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Darkness Falls

Defeat a Forsaken Nightfall Boss.

Darkness Falls+0.1
08 April 2019 - 2 guides

Achievement Guide for Darkness Falls

  • LoutishhLoutishh106,714
    07 Sep 2018 09 Sep 2018 09 Sep 2018
    7 2 9
    To get this achievement you will need to do a Forsaken Nightfall. (Obviously) The first week of Forsaken is the strike 'Prison of Elders'. Recommended power is 540*. Although, me and two friends did this without a cheese. We were power level 515 (me), 514, and a 509. Took about 32 minutes being at our power, but now were in the 520's and it's very easy.

    There might be a cheese for the final boss but as far as I know there isn't. I'm going to try and make this straight forward as possible. For hunters, you should use Nightstalker subclass with vanishing step. When the ads become too much to handle you can go invisible and revive the fireteam. The tether will be very helpful when you're in the room where you have to disarm the bombs. I wouldn't use tether on the first bomb, but one use another on the 2nd and possibly use one for the 3rd.

    For the boss room, we all used the Wisper of the Worm and did some damage to the boss then killed some ads as they don't respawn once killed. Just do that over and over and hide in the shadows when the boss does it's bursting of energy. Just keep going and it may take a few tries but you'll eventually get it. Also stay in the back when the ads spawn as they don't spawn in the back.

    I would highly recommend being in the 520s+ and do the same thing except when you shoot at the boss you can easily melt the boss. Hopefully this helped some people and I primary Hunter so sorry Titans and Warlocks. If any titans and warlocks that have this achievement for the Prison of Elders Nightfall leave some advice for people running the same races as you.
  • l Concetto18 ll Concetto18 l323,222
    22 Oct 2019 22 Oct 2019 22 Oct 2019
    2 0 0
    Here is a 2019 solution, because the game change a lot.

    In the strikes section you will see 4 strikes what you can do:

    External image

    You can do one of three are in these section, the strikes of the Forsaken DLC is:

    Warden of Nothing
    The Hollowed Lair
    The Corrupted

    You have to do the Forsaken nightfall to unlock the achievement, there is a chance per week to see one of the above in the nightfall section

    At this point 10/22/2019 Is the corrupted nightfall up!

    External image
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