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Five Star Class in 3on3 FreeStyle

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Reach Grade 5 with any character (First Time)

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Posted on 24 September 18 at 12:32, Edited on 17 January 19 at 07:44
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Alright, this is an interesting one, so it's time for another novel. This achievement tasks you with promoting one character to Prestige 5. Every character starts at Prestige 1. It would be best to decide from the beginning which character you aim to bring to Prestige 5, out of the 5 starter characters preferably. If you have Christa and/or The Professor from the past giveaways, I do not recommend to buy a new character for 20000 Coins, unless you really like the game and want to use a particular player. Just be aware that it's a very big investment of Coins that could be used to level up and prestige one of the characters you own already. On the other hand, if you missed the giveaways and don't have either of those two, then you can go ahead and buy one new character and possibly prestige that one all the way up (you need to own 6 characters in total for another achievement). It's all up to your choice.

You can view the requirements for all prestiges by going to the Prestige menu of any character. The requirements are identical for all characters. So, in order to promote a character you have to fulfill two conditions:
1. Level the character up to level 10 within its current prestige and
2. Own the required Manuals for the current Prestige.

To level up a character you have to buy XP Drinks either from the Shop - Items - Growth Items or from the Level Up menu of the character and then consume them on your desired character. The Small, Medium and Large XP Drinks offer proportional increases in character XP, so it doesn't matter which one you buy, economically; you still have to spend a set total of coins in the end. To save time, just buy Large XP Drinks until you get close to character Level 10 in the current Prestige. Then buy a bunch of Small XP Drinks to inch your way to Level 10 and not overflow the character's XP pointlessly (doesn't go past 10). For example, if you are at 90% from Level 9 to Level 10, it would be wasteful to use a Large XP Drink.

The Manuals can be bought either from the Shop - Items - Growth Items individually or the Prestige menu of a character in bulk once that character was brought up to Level 10 in its current Prestige. In the latter case, the game will tell you the total cost of those Manuals when you attempt the purchase. There is one special type of Manual, though, which cannot be bought at all, only earned, required for the final promotion, to Prestige 5.

Both the XP Drinks and the Manuals (excepting the special type) can be bought only with Coins, thankfully... You could theoretically spend real life money to purchase Points and convert them into Coins to instantly Level Up and Prestige Characters, but even then, that can only bring a character as high as Prestige 4, Level 10. With that said, my advice is actually to NOT buy any microtransactions in this game, though... it's horrible and completely undeserving.

Basically, this summarizes to a huge grind of Coins. But let's not ignore the elephant in the room... that special type of Manual, namely the Intensive Manuals. For the final promotion of a character you need to own three of them... As I said, they cannot be bought at all. They can only be earned through Events and it just so happens that there is a permanent Event in the game which awards three Intensive Manuals. Aren't we so lucky? Not really... not at all.. That Event awards you one Intensive Manual at each of User Levels 10, 20 and 30 (these are your overall Profile Levels, not any Character Levels). So, this boils down to reaching User Level 30... which is excruciatingly long and that is putting it mildly. See my solution here for details on the User Level grind (fully complete now):
3on3 FreeStyleMadly MaxThe Madly Max achievement in 3on3 FreeStyle worth 1313 pointsReach Level 20 (Max)

But wait! There is an alternative! And if you didn't guess it already, it involves your beautiful money filled wallet. All you need to do is to gently and meticulously scoop out 50 USD from it and toss (waste; don't do it...) them at this game in exchange for a big pack of 550 Points. Where you see this permanent Event, the right half of it talks about a Special Level Up Rewards Pack that costs 499 Points. If you buy this pack (don't, have some self-respect), you can earn another SEPARATE SET of three Intensive Manuals, again one at each of User Levels 10, 20 and 30. Thus, the earliest you can get your Prestige 5 character would be at Level 20, when you'd own four Intensive Manuals and cut the gigantic grind between User Levels 20 and 30 out completely. The items from this pack are retroactive! In order to redeem an Intensive Manual, once you reach User Levels 10, 20 and 30, go to the Events, press A on the relevant Event and there you can claim your Intensive Manuals as gifts to your in-game Inbox. Then, go to your in-game Inbox and finally accept the Intensive Manual to properly own it. So, that's pretty much all about the Intensive Manuals, for the moment. Other Events may be introduced in the future (OR NOT), which might award an Intensive Manual as a grand prize, but until then, these are the only choices to end up with 3 Intensive Manuals: reach User Level 30 without spending money or reach User Level 20 and spend 50 USD... don't, just don't...

Ok, that's enough rambling, let's move on to some cold calculations. Using a reliable chart here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17jX5GQd16i7QR9BdH8nr..., I adapted the prices to the current economy on the Xbox version and came up with the following costs in Coins (C) to go from Prestige to Prestige. These include XP Drinks and Manual costs:

Prestige 1 -> Prestige 2 : 13100 C
Prestige 2 -> Prestige 3 : 24600 C
Prestige 3 -> Prestige 4 : 61700 C
Prestige 4 -> Prestige 5 : 69000 C ( + 3 Intensive Books, from events )

Total cost : 168400 C

Now, let's assess our Coin earning opportunities. The main, inexhaustible source of Coins will come from playing matches. You can make the most Coins by winning 3vs3 matches, more precisely a measly amount of 220 Coins per win, with a match generally lasting 6-9 minutes. Considering the grand total of Coins from above, you can tell you're in for A LOT of matches... hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds... The character(s) you use to play matches don't receive any additional Character XP, they can be leveled up ONLY by buying XP Drinks and using them on the Character. Therefore, feel free to use whoever is best for the team composition; you are not restricted to playing that one character you are leveling up all the time.

Another inexhaustible source of Coins is the Daily Quests. You are presented with 4 of them initially and they replenish every new day to go back up to a maximum of 4 in number. If you don't finish a quest in a day, it will be carried over to the following day, maintaining the progress you left it at previously. If you find a Quest too daunting or annoying, you can renew it with another one, a single time per day. By completing those Quests you can earn up to precisely 1400 Coins per day. So, make sure you do them daily; it's an important source of Coins.

Finally, the last source of Coins currently, which is exhaustible this time, comes from the complimentary User Level Up reward of 2000 Coins, originating from that same permanent Event from earlier, every User Level Up. Naturally, with there being a limited number of User Levels, there is a limited number of times that you receive this 2000 Coins reward, more exactly a maximum of 29 times. You start at User Level 1 and end at User Level 30. So, the maximum gain from this source would be 58000 Coins, a very respectable amount, however...... the grind to Level 30 is SO insanely long, that by the time you reach 30, you will probably have earned enough Coins to bring 3 or 4 characters to Prestige 4, Level 10... and receiving only 2000 Coins for the huge grind between later levels doesn't do it justice at all, but it's better than nothing, I guess.

A special mention goes out to the Daily Attendance Rewards. All you have to do is log in and claim a small treat in the in-game inbox for passing by (make sure you claim it, the rewards expire one month after receiving them). Despite not explicitly being handed Coins in any day of the week, you are treated with XP Drinks, Manuals and also Skill Trainings [sic] Balls, which is quite nice; it reduces the grind for promoting a character ever so slightly and the Balls can be used to level up the Skills of your preferred character.

Lastly, an estimate of time would be useful to know. Sadly, it is difficult to come up with one yet. This is due to the hidden requirement of reaching User Level 30 for those 3 Intensive Manuals (or 20, if you're not quite normal and pony up the cash) and nobody can estimate yet how long that would take. Moreover, the unpredictable length of matches makes it even more difficult to come to an estimation. Very roughly, I can say that this might take between one and two months of playing every single day, plenty of hours per day and not having too many losses, if you choose to go all the way up to User Level 30, which would be the most rational choice. I have compiled a full list of the EXP requirements between User Levels from 1 to 30 in my solution over here:
3on3 FreeStyleMadly MaxThe Madly Max achievement in 3on3 FreeStyle worth 1313 pointsReach Level 20 (Max)
, so check that one out for the horrid revelation...

It was brought to my attention that the in-game Points are drastically undervalued in Argentina compared to their US counterpart. A pack of 550 Points costs 50 USD in US, but only 500 ARS in Argentina (their currency symbol is also the "$"), which converts to around 12.1 USD. While I dislike, despise and do not condone microtransactions in any game whatsoever, free or not, regardless of value, for the sake of this worthy discovery, I will leave links below to the Argentine MS Store, where you can buy a 500 ARS Gift Card (you'll have to figure out the payment yourself) and to the Argentine page of the 550 Point pack for 3on3. You'll also have to figure out how to add that gift card to your account and use it for a purchase; I do not have any up to date knowledge about that ( I have not redeemed or used foreign currency in a long time ). Needless to say, this has not been tested yet, I do not know details such as how you receive the Points in-game from the MS Store purchase, so do not come crying here that I made you waste your money. You're doing it willingly at your own initiative and expense.


Starting 9th January 2019 and ending 29th January 2019, you will have several (albeit extremely low) chances to earn not one, but multiple Intensive Manuals through the new Roulette Event. The way this works is as following:
- You spin Bottles (press A on the Roulette Event in the Events menu) to earn one of the possible rewards, including one Intensive Manual (picture below);
- You get 2 bottles for spending 2 hours logged in the game (1 Bottle each hour) daily;
- You get Bottle Caps automatically during 3on3 matches for getting Green and Blue text feedbacks from the game (1 Cap for each feedback up to 2 Caps per match, counter in the bottom left corner); You can get up to 10 Bottle Caps per day; You can exchange 5 Bottle Caps for 1 Bottle in the Events menu, meaning that you can earn 2 more Bottles per day;
- You can earn a maximum of 4 Bottles per day, so max 4 spins a day;
- The Event lasts 21 days, so a max of 84 spins throughout the whole duration of this Event, if you play every day.

External image

Now, don't get your hopes up too high, because I can assure you that the drop rate of Intensive Manuals from this Roulette is really, really low, probably less than 0.1%, so you will have to be exceptionally lucky to even get a single Intensive Manual, but as stated above it is theoretically possible to score the Intensive Manual multiple times in the course of this Event. I, for one, spun 4 Bottles in the first day of this Event and got 4 Small XP Drinks (the lowest possible reward each time).

This update will be removed once this Event ends!
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