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Join E-Sports Team Now!

10 Winning Streak - "3vs3 Mode only"

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How to unlock the Join E-Sports Team Now! achievement

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    Ok, this is my first guide ever but I am happy to say that after 9 months of grinding for this achievement, I finally got it! I'm not going to lie, this is going to be one of the last achievements you'll get in the game and it'll be to the point where you think you'll never get it. Now the easiest time to have gotten this achievement would've been around August of 2018 when the game came out due to the fact that everyone was probably sucky and had low prestige characters. I played this game almost exactly 1 year later and unfortunately, I found myself going against sweats and losing on a 9 win streak because of awful teammates. Now there is no easy way to get this achievement because of the amount of sweats in this game but here are some of the tactics I used during the 9 month period.
    1. Teammates: It is important to be in a lobby with friends you trust. This is the only reason why I got this achievement. Now as you can imagine, I must've gotten pretty good after 9 months, and I did, but it still wasn't enough, I struggled alone. Now I met these guys in the game and I had a strong competitive team. Communication is important as well (but we didn't communicate, you'll get to a certain point of experienced player tactics after a while). You need to learn to trust your teammates, especially your MVP of the team, someone you know that can score the most 3s in the game. Just in case your friend misses, it's important that you or your friend are playing as a big man (PF or C) so they can be there for the rebound. So I like the big man close to the basket and the 2 shooters at each wing for the 3. Don't be scared to take a regular mid range shot or dunk tho, every opportunity to score must be taken advantage of. On a second note, your team will thrive if all 3 of you are flexible players meaning that you can play as big or a guard. All 3 of us had big men that could shoot even from the 3 and rebound.
    2. Freestyle: This thing helped out quite a bit and you'll see all the high level characters (the sweats) step back and do a quick release on a Kim, Joey, a Jason, etc. It's harder to block a freestyle shot than a regular shot so that pulled me out of holes sometimes. You will need to collect some freestyle pieces for each character tho. I personally liked the spike and the quick pointer (both of the quick pointers will do). All 3 of my squad members had at least the quick point shot.
    3. P5 Characters: It's really important to prestige your characters as they all have different and unique abilities that will help you climb out of a hole. I personally loved my P5 Kim. She will get her step back at P5 and Joey will get his side step. Kim, in addition can also do a fadeaway which is great. I never had a P5 Jason but he's also a really good choice as well, he will get his step back. Rin would also be another person that's good for P5. William, Helena is alright, Fred is ok, Carolina, Pedro (probably the best at steals in the game), Amanda, Lulu, Lee, Bigdog, Max, Christa, Rebecca, Fei, Jimmy, Saru, Walker, and Ginger are all good choices. I should've just said which ones you shouldn't prestige but oh well.
    4. Ability cards: These will help you a lot. I personally went for things like increasing my shot, the rebound, steals, dunks, etc. This was one reason why I was able to overpower some sweats over a game. Try to get the best version of the cards as possible (platinum). If you can't get platinum at all, it's ok, just make sure you have the best cards you can get.
    5: Use your mind first: I know you're probably thinking, "What the heck?" But trust me, if you think of this as a game of chess, you'll outsmart your opponents. For example I'd pass the ball to my teammate, he'd pump fake, pass the ball to me and I'd pump fake causing the person that's guarding me to jump for the block and I'd either pass it back to my friend or I'd run away from the guy guarding me (while he jumped) and score an easy 3. Or sometimes I'd play the afk game when I have the ball. This will serve as a bait game if anything since they want to steal the ball. Once they'd come from me, I'd press the B button while moving the joystick to move of course and I'd score an easy 3. In the same scenario with the ball, I'd also trick the defender that I was going to the left (or right) side and then I'd press the B button while moving the joystick to go to the opposite side, in this case, the right side and I'd make an easy 3.
    6. Pets: Pets are always nice to have no matter what abilities they have. It really could mean the difference between you hitting that buzzer beater or you missing it.
    7. Character stats: You can increase your character's stats somewhere in the menu. You'll see your characters of different positions and you can assign them with an increased ability, but it'll be random, but still it's better than nothing. It's worth nothing that for this one, it applies to all your characters in that position. For example, my Lulu had like a 3.8% increase from the 3. Lulu is a PF so basically this increase will apply to all my PFs since she's a PF with that ability.
    8. Crew: Join a crew and take advantage of in game events. You will need the coins and the little goodies you can get, every little bit helps.
    So that's about it guys the most important things to do will be the first couple of steps. I'm sorry if I made you feel helpless, this achievement is a grinder. But trust me, Ik what I'm talking about, I was the 41st player to complete this game and ngl, I actually enjoyed playing it.
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