the Gambit icon until the bar is full.

    7. Army of One - Kill four enemy Guardians in a single invasion three times.
    Best would be a weapon with range like a Linear Fusion Rifle or a Sniper Rifle. Thunderlord is also very good for this since it has a lot of ammo per brick.

    8. Half-Banked - Deposit 38 or more Motes in a single round five times.
    Collect motes and bank them in increments of 5 or 10 to avoid losing them to invaders or NPC enemies.

    9. Thrillmonger - Defeat forty enemies in a match without dying three times.
    Instead of focusing on collecting motes, focus on clearing NPC's and hide from invaders when necessary.
    Edit: blocker types have changed with Phalanxes being replaced by Goblins.

    10. Protect the Runner - Win a game where someone on your fireteam deposited 100 motes without losing any.
    This is a tricky one due to the requirements, but the best thing to do is to play in a full fireteam and have one designated mote collector who will also hide from invaders. He can die when he is holding no motes.

    11. Aim to Misbehave - Acquire Malfeasance.
    This is quite a long quest which requires you to kill the Ascendant Primeval Servitor once to start.

    Step 1: The Seething Heart - Speak to the Drifter.
    Step 2: City of Secrets - Kill 25 Taken bosses or minibosses in the Dreaming City. Best option would be to repeatedly do the Corrupted strike.
    Step 3: The Corrupted - Complete the 580 power level mission variant of the Corrupted Strike. There is no matchmaking for this and it's quite tough, so make a fireteam before starting this mission.
    Step 4: Depleted Weapon Core - Deliver the item obtained in the previous mission to the Drifter.
    Step 5: Business as Usual - Bank 400 motes. Every mote you lose subtracts two motes from your total. Win 10 Gambit matches.
    Step 6: Lights Out - Kill 25 Guardians and either obtain one Army of One medal or have a team member obtain three Army of One medals.
    Step 7: Dark Weapon Core - Speak to the Drifter to obtain Malfeasance.

    Let me know if there's things you want added and good luck slaying those Primevals!
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    MrFunkoPop996For light Vs Light. Does it only count if enemy invades you and supers? Or would I get points if I invade them, enemy uses super and I kill them?
    Posted by MrFunkoPop996 on 04 May at 16:31
    RDSonly invaders in super count
    Posted by RDS#5610 on 04 May at 17:37
    MrFunkoPop996Okay, thanks for getting back to me. This is going to take some time.
    Posted by MrFunkoPop996 on 05 May at 13:47
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