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Seal the Deal achievement in Destiny 2

Seal the Deal

Complete a Triumph Seal.

Seal the Deal0
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This achievement will not unlock for Year 3 seals and higher

How to unlock the Seal the Deal achievement

  • Proxy LionheartProxy Lionheart
    29 Sep 2020 26 Feb 2020 03 May 2023
    Edit 7: Posted by Za Pantsupati in the comments
    Make sure to have the Forsaken DLC installed if going for Glorious seal, as without this installed, it won't unlock the achievement when completing that seal, and probably goes for all the Forsaken seals.

    Edit 6: Posted by Gh0stivan in the comments
    That a new triumph called Glorious that popped their achievement.
    I think it's called glorious and it should be permanent, isn't linked to any seasonal objectives.

    Edit 5: Had a few people comment to say that they've done the Dreaming City seal, and it's not unlocked, so not sure if it's become broken due to all the changes.

    Edit 4: Posted by mrbellek
    Just saw an announcement that the Unbroken seal is being retired in season 19. This means that season 16 is the latest you can still start to make progress towards it and unlock it in time. This is the current season and lasts until May 24th.

    Edit 3: Posted by Solobrus22
    Also remember to activate the title.
    I did the sign out/in trick, didnt unlock the achievement..

    30 min after i signed in i activated the title, and achievement popped 30 sec later (a bit delayed).

    Edit 2: Thanks to Solobrus22
    i unlocked the collection badge by getting the beyond light european collector.. could there been an update that now allows more seals then just the forsaken ones?

    Edit 1: Removed Wayfarer and Chronicler as they are both no longer available. Thanks to duckonabike for commenting this little detail.

    Just wanted to keep everyone in the loop, all seasonal and Beyond Light triumphs will not count towards this achievement.

    I completed season 9 fully, and never got the achievement, when I posted on the forums, this was the reply I got..

    The Seal the Deal Achievement/Trophy will only unlock if a player owns Forsaken and one of the following Forsaken seals is earned:

    Since the achievement was written for Forsaken, it would only let you get it on the base seals. Seasonal seals do not apply for the achievement.

    Didn't want others to go and waste their time like I did.

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    HumidTube35Dredgen is second page, bottom right. By far the easiest title to obtain in the game
    Posted by HumidTube35 On 12 Sep at 00:37
    zeldafanjtlIs there a prerequisite for Dredgen to appear in titles at all? I swear I've hovered over every single active title, and I don't see the name Dredgen, any mention of Gambit, or the twin snake icon used for Gambit.

    For what it's worth, there are 30 active titles in my interface (12 each on the first two pages, and 6 on the third).

    EDIT: Turns out yes, there is a prerequisite. Thanks to this Reddit thread for helping me figure it out:

    Basically, if you don't have the Gambit/Dredgen seal yet, you have to go to Triumphs > Lifetime > Competitive > Gambit. For me, all the triumphs were secret, except for one for completing a single Gambit match. I played a match, claimed the triumph, and then the rest were revealed and the title appeared in my Titles screen.

    I had played Gambit before, but I guess not recently enough to count for this. Interestingly, the rest of my Gambit triumphs do seem to have some progress from prior play.
    Posted by zeldafanjtl On 16 Sep at 03:00
    HumidTube35If you put some hours in you can knock Dredgen out in a couple of days.
    Posted by HumidTube35 On 21 Sep at 16:21
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  • duckonabikeduckonabike
    25 Aug 2019 01 Nov 2020 11 Mar 2023
    A Guide to all six Seals that came with Forsaken.

    This achievement can only be earned from obtaining one of these Seals: Cursebreaker, Dredgen, Rivensbane, Unbroken, Chronicler, or Wayfarer.
    If the name of the seal that you are earning/have earned is not one of the six listed above, the achievement will not unlock. This is because this achievement is tied to the first expansion of the game, Forsaken (released in Year 2), and so is coded to unlock only for seals that were released when Forsaken came out.
    Please note that Chronicler, Wayfarer and Unbroken are no longer obtainable.

    The guides I've written out below for each seal are written based off of personal experience earning each of these triumphs. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask in the comments below.

    Cursebreaker and Dredgen are the easier titles to get for this achievement as opposed to Rivensbane, so I'd go after those. Given the changes to Gambit during this year (see here:, I'd venture to say that Dredgen is harder to complete now than it used to be, which makes Cursebreaker probably the better option. You also get to learn a lot about the Dreaming City, which holds a lot of interesting lore.

    EDIT 3/11/2022: With the release of Lightfall to kick of Year 6 and the start of Season 20 (Season of Defiance), there are no changes to any of the seals here within the solution. There have been a few reports last season that the achievement unlocked for some that had acquired the Glorious title, but it seems this is a bug and does not work for everyone. If you're looking to get this achievement, I would suggest trying to acquire one of the seals that is guaranteed to unlock it.

    See here (This Week At Bungie (TWAB, for details on the retirement of the Unbroken seal.

    Previous edits made:

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Hello everyone, and welcome to this guide on how to earn the achievement Seal the Deal. There are plenty of other guides here that are pretty good in detailing what needs to be done for certain seals. My intention with this particular guide is to discuss each individual seal that you could earn in order to get the achievement, while taking into account changes from both Year 3, which saw the release of Shadowkeep, and particularly Year 4 of Destiny, which saw the release of Beyond Light. First off though, I want to make a few disclaimers.

    ***Please read these disclaimers prior to the guide! I have bolded the most important points. Specifically pay attention to points 3, 4 and 5. (Under a spoiler tag because there's so much scrolling otherwise. Sorry!)***

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Please note! That once you've completed all the triumphs for whichever title you chose to earn, that the achievement will not pop until you have claimed the title in game. To do that, simply head over to the Triumphs tab in your in-game menu, select the title you've completed, and then click on the title name located below the title emblem (in the bottom left of the screen) in order to claim the title, and then click it again to equip the title. If the achievement still doesn't pop after that, logging out of the game completely and then logging back in should do it.

    That all being said, let’s dive into it! As the Chronicler, Wayfarer and Unbroken seals have been retired from the game, they will be listed last. However, I'm still including them here regardless. Otherwise, we’ll just head through these alphabetically.



    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***



    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***



    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***



    Currently considered a legacy seal, and can no longer be obtained.

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***



    Currently considered a legacy seal, and can no longer be obtained.

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***



    Currently considered a legacy seal, and can no longer be obtained.

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***


    Thank you!
    Thanks for stopping by this extensively long, detailed guide. Getting through it feels like Frodo getting rid of the One Ring –

    But seriously, I hope this guide was useful in helping you get through one of these seals, whether you were using my text walkthrough or the sources I have linked above.
    I’ve put a lot of time into making this guide, so I’d appreciate it if you could do me a favor now and leave an upvote or a comment down below to let me know what was or wasn’t helpful, or if there was anything that was confusing and could be rephrased.
    If you’re going to downvote the guide, then before you do please let me know in the comments why. Chances are pretty good that it’s something I can help you with. If you don’t let me know, then I can’t make the necessary changes to help out some future player(s) who may encounter the same problem(s) you did.
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    DRUNKZ 27I was looking at Gamepass for PC and it looks like Forsaken, Shadowfall and Beyond Light are all included for Free. Might be worth a try to play it on pc although I'm not sure how xbox achievements work there. The game does have cross save so I wonder if you unlocked the seal on PC and then played in on xbox would it unlock the achievement?

    Personally I wouldn't waste time with Dredgen knowing what I know now about how straightforward Cursebreaker was. I did end up only 7 super kills and the 75 mote run away from the title so I'm sure if I just kept grinding I'd get those 7 I needed eventually. The 75 motes though you have to get a team and with the new season they split the matchmaking pool so fireteams will match with other fireteams and solo players can q with only other solo players. So being able to take advantage of a team with a bunch of randoms probably isn't an option now.
    Posted by DRUNKZ 27 On 01 Mar 22 at 05:17
    mrbellekI went for the Cursebreaker triumph (Dreaming City) and just unlocked it. Don't forget to unlock the title AND equip it (green checkmark), then log out & in again to force the achievement to pop.
    Posted by mrbellek On 13 Mar 22 at 21:54
    rippercitoThis is still working Cursebreaker March 2023 after latest update.
    Need to log out and in again to pop it when back in orbit.
    Posted by rippercito On 09 Mar at 20:39
  • RDSRDS#5610
    05 Nov 2018 05 Nov 2018 01 Oct 2020
    The above guides are good for the respective seals, but I haven't seen one that focuses on the Dredgen seal yet. This one involves quite a bit of Gambit, Destiny 2's new gamemode.

    Down below are the main actions you need to perform to obtain this Triumph Seal.

    1. Complete the Gambit Collections Badge (only has to be for one class).

    This includes most items obtained through the mode, those being:

    All Gambit weapons and armour are available as random drops from Gambit bounties.

    Bygones - Pulse Rifle - Random drop OR vendor roll available from the Drifter after hitting the rank of Mythic I
    Hazard of the Cast - Auto Rifle - Random drop
    Pillager - SMG - Random drop
    Parcel of Stardust - Shotgun - Random drop
    Dreaded Venture - Sniper Rifle - Random drop
    Trust - Hand Cannon - Random drop OR the Mysterious Package you get for resetting your Gambit rank once
    Distant Relation - Scout Rifle - Random drop
    Bad Omens - Rocket Launcher - Random drop OR the Enigmatic Package you get for resetting your Gambit rank twice
    Malfeasance - Exotic Hand Cannon - Complete the Exotic Quest obtained through killing the Ascendant Primeval Servitor (the boss that looks like the final Forsaken campaign one). The full quest is explained under triumph 11: Aim to Misbehave.
    Ancient Apocalypse Head Armour - Random drop
    Ancient Apocalypse Arms Armour - Random drop
    Ancient Apocalypse Chest Armour - Random drop
    Ancient Apocalypse Leg Armour - Random drop
    Ancient Apocalypse Class Item - Random drop OR vendor roll available from the Drifter after hitting the rank of Heroic I
    Playin' the Odds Emblem - Speak to the Drifter
    Gambit Chrome Shader - Dismantle a weapon with the shader on it, easiest is the Trust from the Mysterious Package
    Furtive Ghost Shell - Reset your Gambit rank three times (this can be done over multiple seasons), then buy it from the Drifter
    Antediluvian Sparrow - Random drop from the Ascendant Primeval Servitor after obtaining the Malfeasance quest
    Drift Apart Ship - Random drop from the Ascendant Primeval Servitor after obtaining both the Malfeasance quest and the Antediluvian sparrow

    2. High-Value Hawk Triumph - Kill a High-Value Target of every species.
    Whenever the Drifter announces that there's a high-value target on the field, find it and kill it. The triumph requires you to kill one of each species (Fallen, Vex, Hive, Cabal and Scorn).

    3. Light Versus Light - Defeat an invader while their Super is active ten times.
    Best thing to use is the Sleeper Simulant since it deals a lot of damage to invaders in their super, often outright killing them.
    Edit: This triumph has changed to also count kills from invaders on enemies with their Super active.

    4. Gambit for All Seasons - Win a Gambit match against every species.
    Play Gambit and this will come naturally.

    5. Dark Age Arsenal - Win a Gambit match wit a Gambit weapon equipped in every slot.
    Self-explanatory. You need the Bad Omens rocket launcher, either the Trust hand cannon or the Distant Relation scout rifle and one of the following: Bygones, Pillager, Hazard of the Cast, Dreaded Venture or Parcel of Stardust.
    EDIT: Gambit Prime weapons (Night Watch, Spare Rations, Gnawing Hunger, Last Man Standing, Doomsday) also count.

    6. Prestige - Reset your Infamy rank once.
    Reach 15000 Infamy and then hold cn_X over the Gambit icon until the bar is full.

    7. Army of One - Kill four enemy Guardians in a single invasion three times.
    Best would be a weapon with range like a Linear Fusion Rifle or a Sniper Rifle. Thunderlord is also very good for this since it has a lot of ammo per brick. Other strong weapons for this are Truth and Xenophage.

    8. Half-Banked - Deposit 38 or more Motes in a single round five times.
    Collect motes and bank them in increments of 5 or 10 to avoid losing them to invaders or NPC enemies.

    9. Thrillmonger - Defeat forty enemies in a match without dying three times.
    Instead of focusing on collecting motes, focus on clearing NPC's and hide from invaders when necessary.
    Edit: blocker types have changed with Phalanxes being replaced by Goblins.

    10. Protect the Runner - Win a game where someone on your fireteam deposited 75 motes without losing any.
    This is a tricky one due to the requirements, but the best thing to do is to play in a full fireteam and have one designated mote collector who will also hide from invaders. He can die when he is holding no motes.
    EDIT: Someone in the comments pointed out that 75 motes is enough.

    11. Aim to Misbehave - Acquire Malfeasance.
    This is quite a long quest which requires you to kill the Ascendant Primeval Servitor once to start.

    Step 1: The Seething Heart - Speak to the Drifter.
    Step 2: City of Secrets - Kill 25 Taken bosses or minibosses in the Dreaming City. Best option would be to repeatedly do the Corrupted strike.
    Step 3: The Corrupted - Complete the 580 power level mission variant of the Corrupted Strike. There is no matchmaking for this and it's quite tough, so make a fireteam before starting this mission.
    Step 4: Depleted Weapon Core - Deliver the item obtained in the previous mission to the Drifter.
    Step 5: Business as Usual - Bank 400 motes. Every mote you lose subtracts two motes from your total. Win 10 Gambit matches.
    Step 6: Lights Out - Kill 25 Guardians and either obtain one Army of One medal or have a team member obtain three Army of One medals.
    Step 7: Dark Weapon Core - Speak to the Drifter to obtain Malfeasance.

    Let me know if there's things you want added and good luck slaying those Primevals!

    Major edit: With Season of Arrivals, the Collections Badge is no longer needed for the triumph seal.
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    SellYouForAStarI can confirm this seal will still unlock the triumph as of January 2021. The weapons I used for Dark Age Arsenal were Night Watch, Gnawing Hunger, and Bad Omens. In case you were wondering, Thrillmonger doesn’t require no deaths for the whole game, only until you’ve got a 40 kill streak (the medal will pop as soon as you’ve killed 40 without dying) so just focus on clearing adds and let your teammates handle the motes.
    Posted by SellYouForAStar On 06 Jan 21 at 04:47
    Homunculus Furyany ideas for thrillmonger now? I've only managed to get it twice. By the time I hit 20 kills the prime evil is almost or already summoned. also the army of one is a total pain in the ass lol
    Posted by Homunculus Fury On 15 Jan 21 at 17:27
    Edevan IvanDoes not work in the private, I have done several tests and only works in public matches
    Posted by Edevan Ivan On 19 Jan 21 at 15:57
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